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Aug. 6, 1792. "Resolved, that Thomas
Price and Abraham Bonie be allowed six
pounds of current money each, for their
services this present year, as Register of
the Parish and Clerk of the Church." Up
to that time the salaries had been paid in
tobacco. (The first reference to dollars
occurs July 5, 1799.)

August 6, 1792. The Vestry proceedings
give a full copy of the last will of Francis
Mastin which contained this bequest:
"Item. I give and bequeath four negroes,
two male and two female, from the age
of fourteen to thirty (after the death of
wife) to Durham Parish. establish
a charity school or schools." There is no
recorded evidence that this valuable be-
quest was ever paid.

Oct. 11, 1794. "Resolved that sub-
scriptions be offered to the Inhabitants of
this Parish raising the sum of Sixty Dollars,
to satisfy Mr. Joel Munson for teaching
Psalmody at Nanjemoy Church to any
number of scholars that may attend, 16

May 23, 1795. "Resolved that the
Constitution and Cannons of the Protestant
Episcopal Church in Maryland be ratified
by this Parish; and that a lay delegate be
appointed and desired to attend the next
State Convention."

Dec. 17, 1798. "An Application of
Mr. Allen Marten to the Vestry of Dur-
ham Parish for Liberty to teach School in
a house on the Glebe Built for that pur-
pose, Resolved that ... Mr. Marten has
leave to teach School in said House, this
resolve to be complyed with on or before
the first Monday in January next." The
people were dependent entirely upon
private schools for the education of their
children. The teachers arranged the ses-
sions as they pleased. There were, proba-
bly, several of these schools in the parish.
As far back as 1724 Parson Macconchie
reported to the Bishop of London that
there were "seven or eight private schools"
in the two parishes of Durham and Port

Jan. 21,1800. "Resolved that Sub-
scriptions be made out for each Vestryman
for the purpose of raising money to be ap-
plied by the Vestry in the manner they
may deem most proper to manifest our
regret and to pay the last Tribute of Re-
spect to our beloved George Washington."

Feb. 24, 1812 The Vestry proceedings
contain an extract from the last will of
Benjamin Davis, deceased, who bequeath-
ed certain lands to "the Parson and Vestry
of Durham Parish for the schooling of
poor destitute children of the Parish, to be
leased or sold according to their discre-
tion." The Vestry accepted this Estate
and came into possession of the property.

May 14, 1824 The last record in the
old Vestry book gives the names of the
following Vestrymen who served during
the year: Alexander Gray, George Robert-
son, Robert W. Hanson, Alexander Greer,
James Brawner, John F. Gray, William
Hanson, Bennet Dyson, William Flowry
and Walter Milstead were elected Wardens.

                        NOTE F.
         DURHAM PARISH IN 1892.
(1) Parish Officials, Easter, Monday,1892.
Rector- The Rev. Wm. Pusey Painter.
Wardens- William Winter Cobey, Geo.
William Price
Vestrymen- Alexander Dunnington Co-
bey, D.D.S., Registrar; Joseph Price,
George Trueman Claggett Gray, George
William Gray, Frank Elgin Dunnington,
Peter Preston Williams, Treasurer.
Organists- Miss Ellen M. Cobey, Mrs.
Matilda A. Gray.
Sexton- Jane Montgomery.
(2) The Confirmation Class, 1892.
At Durham Church, on Monday, June
13, 1892, the following candidates receiv-
ed Confirmation at the hands of the Rt.
Rev. Father in God, William Paret, D.D.,
LL. D., Sixth Bishop of Maryland:-Mrs.
Mary E.C. Barnes, Emma Brawner, Sam'l
H. Chandler, Carrie Elizabeth Cobey,
Howard Prout Cobey, Jas, Carpenter Co-
bey, Frank Elgin Dunnington, Maggie
May Franklin, James Arthur Gray, Wm.
Alexander Gray, Mary Augusta Haislip,
Laura Hanson, Elizabeth Murphy, Belle
Price, Carrie Rennoe, Clara E. Speake,
Jennie Speake, John G. Tennant, P. Pres-
ton Williams.
(3) The Bi-Centennial Celebration, 1892
Tuesday, August 9.-At Parish Church, 11 a.
m. Holy Communion and Sermon, Preacher:
The Rev. William Loche Braddock, of St. Mary's
county, sometime Rector of Durham Parish.
At. St. James's Chapel, 7p.m. Evening Prayer
and addresses. Speakers: Rev. W. L. Brad-
dock and the Rev. Theophilus Smoot, Deason,
of St. John's Parish, Accokeek.
Wednesday, August 10,-At Parish Church 11
a.m. Morning Prayer and Sermon. Preacher:
The Rev. James Edward Poindexter, Rector of
Port Tobacco Parish.
1p.m. Parish dinner on "the green" in
front of the Church yard.
3p.m. Evening Prayer and Sermon. Preach-
er: The Rev. Thomas Orkney Tongue, Rector
of Grace Church, Washington, D.C. and Some-
time Rector of Durham Parish.


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