Original Land Patent
"Watkins Luck"
4 September 1760
Dorchester County, Maryland
(now Caroline County)

Transcribed and submitted by Adina Watkins Dyer

THOMAS WATKINS    } FREDERICK yea ~ Know ye that whereas JOHN WATKINS of
His Patent 215 acres  } Dorchester County by his humble petition to our agents for management
Watkins Luck               } of  Land Offices with this province did set forth that he had on the fourth day of September seventeen hundred and sixty granted him by Patent under the great seal of this province a Tract or parcel of land called WATKINS beginning lying and being in the County aforesaid and containing forty two acres under new rent Contiguous to which Tract the petitioner had discovered some vacant land and being desirous to add the same humbly prayed a special warrant to resurvey the aforesaid tract for that intent and purpose and that on return of a certificate of such resurvey making good right to the vacancy added and complying with ? other requisites usual in such cases might have our grant of confirmation issue unto him thereon which was Granted him and accordingly a Warrant on the eighteenth day of August seventeen hundred and sixty one unto him for the purpose did Issue In pursuance whereof it is certified unto our land office that the aforesaid tract or parcel of Land is resurveyed by which it appears the same Contains the quantity of forty two acres and half an acre half an acre whereof is surplus included and that there is the quantity of one hundred and twenty two and a half acres of vacant land added for which said surplus and vacancy he has paid and satisfied unto Edward Lloyd? our present agent and receiver General for our use as will the sum of six pence for said surplus as the sum of eight pounds twelve shillings and six pence sterling Caution for the said vacancy According to Charles Lord Baron of Baltimore our great grand Father of Noble memory his Instructions to Charles Carroll Esq. his then agent bearing date at _?_ on the Twelfth day of September seventeen hundred and twelve and registered in our secretaries office of our said province together with a Paragraph of our Dear Fathers instructions bearing date at Lond?, Lord?, on the fifteenth day of December seventeen hundred and thirty eight and registered in our Land Office - We do therefore hereby grant and confirm unto him the said JOHN WATKINS all that the aforesaid tract or parcel of land now resurveyed with the vacancy added reduced into one Entire Tract and called WATKINS LUCK lying and being in the County aforesaid.

Beginning for the outbounds of the whole tract at a marked white oak standing in the woods about sixteen (16) perches to Eastward of the road that leads upon the east side of the North West Fork of Nanticoke and about half a mile above where the said road crosses HICKS BRANCH then runs south fifty (50) degrees east sixty (60) perches then north Thirty eight (38)degrees east sixty (60) perches then north nine (9) degrees west sixty two (62) perches then north forty three (43) degrees east one hundred and thirty (130) perches then north four (4) degrees west one hundred and twenty six (126) perches then with a straight line to the Beginning Containing and now laid out for two hundred and fifteen (215) acres of land more or less According to the Certificate of Resurvey therefore Taken and returned into our land office bearing date the fifth day of February seventeen hundred and sixty two (1762) and there remaining together with all rights profits benefits and privileges thereunto belonging royal minis Excepted to have and to Hold the same unto him the said JOHN WATKINS his heirs and assigns forever to be holden of us and our heirs as of our Manor of Nanticoke in free and commonsoccage by fealty only for all manner of services yielding and paying therefore yearly unto us and our heirs at our receipt at our City of Saint Mary at the two most usual feasts in they year Viz the feast of the annunciation? of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael the arch angel bywin? and Equal portions _?_ of eight shillings and seven pence half penny sterling in silver or gold and for a fine uponeway? Alienation of the said Land or any part or parcel thereof one whole years rent in silver or gold or the full value thereof in such commodities as we and our heirs or such officer or officers shall be appointed by us and our heirs from time to time to collect and receive the same shall accept in Discharge thereof at the choice of us and our heirs or such officer or officers aforesaid Provided that if the said sume for a fine for Alientation shall not be paid unto us and our heirs or such officer or officers before such Alienation and the said Alienation entered upon record either in the provincial Court or County Court where the same parcel of land _?_ within one month next after such alienation then the said Alienation shall be void and of no effect given under our great seal of our said province of Maryland the twenty ninth day of September anno Domini seventeen hundred and sixty three  Witness our Trust_?_ and well beloved Horatio Sharpe Esq. Lieutenant General and Chief Governor of our said province of Maryland and Chancellor & Keeper of the great seal thereof.

Signed: Horatio Sharpe

Resurvey of "Watkins"  now called "Watkins Luck" - February 5, 1762

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