Caroline County, Maryland


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Sarah E. Wright Butler
Wife of James R. Butler
Originnally buried in Burrsville, body later moved to Denton Cemetery

Sarah Ann Wright Cooper Ringgold
died Dec 1, 1894
Wife of John Clinton Cooper and John Wesley Ringgold

John Wesley Ringgold
died  Sept 25, 1854


Mary Ellen (Wright) Camper, Andrew, Butler
Dec 30, 1827-Oct 3, 1906
Wife of Samuel Camper, Sylvester Andrew and Levin Butler
no stone

Elizabeth Emily (Andrew) Messer
Nov 24, 1860-Apr 22, 1942
Wife of William David Messer, dau. of Mary Ellen Wright

Charles Edward Wright
Jun 20, 1851-Oct 5, 1934

Manie Trice Wright
Oct. 10, 1860-March 5, 1920
Wife of Charles Edward Wright


Nicey(Unice) Wright Sipple

July 31, 1830-July 15, 1889

William H Sipple
Jan 27, 1828-May 1, 1895
Husband of Nicey (Unice) Wright Sipple

Mary Frances Dukes
June 4, 1853-Nov 23, 1921
Dau. of Nicey Wright and William H. Sipple

James Edward Dukes
May 25, 1846-Jan 3, 1911

Husband of Mary Frances Sipple Dukes

Wilimah Sipple Cooper
Mar 17, 1857- Dec 12, 1919
Dau. of Mary Frances Sipple and James Edward Dukes

Samuel C. Cooper
Dec 10, 1854-Dec 15, 1936
Husband of Wilimah Sipple Cooper

William Henry Jr Sipple
Apr 7, 1868-Apr 9, 1942
Son of Mary Frances Sipple and James Edward Dukes

Mary Ada Totheroh
Aug 12, 1859-Mar 9, 1945
Wife of William Henry Jr Sipple

William Wright

June 30, 1792-Nov 6, 1863
Buried Billiters
Beginning-family plot

Mary Alice Wright Parker

June 1860-Jan 31, 1918
Wife of William Thomas Parker
Buried in Bridgeville, DE

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