The History of Caroline County, Maryland, From Its Beginning, 1920, pp. 168-174


        Late in the year 1860, the people of Caroline County were naturally much disturbed at the threatened Civil War and disunion by the secession of some of the Southern States.  Public sentiment divided the people into two classes, the larger, perhaps, being in favor of maintaining the Federal Union; the other class in favor of secession.
        Many people who had heretofore been friends were bitterly opposed to each other—some for the north—others for the South.  This was the condition in Caroline County when four companies of Union soldiers were enrolled in the four centers of the county.
        For some time our people felt the restrictions and great inconvenience of army regulations, though not much of the time under a military guard.  Persons could not go to Baltimore, could not return home by boat without a pass from the Provost-marshall.  As the war continued, many men were deprived from voting at the general elections, unless they took the oath of “allegiance,” which some refused to do.
        During this period also, a new Constitution was adopted by our state for the purpose of disfranchising those who in any way were in sympathy with, aided or abetted the southern cause.  How could such a measure be passed when a majority of sentiment was against it is explained by Scharf’s quotation from the Denton Journal of that time: “In counting out the ballots in this district (Denton), but forty-seven votes appeared against the Constitution; whereas eighty-nine voters whose names appear upon the poll-books, have certified and propose to swear, that they voted against the Constitution.  Five others likewise signified.”  Fortunately this obnoxious document was set aside at the close of the War and a new one made.  It is likely, too, that some of our citizens were imprisoned for a semblance of not being strictly loyal to the Federal Union.  Doubtless there was much needless inconvenience and annoyance arising from arbitrary acts of soldiers who exceed their authority when suspicions were aroused, but such seem to be the outcome of civil strife and nearly always the accompanying agents.
        The person, perhaps, most directly responsible for the unnecessary and unlawful acts of soldiers and guards during the Civil War was not Lincoln, as many have supposed, but rather his Secretary of State-Wm. H. Seward, whose bigotry and un-democracy may be readily observed from his boastful remark to Lord Lyons: “My Lord, I can touch a bell on my right hand, and order the arrest of a citizen of Ohio; I can touch it again, and order the arrest of a citizen of New York; and no power on earth except that of the President can release them.  Can the Queen of England do as much?”
        Perhaps, several young men from our county with courage and strong feelings for “Southern Rights” went South and entered the Southern Army at the risk or sacrifice of their lives in defense of the principles they conscientiously entertained.  Unfortunately we have been unable to secure the names of but two such young men—Messrs. Alexander and Frank Gadd—brothers of our former Countian and well known citizen, Col. Luther H. Gadd.  It was with much difficulty that these and other men from Maryland entered the Southern Army.  The Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay were well guarded to prevent just such happenings.
        The story is told of some men from Queen Anne county who had planned to drive down to the bay shore in Dorchester county and then take a boat to the Virginia Shore.  To prevent suspicion while on their way through Caroline and Dorchester counties, they carried along some hunting dogs and whenever they found themselves watched, did not hesitate to climb out of the wagon with their dogs and spend some time in rounding up the birds and rabbits in that section before proceeding on their way.
        On the 4th of August 1862 President Lincoln ordered a draft of three hundred thousand militia for nine months, unless sooner discharged, and directed that if any state did not furnish its quota of these men, the deficiency of volunteers in that state would be made up by special or individual draft.  Of this number, Maryland was to furnish 19,000 men and Caroline County 304.  As 231 county men had already volunteered into service, only 56 were required to be drafted after allowance was made for excess apportionment.  The long-expected draft took place throughout the state on the 15th of October 1862, after the enrollment had been completed.  Those drawn for service were notified to present themselves at the place of rendezvous within five days.  Substitutes were accepted in place of those unwilling to serve in person; and a lively business was done in that traffic, prices ranging from $200 to $600.  Some of these substitutes, escaping from the camp of instruction, sold their services over again.
        In 1864 another draft of 2000 men from the state was made and Caroline County likely furnished about thirty.
        Unfortunately we have been unable to obtain a list of the drafted men from our county, though a complete list of volunteers is given below.

COMPANY  D (Greensboro Section)
ADAMS, Wm. K. Private
ANDERSON, John Private
ANDERSON, Levin Private
ANDERSON, Wm. Private
BAGGS, Andrew M. Private
BAGGS, Joseph Sergeant
BAKER, Wm. H. Private
BAYNARD, John W. Private
BENNETT, John C. Private
BICKLING, John S. Private
BICKLING, Wm. H. Private
BOONE, John W. Private
CANNON, John P. Private
CARROLL, Chas. E. Private
CARTER, Jas. H. Private
CARTER, Wm Private
CARTER, Wm. Private
CHANCE, Clement Private
CLEAVES, Thos. A. Private
CLENDENING Jas. L. Captain
CLENDENING, Robert N. Private
COLGAN, Wm. B.C. Private
COMEGYS Richard H. 1st Lieut.
COMEGYS Wm. H. Captain afterward Lieut. Col.
COMMEGYS, John T. Private
COMMEGYS, Wm. J. Private
CONNOR, Wm. T. Private
COOPER, Isaac Private
COOPER, James Private
COOPER, John K. Private
DAVIS, Wm. F. Private
DONOVAN, Henry J. Private
DOWNS, Samuel Y. Private
DRAPER, John W. Private
DUKES, Geo. W. Private
EARICKSON, Thomas B. Private
EVANS, Richard Private
FAULKNER, Thos. Private
FORD, Wm. H. Private
GIBSON, Chas. W. Private
HALL, James H. Private
HARPER, James S. Private
HARPER, Shadrach Private
HARPER, Wm. Private
HARRINGTON, Thos. E. Musician
HEATHER, Theo. Private
HOBBS, Amos H. Private
HONEY, James H. Private
HUBBARD, N.  Private
JESTER, John H. Private
JONES, Marcellus 2nd Lieut.
JONES, Richard C. Corporal
JONES, Samuel T. Private
KEMP, John B. Sergeant
KIRK, George W. Corporal
LANG, John Private
LECOMPT, John C. Sergeant
LEGAR, George F. Corporal
LUCAS, Edward M. Private
McCANN, Michael Private
McCLAIN, Wm. Private
McCLERKIN, Jas. Private
McCULLOUGH, Thomas Private
McGEE, Levi Private
McKNETT, John R. Corporal
MELSON, Daniel H. Private
MELVIN, Jacob Private
MILLER, Augustus Private
MOUNTICUE, Jas. Private
MOUNTICUE, John Private
MOUNTICUE, Robert H. Private
MOUNTICUE, Wm. Private
MURRY, James Private
NOBLETT, Isaac Private
OUTEN, Warren Private
PARKER, Geo. W. 1st Sergeant
PATRICK, Noah Private
PATRICK, Wm. J. Private
PIPPIN, Robert H. Private
POOR, Wm. E. Sergeant
PORTER, Robert W. Private
PORTER, Wm. E. Private
RAWLINGS, Henry C. Corporal
RAWLINGS, Wm. P. Private
ROBERTS, Chas. Private
SHAW, James H. Teamster
SHAW, William Private
SHUBROOKS, Wm. J. Private
SLOAN, William C. Private
SPRY, Wm. G. Private
TRUITT, John Private
TURNER, Samuel Corporal
WEST, William M. Musician
WHITBY, Nathaniel Private
WILLIAMS, Benj. Private
WOOTERS, John W. Private
WYATT, Elias Private

COMPANY E (Preston Section)
ANDREW, George Private
ANDREW, John W. Private
ANDREW, Tilghman A. Private
ARVEY, John W. Private
BAKER, Peter Private
BEACHAMP, Batchelor Private
BLADES, Eli K. Sergeant
BLADES, Jesse W. 2nd Lieut.
BLADES, Thos. L. Corporal
BLAND, Geo. T. Private
BRENNAN, Michael Private
BRIDDLE, James Private
BRUMBLY, Wm. T. Private
BUTLER, Peter W. Private
BUTLER, Wm. E. Private
CANNON, Jas. H. Teamster
CAREY, George T. Private
CARLISLE, Alex. Private
CARROLL, Saulsbury Private
CHARLES, Simon P. Private
CHEEZUM, Charles H. Private
CHEEZUM, Wm. Private
CHRISTOPHER, Silas Private
CICIL, George F. Private
COMASKEY, Daniel Corporal
CONAWAY, William H. H. Private
CORKRAN, Sol. R. Sergeant
COVEY, Joshua Private
COVEY, Richard Private
DEAN, Bennett A. Private
DEAN, Robert H. Private
DILLON, James B.  Corporal
DILLON, Lewis J. Private
DUKES, Geo. T. Private
DUKES, Isaac P. Private
EATON, Wm. H. Private
FLUHARTY, Daniel R. Private
FRAMPTON, Chas. Private
FRAMPTON, Wm. E. Private
GOETCHIOUS, John Private
GOOTEE, Kelly Private
HAMMOND, James R. Musician
HOLLIS, James M. 1st Sergt.
HOLLIS, Wm. H. Corporal
HOLLOWAY, Robert J. Private
HOOPER, Jas. R. Captain
HUTCHINSON, Chas. F. Private
HUTCHINSON, Wm. A. Sergeant
KNOX, Samuel F. Private
LANE, William Private
LECOMPTE, Benj. F. Private
LEGATES, Wm. T.  Private
LUER, Samuel Private
MASON, William Private
McNEESE, John Corporal
MOORE, Edward T. 1st Sergt.
NICHOLS, Luke H. Musician
NICHOLS, Simon P. Private
PATTON, Joseph Private
PATTON, Wm. I. Sergeant
PERRY, Chas. W. Private
PERRY, William E. Private
POOL, Levin Private
POTTS, Wm. H. Private
RICHARDSON, John T. Private
ROSE, Joseph Private
ROSS, Josiah B. Private
ROSS, Wm. H. Corporal
STAFFORD, Andrew Captain
STEWART, Wm. G. Corporal
TERRINGTON, Geo. Private
TOWERS, Thos. P. Private
TOWERS, Wesley Corporal
TOWNSEND, Alfred Private
TOWNSEND, Joshua Private
TRICE, Andrew M. Private
TRICE, John W. Private
TURNER, Jas. H. Private
TURNER, John R. Private
TURNER, Robt. H. Private
WALKER, Robt. F. Private
WALKER, Thomas Private
WATERMAN, Geo. Private
WATSON, William Private
WILLIAMSON, Warner Private
WILSON, Jas V. Private
WINDSOR, Wesley W. Private

COMPANY  F (Denton Section)
ALBERGER, Nathan F. Private
ANDERSON, Wm. Private
ANDREW, Jas. E. Private
ANDREW, Matthew M. 1st Sergeant
ANDREW, Petter Private
ANDREWSON, Geo. Corporal
ATKINSON, William W. Corporal
ATKINSON, Wm. Private
AUSTIN, Jas. B. 1st Lieut.
AYERS, John H. Private
BAKER, Thos. P. Private
BARKLEY, Andrew Private
BARNICK, Jas. A. Corporal
BARWICK, John Private
BECK, Josiah Private
BRANNOCK, Sam. C. Sergeant
BUSTEED, Richard M. Sergeant
BUTLER, James H. Private
CHRISTOPHER, John E. Private
COLLISON, Jos. A. Private
CONOWAY, Francis Private
COOPER, John Private
COOPER, Nathaniel G. Private
COOPER, Sam’l. J. Private
COOPER, Wm. W. Private
DEAN, William T. Corporal
DICKERSON, Philip S. Private
EATON, John F. Private
FARLEY, John Private
FLANAGAN, John Private
GAREY, Robt. J. W. 2nd Lieut.
GORDON, Chas. L. Private
GRIFFITH, John H. Private
HAMMON, Thos. L. Private
HARVEY, Charles Private
HICKSON, Andrew Private
JOINER, Robt. H. B. Private
KIRKMAN, Isaac A. Corporal
LECOMPTE, Alex R. Private
LONG, Alex R. Private
LOVE, Thomas Private
MALONEY, John Private
McCASLIN, Russell Y. Corporal
McNUTT, Wm. Private
McQUAY, Chas. E. Private
MOORE, John D. Private
MORGAN, George Private
MORGAN, Wm. F. Private
NUMBERS, Thos. Captain
PARKER, Thos. H. Private
PHILIPS, Geo. W. Private
PHILIPS, Peter D. Private
PHILIPS, Wm. Private
PIERCE, Wm. M. Private
PINKINE, Francis E. Private
POOL, Daniel Private
PORTER, Francis A. Private
PORTER, Joseph Private
ROBINSON, Wm. E. Teamster
ROE, Alex. Private
ROE, Thomas Private
SCOTT, Aaron Private
SCOTT, Hezekiah Private
SEE, Dallas M. Corporal
SEE, James Sergeant
SHERWOOD, Geo. C. Corporal
SORDEN, Robt. H. Private
SORDEN, Wm. T. Sergeant
SPENCE, James H. Private
STAFFORD, Wm. P. Private
SYPHERS, Francis Private
THARP, Phineas Private
THOMAS, John R. Private
THOMAS, Sam’l E. Private
THOMAS, Samuel Private
VOSS, Holiday Private
WEBBER, Jas. T. Private
WEBBER, Wm. S. Private
WEBBER, Wm. T. Private
WILLIS, Chas. H. Private
WILLLIAMS, Geo. W. Private
WILSON, James A. Private
WOTHERS, Daniel Private
WOTHERS, Jas. W. Private

COMPANY  G (Federalsburg Section)
ALBURGER, Wm. H. Corporal
ANDREW, Isaac W. Corporal
ANDREW, Wm. E. Private
ANDREW, Zach. Private
BANNING, Asbury Private
BANNING, Wm. H. Private
BENDING, Alex. E. Private
BURKE, Jas. T. Private
CAMPER, Wm. H. Private
CARROLL, John W. Private
CHARLES, Ezekial A. Private
COHEE, Levin Corporal
COHEE, Mitchel H.  Private
COLLINS, James C. Private
COLLISON, Levin R. Private
CORKRAN, Sydnaham Private
CORKRAN, Wm. E. Private
CORKRAN, Wm. J. Private
DAVIS, Chas. M. Corporal
DAVIS, James W. Corporal
DAVIS, Solomon C. Private
DIXON, George S. Private
EMMERICH, John S. Private
FLEETWOOD, William W. Private
FLOWERS, Alcaid N. Private
FLOWERS, Wesley Private
GRAY, Wm. L. Private
GRIFFITH, John S. Private
HEMMONS, Wm. J. Private
HILL, Jeremiah Private
HINES, James W. Private
HIRT, Wm. T. Private
INSLEY, Elijah Private
JENNINGS, John J. Private
JESTER, James A. Private
JESTER, John F. Private
JESTER, Mark A. Private
JONES, Chas. W. Private
KENNEY, Jos. T. Sergeant
KEYS, Wm. W. Sergeant
LANKFORD, David E. Private
LEWIS, Noah F. Private
LLOYD, Edward Private
LLOYD, Jacob W. Private
LLOYD, Thos. F. Private
LOWE, Marvel R. Private
LOWE, Wm. T. Private
MALLOY, John W. Private
MARINE, Matthew F. Private
McCOLISTER, Benj. Private
McCULLOUGH, John Private
MILLIGAN, Jas. H. Private
MILMAN, Elijah S. Private
MOORE, Chas. F. Private
MOORE, Daniel W. 1st Sergt.
MOWBRAY, Jacob T. Musician
NEAL, Cyrus Private
PATTISON, John Private
PAYNE, Covey Sergeant
PAYNE, John W. Musician
PAYNE, Wm. J. Private
POUNDON, Robert Private
RANDOLPH, Jno. W. Private
SMITH, Benj. S. Private
SMITH, Chas. F. Private
SMITH, Levin Private
STOKES, Geo. W. Private
STOKES, John H. Teamster
SUTHERLAND, John W. Private
THOMAS, Tilghman H. Private
TRICE, John H. Private
TRUITT, Benj. Private
TULL, John W. Private 
WHEATLEY, Edward H. Private
WHEATLEY, Wm. T. Sergeant
WHITE, Henry Private
WILLIAMS, Jas. H. Private
WILLIAMS, Thos. F. Private
WILLIAMS, Wm. H. Private
WRIGHT, Sam’l. J. Private
WRIGHT, Twiford N. Private

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