Original letters
To Garritson and Thomas Turner
Dated 18 November 1834 and 31 January (no year)

Submitted by: Sandra L. Willis


Both letters are a single sheet of paper. The letter portion is written on one side and then carefully folded and sealed with the address on the backside. I have left in all of the misspellings and strange capitalization. The top portion of the first letter is separated from the bottom with a series of dots.

Transcription of the backside of the first letter:

To Garritson

Turner uper

hunting Creek

Caroline County


Also a brown hand stamp which says Fort Wayne Ia. Nov 19

In addition in another place the handwritten number 25 (which was the cost of sending the letter)

Transcription of the letter:

November the 18…1834

Garritson Turner der Sone Ey nansey Turner your mother doo rite to you for the money you ar deue mee for rent for the year 1834 which is $25 dolars and in so doing this Shall be your rescet I wont you to sende mee the united Stats Paper

Thomas Turner der Sone Ey nansey Turner your mother doo rite to you for the money you ar dew mee for rent for the year 1834 which is $20 dolars and in So doing thi Shall be your recet I want you to send mee the united Stats Paper

Richard Clark left my hackel at Ruseles anders I wont you to go and gitit and gave it to your doter nansey

I have Bin goodele sickley throu the Somer But I have got weell and ame as well as Ey have Bin for Some years I remember

My love to you all and all of my Children and all of my frends that inquier for me I wood lik to see all of my Children But I never Expect to see them all againe in this world But I hop we Shall all meat in havin whar wee Shal part no mor

Nancey Turner your mother

The second letter is only a piece of the original. I do not know why the bottom portion was cut off, but I think it was probably a receipt and one of the brothers took it.

Transcription of the backside:

Mr. Garrison Turner

or Thomas

Caroline County

Hunting Creek


Hand stamp says Fort Wayne Ia. Jan 31

Also the handwritten number 25 (postage cost)

Transcription of the front side:

Dear Brothern a cording to Request of Mother I tak the opportunity to Write to you in her Stead. I live on Ell River 14 miles North West of Forte Wayne in Whittey County. Mary had a nother Son on Christmas day mother was out to our house and named it Garrison we are in midling health mother has been vary onwell this fall and winter but she has got better She is living to Richard Clark a boards her self after her and our best respects and love to you all and all our inquiring friends She wants you both to Send her Fifteen Dollars a pecee

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