Ledger of Dr. John DuHadway
Caroline County, Maryland


The information is from a handwritten ledger that belonged to my great-granduncle Dr. John DuHadway (1859-1926) who lived in the Fowling Creek (Harmony) area.  He was married to Mary Effie Ozmon (1868-1953). He was a country doctor that traveled to see his patients by buggy.  The house where he lived is still standing in Harmony, MD.    Transcribed and Submitted by: Frank Courtney.

Last Name
First Name
Family Notes
Andrew Newton none 1895
Andrew Saulsberry Mary 1894
Andrew Wesley wife, child, children 1892-1904
Andrew William C. wife, boy,  1893-1916
Andrew of E. John wife 1901
Atticks  Thomas Carrolton none 1892-1893
Bartell Emma B owes $101.00 --
Baynard William R. wife 1893
Bending James wife 1893-1895
Bishop Mrs. none 1892
Blades John wife 1892
Bowdel Caleb wife, elmer, Wesley 1894-1895
Bradley Sarah Martha Harry 1895-1897
Buley, Jr. Solomon none 1894
Butler James child, wife, teeth, labor, child 1895-1902
Carroll Charles E. baby, wife, Nettie 1893-1901
Cassin George wife 1893
Cephas Ebin chile 1894
Clark Clayton wife, labor, Mrs. Black 1909-1910
Clough George owed 62.71 paid --
Cohee George W. none 1892-1892
Collins Francis Fred  1896
Collins Jackson child 1892
Collins William E. (Little Billie) wife, labor, Ellis, child, boy 1907-1908
Connelly Frank wife, labor, child 1897-1902
Corkran Algia none 1892-1900
Covey James H Indie 1892
Covey Martin children, girl, Neva 1901-1906
Covey Morton wife, baby, teeth, child 1896-1901
Covey Roger wife, labor  1893-1896
Cox James none 1894
Crossy J. S. none 1892-1893
Culver Charles wife, chile 1898-1901
Culver William wife 1909
Dean Jacob W. none 1893
Dean Richard Gabe 1893-1894
Dean, Sr. Robert none 1893-1903
Dickison Lass(unreadable) child, boy 1891-1894
Dickison Martha none 1894
Dyre Phillip Ema 1896
Edgell Wesley Fred, Mrs. Price, wife 1894-1897
Fields Harry owes 60.00 --
Flamer (sp) George none 1894
Frampton Lolan wife 1911
Framptone Charles son Lewis, Nettie Mrs. 1895-1906
Frazier Robert wife, child 1893-1895
Fulton D. A. family, Kelly, Baby.  1893-1894
Goldsboro Thomas owe 123.29 --
Gootee Christopher Laura 1894
Green Thomas wife, daughter 1898-1909
Griffin Alva  family --
Hains C. C. child, boy, baby 1893-1904
Howard Charles Bennie, Annie, family, Mrs. Howard 1893-1897
Howard James wife 1894
Hubbard Avey B80 none 1894-1895
Hubbard John none 1892
Hubbard John wife 1894-1896
Hubbard Thomas none 1894
Hubbard W. T. none 1895
Hurlock, Jr. William baby, Annie, wife 1893-1901
Hutchinson Andrew Roxie, girl, Mrs. Hutchinson, H.J. Roop 1895
Hutchinson W. P. none 1895
Johns Thomas Wife, child 1892-1893
Kelley George W. Paul, Elsie 1910
Larrimore Harry delivered placenta wife, child, baby 1908-1913
Larrimore James Annie, wife, Chas. B. Harrison 1907-1912
Layton Beecham child 1895
Layton Charlie none 1895
Leonard John horses 1894
Leonard W. F. none 1893
Liden Charles baby  1894-1895
Littleton William none 1893
Love Annie E. children, Willie 1894-1896
Lynch Emory wife, labor  1910-1912
McGregor Mrs. none 1892
McMahan R. H. owes 234.60 --
McNash J. R. Miss Nettie, Wm. Poole, Mac, Mack 1893-1894
Meloney William baby, Annie, wife 1893-1896
Messick Perry wife, Dr. Pillips 1893-1917
Messick William child 1892
Nichols Lewis wife 18+D10792-1900
Nichols Ridgway child 1892
Nichols Ridgway payment schedule 1892
Nichols Thomas H. George 1895-1896
Nichols, Sr. John son Thomas 1893
Patchett D. J. chile 1893-1894
Payne Samuel wife, baby, Charlie 1893-1896
Pepper George child, children 1893-1895
Pool Isaac son John 1894
Price Mary J. none 1902-1903
Quillan Mr. Miss Amanda 1892
Redhead James O. wife, Bert, Ernest 1896
Redman Benjamin none 1905-1913
Reese James Child 1892
Richards Clarence child, wife, payment 1909-1913
Richards Clarence payment schedule 1912-1913
Rogers George wife, child, little girl 1892-1894
Roop Horace wife 1893
Ross Charles wife 1892-1897
Sharpe Edward child, family 1893
Smith  John child 1892
Smith  John, Widow none 1892
Smith  Zeb none 1896
Stack, Sr. Fred none 1892
Stanford Henry none 1904
Sullivan P. W. wife, child, children 1889-1897
Taylor Frank none 1903-1905
Taylor Howard wife, child, baby 1910
Taylor Thomas Wife, child, Charlie 1892-1894
Taylor Walton wife, child, Edgar, Baby 1892-1896
Thomas Della none 1894
Todd Charles Sallie Wible, Sherman, Mrs. Todd, Dawson 1895-1901
Todd Edward Mrs. Todd, Miss Hattie, Willis 1895-1896
Todd F. S. wife, Vaugn 1893-1895
Todd F. S. Miss Minta 1893-1902
Todd Gootee S. children, Mary, Earl, Oland, wife, Earl, Norman 1895-1905
Todd Thomas H. wife, Mary, teeth extracting, children 1892-1898
Towers Andrew Elmer, John Banning 1894-1898
Towers C. Harvey Edith, Madison, Frank Fluharty, Grace, Mary, baby, wife 1897-1903
Towers Elijah none 1893
Towers George W. wife, Will, Ernest, Chester, George, Jr., Roland 1893-1901
Towers Howard wife, miscarraige 1894
Towers James S. child 1895-1898
Towers John Robert wife 1892-1896
Towers Mrs. G. W. George, Maud, Roland, Chester, Lillian, Lillian Fulton 1902-1908
Towers W. P. child, wife, teeth, misscarriage, baby 1904-1906
Towers Wesley Flora 1892
Tribbett John wife, Ollie Note: Ollie Tribett was married Jan 23, 1895 1894-1899
Tribett John A. none 1893-1896
Tribett Nathaniel L. none 1892-1893
Tribett Ollie none 1895
Trice George L. payment schedule 1905-1906
Trice George L. family 1905-1906
Trice George L. payment schedule 1909
Trice Hutchinson wife 1892-1894
Trice Hutchinson Roland 1910-1911
Washington John Labor and pay for work 1985-1896
Webb William none 1893
West Samuel lived with son Richard, R. T. West 1906-1917
Whidby James wife 1894
Willey William none 1903-1904
Williamson John wife, family 1893-1894
Williamson, Jr. John W, wife, Laura 1893-1894
Wilson W. E. child 1893
Wooters David none 1895
Wright H. Hynson wife, Lizzie --

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