A List of Debts Due the Estate of 
John Prouse late of Caroline County deceased

William Potter on note carrying interest from the 1st day of January 1838  $83:49
John Gowty on note with Int. from 12th December 1836 5:19
David R Evans on Judgt Int. from 16th April 1836 8:581/3
Isaac Collins Judgt in Delaware time of Int. unknown 6:50
Levin Eaton on account 3:92
Henry Stanford on account 3:31 1/2
Edward Carmean on account 2:00
Levin Smith on account 1:50
Collectable or not 20:00

130:49 1/3

Caroline County to Wit }
The 15th May 1838        }  Then came Tilghman Johnson Extr. of John Prouse, late of Caroline County deceased, and made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty god, that the foregoing is a true and perfect list of debts due the estate of the said deceased, that hath come to his knowledge, and that he will well and truly charge himself with all and every such debt as hath or shall hereafter come to his hands or possession and account for the same.

Caroline County Orphans Court
Cert. by W. A. Ford    Regr. of Wills for Caroline County
The 22nd day of May 1838

The foregoing list of debts was duly examined by the court, approved, & ordered to be recorded.
Cert. by W. A. Ford   Regr. of Wills for Caroline County

Inventories   1839
Caroline County, MD
WAF#B  p. 301
Microfilm or record of accession no. MdHR  15554

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