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      This page contains an evolving list of Dorchester County genealogy researchers.  If you would like your name edited, added or removed from the Researchers list please e-mail me and I can make the required changes.  The Researchers list is maintained to make finding other researchers who are interested in similar families easier to find.  Most browsers (i.e. Netscape, Internet Explorer...) allow searching of text within a web page using Ctrl+F (and then searching on a surname).  When searching surname pages in this manner, remember to search for variations in spelling.


Name: Jeff Hughes
Email: jwhughes@mail.com



Linda Abel
E-mail: rabel@sisna.com
Families: Anstine , Bramble , Dail , Higgins , Hubbard , Webb , Whiteley

Jerry Ahearn
E-mail: eagle1@netonecom.net
Families: Ahearn

Lynn Airey
E-mail: [bad address]
Families: Airey

LaVonne Allen
E-mail: laalle@facstaff.wm.edu
Families: Meakins / Meekins , Patterson / Pattison

Norma J. Ames
E-mail: bluegrass@mix-net.net
Families: Evans , Rumbly , Willin

Dottie Austin
E-mail: daustin@netunlimited.net
Families: Austin

Jim Avery
E-mail: wolfconn@aol.com
Families: Woolford

Sharon Bakke
E-mail: bakke@premier1.net
Families: Allen , Barkley , Hill , James , Mace

Gilbert H. Barnes
E-mail: gbarnes@iquest.net
Families: Harvey , Moreign

Diane Barnes-Gray
E-mail: graybarnes@email.msn.com
Families: Barnes , Ruark

Sue Bass
E-mail: suebass@citrus.infi.net
Families: Earl

William R. Bassett
Address: 21611 Park Downe Lane, Katy, Texas  77450
E-mail: wrb9234@aol.com
Families: Bassett

Shirley Bawden
E-mail: sadwb@wildrose.net
Families: Cousall , Horseman , Simonsen , Smith

Robert J. Bayham
E-mail: bayhamr@hood-emh3.army.mil
Families: Bayham / Bayhan

David L. Beavers
E-mail: apc_beavers@mec.ohio.gov
Families: Baltimore , Brown , McCollister , Tootle

Cindy Bennett
E-mail: bennetjh@shoreweb.com
Families: Insley

Cheryl Berthelsen
E-mail: cberthelsen@worldnet.att.net
Families: Ennalls , Minner

Rich Bird
E-mail: dsco1@aol.com
Families: Banning , Frazier

Robert Bittle
E-mail: mbbittle@netbiz.net
Families: Biddles / Bittles / Buettles , Tracy / Trasce

Robin Bloomberg
E-mail: celloteacher@earthlink.net
Families: Thomas

Pam Blair
E-mail: sinatra@magiclink.com
Families: Blair, Records

Steve Bockmiller
Address: Reisterstown, Balto. Co., MD
E-mail: b6691@chesint.net
Interests: U.S. Civil War

Bernard Bond
E-mail: b007@shore.intercom.net
Families: Dunnock, Hartwell, Shenton

Barbara Bonner
E-mail: b.bonner@postoffice.worldnet.att.net
Families: Armstrong, Beckwith, Bonner, Cloud, Griffith, Harrington, Holloway, Kerckhoff, Murphy, Pearson, Respess, Romano, Walker

Mike Bramblett
E-mail: mike_bramblett@homemail.com
Families: Bramlet

Leslie Neal Bright
E-mail: lbright@utk.edu
Families: Bright , Busick , West

Bob Brinsfield
E-mail: bobbrins@comcast.net
Families: Brinsfield , Cropper

Edwin Broadus
E-mail: ebroadus@freenet.npiec.on.ca
Families: Broadus / Broaduss / Brodes , Tutt

Arlene Brown
E-mail: Realsnooks@aol.com
Families: Richards

Hugh Brown
E-mail: hbrown@chrysalis.org
Families: Lee , Lenthall , Read , Ray , Riddle / Ridley

Wilda M. Brown
E-mail: wbrown@ny.tds.net
Families: Coey , Hutchinson

Carol Bruce
E-mail: cbruce@ucs.indiana.edu
Families: Carroll , Lord

Janie Budd
E-mail: janiebudd@aol.com
Families: Gastenay / Gastineau , Marvel , Messick , Nutterwell , Russell
Lookups: Personal Database

Laura Langfitt Bugas
Address: 5994 Stonehedge Drive, Salisbury, MD,  21801
E-mail: bugas@dmv.com
Families: Frazier , Langfitt

Howard J. Burton
E-mail: hjburton@comcast.net
Families: Burton , Harris , Thomas

Pilar Burton
E-mail: spburton@comcast.net
Families: Burton , Harris , Thomas

Steve Busick
Address: 2016  72 Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA  98040
E-mail: slbusick@nwlink.com
Families: Busick

Cathie Carrington
E-mail: catz@mindspring.com
Families: Paine / Pane / Payne / Pyn

Don Cavender
E-mail: cavender@lts.net
Families: Cavender

Scott Chafin
Address: Houston, Texas
E-mail: schafin@pdq.net
Families: Bartley

Steve Charles
E-mail: schas@gulfsurf.infi.net
Families: Adams , Bartlett , Fleming , Marine , Moore , Nichols , Norman , Payne , Sparks , Stevens , Wright

Melvin Chase
E-mail: harris@fastol.com
Families: Chase

David Chilcutt
E-mail: MajorDstr@aol.com
Families: Chilcate / Chilcoat / Chilcote / Chilcutt / Chillcutt , Layton , Shilcut / Silcott / Silkett

Donna Clarke
E-mail: greatoaks@juno.com
Families: Clarke , Farrow , Hurst , Purnell

Paul & Dora Clary
E-mail: p-dclary@sota-oh.com
Families: Davis , Hawkins

Betty Jean Cobb
E-mail: bcobb@vax2.rain.gen.mo.us
Families: Rumbley / Rumbly / Rumley

Paul M. Cole
E-mail: doctorcole@hotmail.com
Families: Bounds , Cole

Audrey Collins
E-mail: jypsie2@yahoo.com
Families: Collins

Jason Conklin
E-mail: astrophel@earthlink.com
Families: Conklin

Laura Connors
E-mail: lconnors@npca.org
Families: Dean , Harper , Payne , Pritchett , Wright

Matthew Cook
E-mail: mpcook@texas.net
Families: Bailey , Barclay , Cook , Godfrey , Stephens

Sylvia Cook
E-mail: pitch@uswest.net
Families: McFarland

Bob Coombs
Address: Tempe, AZ
E-mail: Rmcombs@aol.com
Families: Smoot

Allen B. Corbman
E-mail: Almarycorb@aol.com
Families: Barrett , Corbman , Horseman , Hughes

S. J. Cork
E-mail: SJCork@aol.com
Families: Corkran

Frank Courtney
Address: South Carolina
E-mail: jacktar@infoave.net
Families: Cook , Cooper , DuHadway , Fisher , Ozmon / Ozmont , Sturgis , Towers

Dean Allen Covey
E-mail: dacovey@erols.com
Families: Covey

Tom Cozzens
E-mail: TCozz577952aol.com
Families: Holland

Dan Craycraft
E-mail: danteonline@email.msn.com
Families: Cracroft / Craycraft / Creacraft

Mary L. Crowl-Powers
E-mail: powersrmpk@worldnet.att.net
Families: Darnell , Hartrup , Killen , Mullican / Mullikin

B. Crump
E-mail: bcrump@maysval.com
Families: Crouch , Downey

Phyllis Curry
E-mail: pgcurry@aol.com
Families: Curry , Robinson , Stanley

Patricia Burkhalter Curtis
E-mail: pkc@telepath.com
Families: Darby , Twiford , Wilson

Suzanne McGrath Dale
E-mail: smdlaw@yahoo.com
Families: Leslie , Wilburn , Wright

Brenda Daniel
E-mail: cookierm@gpcom.net
Families: Andrews , Cook , Greening

Debbie Davis
E-mail: ldavis@cvtv.netcom
Families: Campbell , Patrick , Robeson

Eddie Davis
E-mail: ecdavis@sprynet.com
Families: Davis , Harrison

Mickey Dean
As of 08 Feb 2002, I have over 6500 individual records, in 4417 family groupings covering over 1100 surnames in my online genealogical database. More than 80% contain birth, marriage, death dates, along with source(s). Some contain photos, obituaries from microfilm, and other relevant data. Most surnames are for the Lower (South) Dorchester area. Will willingly provide any necessary information needed to fellow researchers within the area, as it pertains to my database. Will e-mail to anyone requesting such, a complete list of names within my file. This list is quite extensive, and my database at my "Deans of Dorchester" website has recently been expanded to include land, military, estate, and other records for individuals. The website is very large, (over 11,000 webpages), but very easily navigated.
Address: 306 Crusader Road, Apt. 104, Cambridge, MD  21613-2515
E-mail: genealogy@shorenet.net, rootdude@shorenet.net
Families: Aaron , Brannock , Creighton , Dean , Lewis , McGlaughlin , Murphy , Parker , Parks , Powley , Pritchett , Rippons , Ruark , Tall , Todd , Tolley , Wallace , Woodland
Links: Mickey's Genealogy Page - Dean Database, Mickey's Deans of Dorchester Website

Jim Dempsey
E-mail: JGNL-Dempsey@worldnet.att.net
Families: Smith

Howard Dickerson
E-mail: HowardDickerson@altavista.net , HowardDickerson@eaton.com
Families: Dickerson , Hemmons , Rider

Robert Doenges
Address: 7445 Fox Call Lane, Warrenton, VA  20186
E-mail: g.robert.doenges.jr@cpmx.saic.com
Families: Bromwell , Doenges , Engle , Schott, Woolford

Richard Donoho
E-mail: jrdonoho@annap.infi.net
Families: Bounds , Dashiell , Jackson , King , Larramore , Reed , Richardson

Pat Doster
E-mail: pdoster@InfoAve.Net
Families: Alford , Coxell , Coxson , Cromean , Dawson , Edger , Edgell , Flower , Nichols , Parrott

Jim Downs
E-mail: Heycman@rtcol.com
Families: Downes / Downs

Linda Duffy
E-mail: Nutterwv@aol.com
Families: Dorman , Nutter

Charlotte Dumont
E-mail: cdumont@triton.net
Families: Hurley , Gore

Stella Durham
E-mail: sdurham@iadfw.net
Families: Robertson , Robinson , Rogers

B. L. Eades
E-mail: [bad address]
Families: Eubanks , Grace , Gregory , Kemp , Morgan

Linda Eaton
E-mail: LEATON1@weber.edu
Families: Dines / Doyne , Wright

Dave Edmondson
E-mail: Edmonson@iname.com
Families: Edmondson , Neall , Parker

Patsy Emory
E-mail: DOT10@email.msn.com
Families: Burrow , Thornberry , Wall

Cidney Engberg
E-mail: Eng110@aol.com
Families: Baynard , White

Doreen L. Erne
E-mail: dede@nni.com
Families: Henry

John Esgate
E-mail: John_Esgate@msn.com , 101463.22@compuserve.com
Families: Esgate , Esget , Hull , Rochester

Henny Cherrington Evans
E-mail: hcevans@eurekanet.com
Families: Bayman , Smith

Laura C. Edwards
E-mail: lgclevel@unity.ncsu.edu
Families: Payne

Lance Fallin
E-mail: Smurf@bbs.rippers.com
Families: Fallen / Fallin

Jacqueline Farrow
E-mail: JFarrow@email.usps.gov
Families: Bevins , McCready , Spicer

Mary Fiorini
E-mail: fiormary@nut-n-but.net
Families: Bradley , Dean , Harper , Jones , McCollister

Jim B. Fletcher
Address: Orlando, Florida
E-mail: jbfletch@gate.net
Families: Fletcher , Russell

Linda Fluharty
E-mail: rnlin@webtv.net
Families: Fleaharty / Fleehartee / Fleharty / Flyharty / Pennick

Douglas L. Foster
E-mail: dfoster@apex.net
Families: Adams , Cannon , Colburn , Flower , Newton , Wheatley

Joe Frakes
E-mail: joef@tcity.com
Families: Figg / Frakes / Frigg / Friggs

Rita P. Frampton
E-mail: Rpreston12@aol.com
Families: Abbett , Andrews , Bartum , Gastenay , Messick , Russell , Snow , Wheatley

B. Fraser
E-mail: Wooboof@xroadstx.com
Families: Cannon , Johnson , Moor

Debby Frerichs
E-mail: debby11@mindspring.com
Families: Keene\Keen\Kenne , Waters , Fowlers , Yocum , Funderberg , Moulden
Links: Keene, Fowler, and Moulden website

Richard Gambrill
E-mail: Gigantor@iss.dccc.edu
Families: Gambrill

John P. Garrah
Address: 300 17th Street, Honesdale, PA  18431
E-mail: jpgar@ptd.net
Families: Asplin , Tubman

Marcia (Kirby) Gerhold
E-mail: DBathgate@aol.com
Families: Kirby

Paul Gilbert
E-mail: wpgilbert@aol.com
Families: Horlock / Hurlock , Walker

Gaila J. Gilliland
E-mail: gaila@pionet.net
Families: Babcook , Briley , Butler , Janman , Kirby , Messick , Rawlings , Russell , Skinner , Stewart

Calvin A. Glover, Jr.
Address: 22 Borgia Court, Baltimore, MD 21234-8004
E-mail: nclag@bargainisp.net
Families: Foxwell , Glover , Gray / Grey , Meekins , Rawleighs

George M. Goldring
E-mail: geogoldr@ix.netcom.com
Families: Hasty

Bob Gootee
E-mail: bobgootee@mediaone.net
Families: Adkins , Bassett , Beeson / Benson , Brown , Fisher , Fitchugh / Fitchew / Fitzhugh , Gootee , Hurley , Marshall , Moore , Neal , Parks , Paul , Riggins , Tyler , Voss , Wingate
Links: Gootee Genealogy

Donald Gradeless
E-mail: DrG@execpc.com
Families: Grayless / Gralis / Gradeless

Del Griffin
E-mail: [bad address]
Families: LeCompte , Valliant

Allan Griffith
E-mail: magriff@bigfoot.com
Families: Crozier , Griffith

Iris Grimmett
Address: 41178 Port Drive, Sweet Home, OR  97386
E-mail: irisg@proaxis.com
Families: Mott , Rhodes / Roth

Gretchen Harman
E-mail: gal@netpath.net
Families: [name]

M. Hearn
E-mail: spartop@ibm.net
Families: Gootee , Henry

Hobart B. Hughes
E-mail: VMTT59A@Prodigy.com
Families: Hughes

Peggy Hammett
E-mail: hammett@erols.com
Families: Clarkson , Nutter

Steven Harvey
E-mail: SKHarvey1@comcast.net
Families: Harvey , Ward

Richard Heineman
E-mail: HeinemanR@aol.com
Families: Todd

Robert Hemp, Jr.
E-mail: rrhemp1@worldnet.att.net
Families: Anthony , McMahan , Towers , Turner

Bob Henderson
E-mail: dryhole@iamerica.net
Families: Barnaby , Bishop , Evans , Henderson

A. Henning
E-mail: ahenning@netpluscom.com
Families: Cremeen / Crimine , Davis

Larry R. Herrin
E-mail: herrin@wku.campuscw.net
Families: Hearne / Herne / Herrin / Herring , Jones , Quillings / Quillins

Louise Hill
E-mail: Wezey@webtv.net
Families: Bias , Hampton , Hill , Willis
Links: Bias Family Genealogy Research , Hampton Family Genealogy Research

Susan Hollingsworth
E-mail: rickslaw@gte.net
Families: Eltonhead , Hollingsworth

John Hoover
Address: Youngstown, Ohio
E-mail: JHoover447@aol.com
Families: Hoover

Sandra Hopkins
E-mail: Shopkins02@aol.com
Families: Bennett , LaCates , LaCompt / LeCompte

Lesley Howard
E-mail: lesleyh@alumni.stanford.org
Families: Adams , Cason , Colson , Williams , Wroughton

Addie Howell
E-mail: aph@hom.net
Families: Parramore

William W. Huffman
E-mail: atlwwh@gulfsurf.infi.net
Families: Ayers , Bennet , Brag , Fitzgerald , Hubbard , Linthicum

Harry Howeth
Address: 31614 Sarah Rd. H89, Lewes, DE  19958  302.645.2066
E-mail: harryhoweth@msn.com
Families:Howeth , Cornwell , Corkran , Wright , Lewis

Jeff Hughes
E-mail: jwhughes@mail.com
Families: Achy , Ellis , Gordy , Hughes (of Greene Co., PA) , Venables , Wheatley , Willey

William L. Hurley
E-mail: hurley1@mindspring.com
Families: Bestpitch , Cope , Dayton , Elliott , Gray , Horseman , Hurley , Insley , Kirwan , McCollister , Moore , Riggen , Robinson , Robertson , Varnes , Willey

Steve Hurst
E-mail: webmaster@laguna-seca.com
Families: Chism , Hurst

Helen M. Imburgia
Families: Callaway/Calloway , Higgins , Seymore/Seymour , Thompson

Margaret Iovino
Address: 5104 Elsmere Ave., Bethesda, MD  20814
E-mail: jovino@clark.net
Families: Bryan , Denwood, Flint , Frazier , Hooper, Hubbard / Hubbert , Mitchell, Pattison , Rea , Woolford

Oliver Leon Jackson
E-mail: billyjacq@earthlink.net
Families: Hill , Jackson
Links: The Charles Jackson & Rachel Hill Family Home Page

Mary Jacob
E-mail: mdh12937@aol.com
Families: Colston , Sherwood

Oliver W. Jenkins, Jr
E-mail: brown@cdc.net
Families: Green , Shehee , Tennille

Robert R. Jenkins
E-mail: rjenk5906@aol
Families: Wallace

David Jenkinson
E-mail: jenkinson@fuse.net
Families: Jenkinson

Sherry Jesberger
E-mail: gljslj@penn.com
Families: Bish , Tites / Titus

Larry Johnson
E-mail: ljohnson@ns.nque.com
Families: Bartholomew , Beckenbach , Borden , Butler , Cone , Coon , de Tilston , Dumford , Fisher , Flesher , Gillett / Gullett , Guyant , Henline , Hefner , Hjort , Hooper , Hopkins , Hough , James, Johnson , Kronquist , Lane , Penninger , Pickenpagh , Priest , Rayburn , Rowland , Sapp , Spence , Spencer , Tillotson , Turner , Vogler , Wilson

Diane S. Jones
E-mail: djones12@popd.ix.netcom.com
Families: McComb , Russum , Sullivan

Pete Kayes
E-mail: petekaye@northcoast.com
Families: Willey

Jean Kelly
E-mail: assman@dmv.com
Families: Kelley

Pat Kelly
E-mail: Patsypeco@aol.com
Families: Dunn , Griffith , Hurst

Doris Mills Kennedy
E-mail: DORI_ADAPOTATA@prodigy.net
Families: Connoway , Mills , Wingate

Karen Kiefel
E-mail: mskiefel@infinet.com
Families: Dean , Shenton , Summers

Mollie King
E-mail: MollieK@aol.com
Families: Behn , Benny , Benton , Brent , Buchanan , Burdette / Burditte , Cheney , Cryer , Duckett , Engelmeier / Engelmeyer , Gibson , Greenfield , Hehner , Hurley , Jacob / Jacobs , King , Lambrecht , Marsham , Merrick , Miles , Millan , Morris , Owen / Owens , Prout , Ringgold , Stockett , Sunderland , Vaughan , Waring , Waters , Welch , Wernig , Wickes

Keith Kirkman
E-mail: Kiethk@aol.com
Families: Kirkman

Betty Klug
E-mail: njk44@hotmail.com
Families: Andrew , Connelly , Eaton , Johnson

Mary A. Knight
E-mail: ROUNDTABLE@prodigy.net
Families: Timmons

Millicent Knight
E-mail: MKnight64@aol.com
Families: Brines , Twiford

Connie Koniski
E-mail: csk@eohio.net
Families: Rowen , Woodland

Dorothy D. Kresslein
E-mail: dottiek@dmv.com
Families: Dickerson

Rick Largaespada
E-mail: hooksets@aol.com
Families: Daffin

V. Larrimore
E-mail: arider@bellatlantic.net
Families: Larrimore , Wroten

Arleen Thomas Leatham
Address: 9 Myrtle Bank Rd., Hilton Head, SC  29926
E-mail: aleatham@hargray.com
Families: Grayham , Thomas , Whiteley

Kirk LeCompte
Address: 30 Springwood Dr. Lawrenceville, NJ  08648
Phone: 609-620-0127
E-mail: kirk.lecompte@alum.dartmouth.org
Families: LeCompte
Website: LeComptes of Castle Haven @ http://www.lecompte.net

Pat Leyendecker
E-mail: patslacum@worldnet.att.net
Families: Blades , Cannon , Griffith , Gwinn/Gwyn , Helsby , Hurley , Keene , Langfitt , Lankford , Lewis , McAllister , McCollister , Murphy , SLACUM , Turner , Todd , Whitely , Willey , Woolen , Wright

Phil Lieske
Address: 19414 Gunpowder Rd., Millers, MD  21102
E-mail: [none]
Families: Cropper

Leslie Line
E-mail: Leslie.Line@daytonoh.ncr.com
Families: Badley , Cook , Hurst , Patterson , Ratclift

Gary Linerode
Address: Plymouth, Michigan
E-mail: GARYLINERODE@prodigy.net
Families: Hogans , Thomas

Michael Little
E-mail: halfhyde@aol.com
Families: Elliott , Insley , Wheatley

Terry Littleton
E-mail: tlturbo@aol.com
Families: Littleton

Judith Webb Lockard
E-mail: lock6535@zeus.dpnet.net
Families: Fields , Marvel

Richard MacDonough
E-mail: RBMacDonough@juno.com
Families: Hooper

Suzy Webster Machamer
E-mail: sjwm@aol.com
Families: Webster

Johnita P. Malone
Families: Brown , Reed , Roe , Royall

Doris Crowder Manning
E-mail: shevacon@aol.com
Families: Alford , Andrews , Gore

Celeste Marshall
E-mail: Heritage2@aol.com
Families: Coursey

Bob Matkins
Address: 3120 Quincy St., Butte, MT  59701
E-mail: bmatkins@in-tch.com
Families: Busick , Matkins

Robert McAllister
E-mail: rmcallister@aol.com
Families: Geoghegan , LeCompte

Barry Reid McCain
E-mail: failte@watervalley.net
Families: Cannon , Costen

Patricia McClure
E-mail: Bucca@prodigy.net
Families: Brumagen , Mace , Vinson

John Y. McCollister
John Y. McCollister served in the United States House of Representatives from 1971 to 1977 and is a retired Chairman of McCollister & Company, a fluid automotive lubricants manufacturer.
Address: Omaha, Nebraska
E-mail: jymccoll@home.com
Families: McAlister / McCollister

Rick McCollister
E-mail: rm93217@navix.net
Families: McCollister

Chauncey E. McCoy
E-mail: chauncey@tctc.com
Families: Badley , Cook , Dawley , Dowdle , Hurst , Vickers

Barbara McCrea
E-mail: bmccreacmt@3n.net
Families: Chatham , Dameron , Jenkins , Malone , Taylor

Velma McCalister McDonald
E-mail: Velmatwo@aol.com
Families: Goostree

John B. McGowan
E-mail: jmack@carolina.net
Families: Carawan / Carawin / Carrowin / Kirwan
Links: Hyde County North Carolina Genealogy, Carawan Family History Page

Laura McGurk
E-mail: hmcgurk@neonramp.com
Families: King

Barbara L. McKie
E-mail: davenbarb@geocities.com
Families: Bradley , Crouse , Wilson , Winters

Marsha McWilliams
E-mail: rmmcw@effingham.net
Families: Pavey

Carole Medeiros
E-mail: medeiros@mlode.com
Families: Turpin

Bill Meekins
E-mail: wmeeks_98@yahoo.com
Families: Gore , Meekins

Alice A. Metzloff
Address: 10 Van Loan Circle, Paoli, PA  19301
E-mail: alsblugown@aol.com
Families: Brittain , Gootee , Hamilton , Page

Becky Miller
E-mail: rfmiller@ssu.edu
Families: Dayton

Joe Miner
E-mail: j.miner@worldnet.att.net
Families: McDaniel , Miner / Minner / Minor

Warren Montgomery
E-mail: wmont@interaccess.com
Families: Adams , Cox , Hale , Montgomery , Nicolls , Warren

Dan R. Moore
E-mail: mooredr.tx.cleb@worldnet.att.net
Families: McNamara , Moore

Kathy Mubareka
E-mail: samco@nbnet.nb.ca
Families: Cannon , Juett

Randy Muir
E-mail: Tree9616@aol.com
Families: Christie , Handley , Steele

Diane Mulligan
E-mail: MOM19032@aol.com
Families: Vincent

Garnet Murphey
E-mail: pettibone48@yahoo.com
Families: Collison , Hicks , Price , Pritchett , Vener , Voss

Muriel Murray
Address: 5212 Lulu, Wichita, KS  67216
E-mail: MMu5138094@aol.com
Families: Dodson

William R. Navey
E-mail: captain@nternet.net
Families: Navey

John Neild
Address: 5110 North Drive, Cambridge, MD  21613
E-mail: jsneild@fastol.com
Families: Spicer , Travers

Jean (Keene) Nelson
E-mail: Cljam@aol.com
Families: Aaron , Keene , Phillips , Ruark

Lynell Kirk Nelson
E-mail: harp227@aol.com
Families: Ireland , Jones

Rick Nooner
E-mail: rnooner@mail.kytc.state.ky.us
Families: Newner / Nunar / Nuner

Robert Byron Nichol
E-mail: bnichol@iname.com
Families: Nichol / Nichols / Nickel , Sherrill , Sullivan

Daniel Nielsen
Address: Washington, D.C.
E-mail: danieln@wri.org
Families: Hooper , Lewis , Meekins , Mills , Phillips

Rosalene Nielsen
E-mail: rosalene@ns.net
Families: Ross
Lookups: Personal Database

David G. Nutter
E-mail: dnutter@aol.com
Families: Brown , Cannon , Dashiell , Hickman , Lofland , Nutter , Taylor , Winder

Marlynn O'Keefe
E-mail: busyldy@oio.net
Families: Auld , Fields , Goldsborough , Piper , Sherwood

Michael J. O'Rourke
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Families: Cooper , Donaway / Donnawa / Dunaway

Robert Stanley Orrell
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Families: Orrell

Nancie O'Sullivan
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Families: Byars , McComb , Sullivan

Burt Paris
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Families: Burton

Rose Parks
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Families: Bell , Chipley

Christine Payne
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Families: Daulton , Paine / Payne

Patrick A. Payne
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Families: Burnsides , Cox , Daulton , Hall , Meachem , McDaniel , Paine , Paris , Payne , Smallpiece , Smith , Thompson , Williams

Sam Payne
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Families: Payne

Nita Pearce
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Families: Bibby , Mann

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Bobbie Railsback
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Families: Hurley
Lookups: Personal Database

Glenys J. Rasmussen, A.G.
A genealogist for about 27 years, Glenys J. Rasmussen has researched her own and others' family trees.
E-mail: glenys@sonic.net
Families: Hicks, Newton

Mark L. Raulin
E-mail: mlraulin@comcast.net
Families: Raleigh / Ralleigh / Rauleigh / Rawleigh / Rawley , Wilson

Koren Fae Rawlings
Koren Fae Rawlings is a member of the Pendleton County West Virginia Historical Preservation Association.
Phone: (304) 358-3261
E-mail: pendhist@access.mountain.net
Families: Rawlings

Dennis Reaver
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Russ Rickards
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Families: Bounds , Byrd , Cannon , Colston , Creighton , Dennis , Eccleston , Griffith , Hurtt , Kimmey , Lamee / Lamey , Littleton , Records / Ricards / Rickards , Trevitt , Tull , Voss

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Jeff Sarvey
Families: Lewis , Parks , Windsor , Todds

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Sandy Smetana
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Families: Boyce , Craft , English , Gothard , Kennerly , Lankford , Murphy , Taylor , Wheatley

Haslem Smith
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Families: Baker , Morgan

Joan Smith
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Families: Caffey

Mary Yeoman Smith
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Families: Arnett , Brown , Reed , Vickers

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Families: Soward , Tunice

Andy Spedden
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Families: O'Neal , Spedden

Dennis V. Stanley
I am currently researching the LECOMPTE and DAWSON families of Maryland's Eastern Shore, and their subsequent move to Baltimore City.
E-mail: dennis@horsethieves.com
Families: Berridge , Dawson , LeCompte
Links: The Genealogy Bits , The Maryland LeCompte Family Genealogical Project
Lookups: Personal Database (13,000+ names)

Dianne Stenzel
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Families: Airey

Robert E. Storks
Address: 33555 Garfield, Fraser, MI  48026
Phone: (810) 293-2544
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Families: Storks

Marcus Sullivan
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Families: Sullivane

Norm Sundheim
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Earl Thompson
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Herb Thompson
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K. Michael Thompson
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Families: Legg , Thomas , Thompson , Troth / Trott

Emily Jane Thursby
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Families: Muckleroy , Seward , Thursby

David Todd
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Families: Malone , Price , Twigg

Dale Gene Tyler
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Fred Vinson
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Families: Sewers , Vinson

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Marie Weatherly
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Gayle Davis Weekley
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Deborah Cromeans Williams
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Pam Wilson
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Families: Goldsborough

Richard Wilson
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Families: Wilson

Alton Windsor
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Fred Woods
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Jean Woolston
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Marjean Workman
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Families: Burres / Burris / Burrows , Smith

Betty Wren
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Families: Green , Shehee

Arvall Keith Wroten
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Families: Abbott , Willey , Wroten

Michael Wroten
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Families: Wroten , Zesch

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