The History of Caroline County, Maryland, From Its Beginning, 1920, pp.100-101


       The Hughletts have figured largely, both politically and financially, in Caroline County ever since the first William Hughlett, in 1759, arrived from Northumberland County, Virginia, and settled near Greensboro (then in Queen Anne County).
        Thomas Hughlett, eldest son of this family, came into political prominence at the time of the organization of our present county by receiving the appointment s our first sheriff.  Later he became a coroner, then a member of the legislature.
        When the Revolutionary War broke out he entered Military service and was appointed a Captain of the Caroline County Militia and as such was actvie in the defense of his country, continuing in this service until the close of the war.  In later years he was judge of the County Courts which position he held at the time of his death.
        His tomb bears the following incription telling of his merit and worth:

"In memory of
Thomas Hughlett Esquire
Son of William Hughlett and
Mary, his wife,
                            who departed this life on the 26 day of March 1805, in the 65th year of his age.
                            He was an affectionate husband, and tender parent, a kind master, a social and
                            agreeable friend and an active industrious and enterprising citizen.  He was
                            honored by the free suffrage of his fellow citizens with the office of Sheriff of
                            Caroline County then a delegate to the General Assembly of Maryland for many
                            years.  A justice of the Peace, and was at the time of his death one of the Associate
                            Judges of the County Court.  His integrity, justice and moderation has endeared
                            his memory to the citizens of Caroline.  Let his virtues be a stimulus to the descen-
                            dants to preserve.  The slothful will be covered with shame and none but those
                            who preserve will reap the fruit of their labor."

        Thos. Hughlett's eldest son, William Hughlett 2nd, was born Sept. 9, 1769.  While he held some positions of political preferment, having been in 1816 elected to the Maryland senate and acted as president pro-tem of that body, he had few aspirations in that direction.
        Because of his extensive land holdings, amounting to several thousand acres, he was better known in the agricultural world and was at one time a member of the "Board Trustees of the Maryland Agricultural Society of the Eastern Shore."
       As landmarks showing the holdings of the second Wm. Huglett we have the well known line of square stone markers each having the initials W. H. cut thereon while on a few are such inscriptions as "Last grant," "Skin Ridge," "Last bit," etc.  The line of markers extends from near Milford, Delaware to Whitelysburg thence through Hughes Corner above Whitelysburg and on through the Maryland line to Greensboro, while in Talbot County almost the entire neck of Bolingbroke is spanned by these markers.
        On leaving Caroline this William Hughlett removed to "Warwick Manor" in Dorchester County near Secretary Creek.  Later his home was at "Pleasant Valley" near Easton, where he died in 1845.
        His eldest son, Col. William R. Hughlett of "Chancellor's Point," was well known and highly esteemed.  His daughter and grandchildren are present residents of Greensboro, Caroline County, and of Talbot County, and end the long line of a well known and honorable family, whose residence in this section covers a period of more than a century and a half.

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