Bible Record of
Robert B. Chambers and Martha Harper
Robert B. Chambers was born in Caroline County, Maryland, on 29 Nov 1808.
Martha Harper was born 30 Aug 1810 (no birthplace is written in the record for Martha or the children).  
They married 18 Mar 1830 (again no place is written in the record).

They had 6 children:
    1. Margaret Ann Chambers, b. 14 May 1832, married 3 Jul 1851 to L. or T. C. Ives, 
       d. 4 May 1875
    2.William H. Chambers, b. 22 Aug 1836, d. 24 Nov 1836
    3. Susan Chambers, b. 26 Jul 1839, d. 20 Oct 1839
    4. Robert Calvert Chambers, b. 24 Aug 1840, married 18 Aug 1869 to Mary C. Talbert,
        d. 1 Feb 1878
    5. Sary E. Chambers, b. 19 Apr 1842, married 12 Dec 1872 to Isaac Scott 
       (no death date is given for Sary)
    6. (my greatgrandfather) William Brown Chambers, b. 28 Oct 1843, married 17 Feb 1878
        to Prudence "Maude" Furgerson, d. 14 Jul 1909.

This family Bible and the records have been both a blessing and a trial. Except for the birthplace given for my gggrandfather,
 Robert B., no other places are given.  At least there is a place to start.  Also, amazingly enough, Robert B. Chambers served
 in the Civil War (at 

the age of 53 years - he enlisted on 6 Nov 1861, right before his 53rd birthday).  Also serving with him in the same unit,
 Kansas 7th Cavalry, Co. E, is William B. Chambers, probably my ggrandfather, but I haven't verified that William B.
 is his son, although I know he is related to us.  At the time of enlistment there records show that they were living in
Chicago, Illinois. 

The family spread out from there and many live in central Nebraska today, where I was born.

Death dates are given for both Robert B. and Martha in the Bible, also, but alas no death places-Robert B. Chambers,
 d. 5 Apr 1867 (probably in Chicago, Illinois, as this is not long after he mustered out of the military on 29 Sep 1865)
 and Martha (Harper) Chambers,
d. 27 Jul 1889.

Submitted by: Sherry (Chambers) Kilgore, Lebanon, PA

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