Do you have a lost ancestor you've tried desperately to find?
If you have ancestors from Caroline County and her surrounding neighbors (Dorchester,
Talbot, and Queen Anne in Maryland, and Kent and Sussex in Delaware), but have no clue to their
whereabouts,  let me know and I will add his/her name to the list.   Please contact submitter
if you can help them locate their lost ancestor.

BLAIR, Charles-married Ann Stevens 10-3-1789 in Caroline Co. He was in the 1790 and 1800 census. After that I can find no record of him anywhere. Have no clue to parents or children.  Mac Blair

COHEE, Bayard and Elisha - My great grandfather, George Washington Cohee (1844-1872) Williston, MD, had two brothers Bayard and Elisha Cohee (who married Sarah E. Conoway in 1862), both brothers were reported to be sea captains on the Chesapeake, and a sister Margaret Ann Cohee.  What happened to them, I can't find any record of them after they became adults.  I also have no clue who their parents were.

DAVIS, Harry Grover - I am still looking for Harry Grover Davis' family history. He was born Feb 15, 1890 or 92 in Choptank, MD. His father was Harry and mother, Mary A. Davis. Later raised as a "ward of the court" by the Harry and Ella Merriken family near Federalsburg MD. Any info on his family greatly appreciated. Could you put this query on your message board-I have in on the Rootsweb one but never any results. Still hoping someone will help.   Thanks Gloria

DIXON, Obadiah - I am looking for information on Obadiah Dixon, who lived in the Bridgetown Hundred as of the 1776 Census. He had at least 1 son, Benjamin; Benjamin had a son, Wallace, born in Caroline Co. circa 1790. According to family information, the family was involved in raising and breeding horses, often importing stock from the British Isles. Obadiah was supposedly born in England, and came to the colonies with his family apparently around 1732 (he was allegedly aboard the same ship that carried the 5th Lord Baltimore to the colonies for a brief visit in that year----I am also looking for the name of the ship and a possible passenger manifest). Any and all help on Obadiah --- parents' names, spouse's name, siblings names, children's names, or even the name of the ship he was on, would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, one and all!    C. R. Heisner

FLYNN, JOHN M.and ELIZABETH G. CHANDLER-  They were married 9 September 1834 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore co. Baltimore, MD.   John and Elizabeth Flynn moved to Carolina co. MD some time in 1858.   Both died and are buried in Carolina co., cemetery unknown.  John's brother EDWARD FLYNN and spouse MARY DUMPHY  are buried in Old Saint Lukes cemetery, Denton.   This one has been a hard tree to climb.    Thank You. Sharon

GREEN - Parents of Valentine and Sarah GREEN, (parents of Elizabeth GREEN, b ca 1773).  Valentine had a brother John.  They lived in Kent, Caroline, and/or Queen Annes cos., MD. Sarah
may have been a TEMPLE .    Bob Knotts

GREENHAWK, Charles Henry - May 8, 1865  Rev. Gardner, at Talbot County, Maryland married Charles Henry Greenhawk  and  17 year old Sarah C. Jester.  Apparently Charles had previously married  Mary Whitby 5 March 1856.  There were six children born, three by each wife.  I would like to know where Charles came from, who are his parents and siblings, who were his children by each wife, did Mary die or were they divorced.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Sylvia Greenhawk

HOLLOWAY, William and Mary (WATKINS) - Mary  was the daughter of John WADKINS/WATKINS of Northwest Fork Hundred, Sussex Co., DE.  They were noted in the estate settlement of her sister Henrietta (1845) as living "out of state."   Adina Dyer

JENNINGS, John - John J. Jennings was married to Ann Jennings - 1870 Census, Caroline County, Maryland.  John J. Jennings was also listed as a volunteer in the civil war - Company G - Federalsburg Section as a Private.

John J. Jennings was born 1829.  I have traced him on my family tree.  The only thing that is confusing is that He and his wife and children are all listed as "White".

John and/or Ann could have been very fair complected free slaves who chose to pass as white.  Their children however, through random gene selection, betrayed their African roots as my grandfather, Samuel, 5th child born to John and Ann was very brown in complextion.  He moved to Pittsburgh, PA to start a family.  His dark skin may have been the reason he chose not to stay with the family.  We may never know.  He is listed on the 1910 Census in Pittsburgh, PA - Allegheny County.

John J. was a tailor and had an estate worth $400.  Could this have been a parcel of land traceable through archived records?  Also - is there anyway to find out Ann's maiden name?  Although if they were in fact slaves - there would be no record.  Karen Jennings-Richardson

UPDATE: It appears I have made a mistake on my family tree.  The dates of these children's ages are not in line with my Grandfather's age.  My grandfather would have been born in 1880 and this 1870 census shows Samuel as already being 10.    Needless to say - All of the other facts pertaining to John Jennings are true according to the census and your records.  He was a real person and should be added to the surnames of Caroline County.  He was probably not a freed slave but in fact of white lineage.  I cannot trace him to my family tree at this time.   Thanks, Karen Richardson

KIMMEY, Harriet - My 3rd. great grandmother Harriet Kimmey was born in Delaware circa 1798. She married my 3rd. great grandfather William Lytle (Litle) in Caroline County in 1825. I think she died in Ohio in 1834 but, I am not sure. I can find nothing on her or her parents and or siblings.
Nancy Conrad

KNOTTS - The parents and siblings of  Andrew KNOTTS. Andrew was b ca 1770-76, Queen Annes/Caroline co MD. He married Elizabeth GREEN,b ca 1773 QA/Caroline/Kent co MD, in 1796 in Kent co MD. He d ca 1826-30, QA co. Also the mother of Elizabeth.  Her parents were Sarah and Valentine GREEN, of QA/Caroline/Kent co MD. Was Sarah a TEMPLE?   Bob Knotts

MELVIN, George Franklin - Looking for ancestors of George Franklin Melvin, my husband's great grandfather b. February 17, 1831.  Family lore says his family was originally from the Eastern Shore, perhaps Caroline county.  His and/or his family settled in Baltimore in the early 1800s.
He married Georgianna Field(s) of Baltimore January 13, 1853.   Pat Melvin

NEWNAM (NEWNHAM, NUNAM), unknown- married? Rebecca PEARSON, b.26 Jan 1742, dau of Wm. and Rebecca PEARSON of Talbot or Caroline Co., according to family Bible records. Rebecca died 29 Apr 1828 in Talbot Co. at age 87, at home of her son Benedict NEWNAM, b. 6 Jul 1767, d. 20 Apr 1831, according to her Easton Republican Star obit. Benedict married Rachel BENSON, dau of Nicholas BENSON of Talbot Co., on 6 Jan 1794 in Caroline Co. After his death, Benedict's 5 living sons and 2 married dau's migrated to LaGrange Co., Indiana.
I can find no record of my gggrandfather Benedict's father or any siblings in Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, or Queen Annes Co. marriage or probate records, although his given name would have been John if Benedict followed the common naming conventions for his children (he seems to have done so for most of them).   Jack Walter

RICHARD - My Great Grandfather, George Warren Richard and Great Grandmother Emma Netta (Rumbel) Richard lived in Caroline County, and I believe are buried there (listed in "Beneath These Stones").  Anyway, I can not find anything on their parents.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, William Richard

SMITH, Sarah -  Dau. of Thomas (Sr) and Rachel (UNKNOWN) Smith, was born about 1768, most likely in Sussex Co., DE, or Caroline Co., Maryland.  Thomas (Sr) died in Sussex Co., DE before November 12, 1789.  (That is when his will was probated.)  Siblings: Henry, Clement, Thomas (Jr), and Selah. Married about 1788 to: Purnell/Pernal Henry BAKER, born December 24, 1765, in Sussex Co., DE, parentage UNKNOWN.  Barbra Jean. (Baker) Hathcock

FOUND!  TAYLOR, Robert and Elizabeth (WATKINS) - married 1 March 1833 in Kent Co., DE.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John WADKINS/WATKINS of Northwest Fork Hundred, Sussex Co., DE.  They were noted in the estate settlement of her sister Henrietta (1845) as living "out of state." Adina Dyer    I have been contacted by a descendant of Robert and Elizabeth Watkins Taylor!  When they left Delaware they went to Ross County, Ohio, where Elizabeth died in 1844.  Robert then went to Warren and Tippecanoe counties, Indiana.

WATKINS, Thomas - born aft. 1755, died ?  Thomas was listed in the Caroline County census as a "blacksmith" and was the son of Thomas and Naomi Watkins.  Thomas also owned land in Sussex County, Delaware.  Cannot be found after the 1820 census.  Adina Dyer

WATKINS, Thomas and Naomi, children of:
1. Ann Watkins married ____ WAGGAMAN
2. Esther Watkins married Richard STUBBS (m. 4 Sep. 1813 Caroline Co.)
3. James Watkins
4. Reuben Watkins
Adina Dyer

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