Newspaper Clippings From the Scrapbook of
Clara Rumbold Willis

On 4 Sept 1882 Clara Rumbold Willis aged 17 years and seven months died of consumption at the residence of her Uncle Dr. Henry Fisher Willis, in Preston, Caroline County Maryland. Clara born 3 Feb. 1865 in Caroline County was the only daughter of Francis Asbury Willis and Sallie Elmer Hubbard Willis. During the months before she died she put together a very small scrapbook of pasted pictures, poems and newspaper clippings of interest to her. They were pasted with flour paste upon an old check book ledger from Philadelphia, Penn. where her parents had been living and working. As I look through the entries, there are many that might be of interest to other people.  The following are entries of interest to family historians.  Sandra L. Willis
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Mrs. Letita A. SPARKLIN wife if Daniel SPARKLIN, died suddenly on Monday night, the 17th inst., aged 53 years 2 months and 21 days.   Mrs. S. was a consistent and exemplary christian, a kind and affectionate parent, and a devoted wife. Her eternal home is Heaven.

Near Hunting Creek, on the 13th inst., after a lingering illness of consumption, Mr. James STACK, Jr. aged 35 years.

On Sept. 21st nit., Mr. Eli K. BLADES, aged 24 years and 7 months.

SPARKLIN- Near Union Grove, Caroline Co., on the 17th inst., Lisha A. SPARKLIN, wife of Daniel SPARKLIN, aged 53.

On the 7th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, near Federalsburg, Caroline County, Md., by Rev. Benjamin F. PRICE, Dr. Geo. W. BETSON, of Greensborough, and Anna V., daughter of Jacob COVEY, Esq.

At the same time and place, by the same minister, Thomas H. GOSLIN, of Baltimore and Isbella, daughter of Jacob COVEY, Esq.

Miss Cora Fisher WILLIS, daughter of Doctor H. F. WILLIS of Preston, Caroline Co. Md., was born Sep. 10th, 1857, and died suddenly at Castle Hall, Caroline co. Feb 4th, 1875.

The subject of this memoir gave evidence in childhood of the possession of capabilities of a high order, and her ardor in the pursuit of knowledge was alike gratifying to her parents and teachers.

The scope of her mind enabled her not only to excel in general literature, but to readily grasp the more subtle truths of abstract science.

But while we record with pleasure these evidences of unusual ability in the deceased, who grew up almost to womanhood under our observation, it is also our sad, but solemn duty to state that herein will possibly be found the mystery of her early death. Nature exacts a fearful penalty of those who violate her laws. Mental development at the expense of health and vigor, which alone is derived from careful physical training, is an evil result of which too often is death.

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Died in this town on Tuesday last of Typhoid fever, at the residence of her brother-in-law, JamesO. REDHEAD, Miss Lydia HUTCHINSON, daughter of Manlius P. HUTCHINSON, Esq. Of Caroline County, aged nineteen years, five months and three days.

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At the residence of the bride's mother, in Preston, on the 19th of Dec, Dr. JENKINS, of Federalsburg, to Miss Lizzie COX, by the Rev. J. L. Kenney.

The happy pair went to Baltimore on their bridal tour.

At the residence of his son, Jasper NICHOLS, near this town in Dorchester county, Jan. 21st, Silas NICHOLS, in his 73rd year.

In Seaford, Sussex county, Del., Feb. 3rd, Rev. Dr. EVERSOLE, a superanuated minister of the M. P. Church.

Miss Mary Abbott, of Smyrna, Del. Has been led a blushing bride to the alter seven times. She has been Miss WILLIAMS, Mrs. TRUAX, Mrs. FARROW, Mrs. RIGGS, Mrs. WALLACE, Mrs. BERRY, Mrs. PRATT and now Mrs. ABBOTT, and has married a widower every time but once, and has reared numerous stepchildren for her various husbands, but has never had children of her own.

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Death under any and all circumstances is saddening. It is truly so, when the young, attractive, cultured, innocent and beautiful, without notice or a moment's warning, are suddenly called away. It is our painful duty to record a death of this character. Miss Cora F. WILLIS, daughter of one of our most highly esteemed citizens, Dr. H. F. WILLIS, of Preston, died suddenly at Castle Hall, the residence of Dr. A. HARDCASTLE, on Wednesday night of last week. She retired in her apparent usual good health, and was found dead in her room the next morning. Her death was caused by heart disease.

She was about nineteen years of age, and possessed every qualification to make her an honored member of her sex, and of society. To her bereaved and afflicted parents and friends, we tender our warmest sympathies.

Married, on the 7th of August 1823, Lemuel HUBBARD and Mary RUMBOLD.

On the 7th of August 1873 the surviving children and grand children, together with a goodly number of friends assembled, by invitation, at the homestead, near Harmony, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. HUBBARD.

Rev. W. A. CROUSE, in a short address, congratulated the happy bride and groom upon their golden wedding, and referred in felicitous terms to the blessings showered upon them by a kind and bountiful Providence, and closed by presenting the bride with a magnificent pair of gold spectacles, the gift of Col. A. J. WILLIS, of Potter's Landing.

Upon the conclusion of Mr. CROUSE's address the supper hour having arrived all were invited to a long table on the lawn fairly groaning with all the good things of the land. Due justice being done to the substantials, a recess of an hour was spent in conversing with old friends, croquet by the younger folks, an elegant address from Col. WILLIS, and the presentation of the various gifts to the bride and groom: Mr. Crouse returning thanks in behalf of the bashful couple. Then the ice cream, cake and confections closed the day's eating.

The company separated hoping that our friends may yet long live to celebrate their wedding day.

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Part of the page is missing, however at the top I can see the name Jacob COVEY and this continuation under the torn part

He was stricken with disease last Spring and many days we watched for the angels to bear him away, but they passed by and left him with us a few more months.

For many weeks before his death he realized his near approach to the better land, and felt end expressed a desire to depart and be with Christ. His hope was bright, and his trust firm and unshaken, as his strength slowly ebbed away.

The "weary wheels of life stood still" at last, and without pain or struggle his spirit was released and borne to its everlasting home.

He was a good husband and a loving father, and now awaits his loved ones on the other shore.

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Contains a Sunday School Certificate of Admission.

Sarah A. HUBBARD has been admitted as a SCHOLAR into the Bethesda Sunday School of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Philadelphia Conference and is entitled to all the privileges of said Sunday School during punctual attendance and good behavior.

Age 13 yrs Register No. 71

Signed by William H. GOOTEE Sup't
William M. McMAHAN Sec'y

June 15th 1856

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Two boys Eddie TODD, aged ten son of Mr. Elijah TODD, near Preston, Caroline Co., and Johnny WHITELY, aged thirteen, son of a Mrs. WHITELY a widow of Preston, were drowned on Saturday last in the mill pond, near that town. These boys together with a son of Dr. H. F. WILLIS and another boy, whose name we have not learned were amusing themselves is boat-riding in a small boat upon the pond.

Young WILLIS and the other boy were landed and remained standing upon the shore watching the others who started to recross the pond. A short distance from the shore, the boat upset, and both were drowned. The cries of the boys on the shore, brought Mr. William HUBBARD to the scene, who at the risk of his life attempted the rescue of the poor boys, and succeeded in reaching them, but two late, for they were already dead. They appear to have gone down clasping each other's hands.

A large concourse of people was drawn together at the funeral of the drowned boys on Sabbath afternoon, and the manifestations of sympathy for the bereaved parents, both on the part of preacher and people were very decided. Rev. Mr. JEWEL of this town officiated on the occasion.

Seldom are we called upon to chronicle an event more sad than the death, so sudden, of MissCora Fisher, the eldest daughter of Dr. H. F. and Emily WILLIS, of Preston, Caroline county, Md., which occurred February 4th, 1875, at "Castle Hall," the residence of Dr. A. HARDCASTLE, with whom Cora had found a home while engaged in her vocation, that of teaching, an employment in which she took great delight, and one for which she was eminently qualified.

Truly the ways of Providence are mysterious; yet to a believer in the infinite One, there is always a light shining in the darkness the gleam of which cheers and consoles when earthly comfort fails.

Although we may not be able to comprehend fully the designs of the great Father of all in his dealings with us, yet humble trust in his wisdom, and goodness enables its possessor to bow with reverent submission to his stroke no matter how heavy it may fall.

Many things combine to make the death of the young lady of whom we write peculiarly distressing; she was possessed of a mind both strong and brilliant, and no pains had been spared to give it such culture as would qualify her to shine, and be useful in the world.

Rarely has it been our fortune to meet with a lady on whom a brighter future seemed to dawn. But alas! Every hope that mortals cherish of earthly good or gain, is subject to be blasted by the fell destroyer - death. To Cora, the messenger came in the stillness of the night, when no earthly friend was near; her father whom she loved, only a few hours before had printed the kiss of affection on her cheek, and spoken the last adieu, and had gone to bear the tidings to the mother that "our daughter's health is much improved." There are bright hopes in the homestead now. But oh, how soon comes sorrow on the heels of joy! A night and a day has closed, and lo, the messenger is there to tell the heart crushing news: "Your daughter is dead." Died unattended by any one save the angel band who came to escort their sister to the skies.

The hour appointed for the burial, brought together a large concourse of relatives and friends, who mingled their tears freely with those of the bereaved family.

After very impressive funeral services held in the church at Preston, the remains of the deceased were laid in the new made grave, there to repose until the resurrection morn, when we hope to meet her again clothed with immortality.


On the 24th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, in Denton, by Rev. E. P. Aldred, Mr. E. TODD, and Mrs. M. M. HYNSON, daughter of Thos. MELVIN, Esq.

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On Wednesday, Jan. 23rd, at the residence of the bride's parents in Preston, Md., by Rev. L.Jewell, Mr. J. B. CLARK, of Seaford, Del., Jr. Editor of the Sussex County Index, to Miss Mollie WILLIS, daughter of Dr. H. F. WILLIS, of Preston, Md.

The above couple will please accept the thanks of the senior Editor and employes of this office for the bountiful supply of cake, may the snowy wings of innocents and love ever protect this happy couple both in storm and sunshine, and may their matrimonial life be one of perpetual bliss.

At Potter's Landing, on the 17th inst, at the residence of A. J. WILLIS, of heart disease, MissAlice G. JONES, aged 17 years.

She had been attending school in Canada for the past three years; her health failing she returned home. She had just entered her eighteenth year and was calculated to be very useful. But alas! The messenger of Death called her. Yet she was ready to go, and said, "Thy will, not mine, be done."

On the 3d inst., at the residence of the Bride's father, Mr. James B. PATTON to Miss AlexineTAYLOR, eldest daughter of Perry D. TAYLOR, Esq.

Many thanks to the happy couple for a liberal quantity of nice cake. May they live long and prosper.

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