Greensboro, Caroline County, Maryland

Tombstone photos submitted by Sarah B. "Sally" Williams taken at Greensboro Cemetery in Greensboro, Caroline County, Maryland.
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Maggie Blackburn

Richard Blackburn and Annie his wife

Richard Blackburn, Jr. and Margaret R.

Elmer G. and HelenW. Evans


John and Laura Parris

Smith R. and Margaret W. Simpkins

G. C. Zeth Weaver, Sr. and Leacy E.

G.C. Zeth Weaver, Jr. and Mary E.

J. Edgar Weaver, Sr.


Ira Luther Weaver

M. L. Weaver and Margaret F. Zeth his wife

Pearl B. Weaver

John M. and  S. Madeline Weaver

Brooksie Cole Welch

Wilbert L. Welch

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All photos © 2006 Sally Williams