The History of Caroline County, Maryland, From Its Beginning, 1920, pp. 82-83


        Probably the best preserved example of Colonial architecture to be found in Caroline County is "The Willows," onetime home of Matthew Driver, situated in the Greensboro district and now owned by T. C. Horsey.  One can scarcely enter its massive doorways or look at its colonial architecture without visioning the days when "neighbors dropped in to spend a week or two."
        No definite date is give of the entrace of the Drivers into this territory, but in 1774 when the initial Court of our county was held, Matthew Driver had achieved enough prominence to be appointed Justice of this Court, then held at Melvill's warehouse.
        June 24, 1777, he received his commission as Lieutenant Colonel of Stafford's Company 14th Battalion of Militia in Caroline County, and later we find him corresponding with the Council of Safety relatve to appointment of officers for a new Company of Militia in Caroline and signing himself as Matthew Driver, Commander of the 14th Battalion of Militia.
        That he was a man of means is shown by the fact of his ownership at the time of his death of six large tracts of land including Willow Grove, his home estate, over 2000 stirling in money, 24 slaves, stock and other valuable holdings.
        Little else is definitely known of him but as his record shows he was a typical gentleman of his day and left an unspotted name.

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