Veitch's Cove Historical Marker
--submitted by James L. Veach

In 1970 the Maryland Historical Society erected two Veitch’s Cove historical markers to commemorate a land grant of 70 acres in Pawtuxent (currently Calvert) County to James Veitch. The land grant is documented as follows:

"...Do hereby grant to the said James Veitch that parcell of Land lying on the North side of Pawtuxent River near a creek called St. Leonards Creek Beginning at a point of a Cove called Hattons Cove bounding on the South with the said Cove on the North with the said Creek on the West with the land of Thomas Hatton gentleman on the East with a Cove on the said Creek Called Veitches Cove containing and now laid out for seventy acres more or less together with all proffits rights and benefitts thereunto belonging (Royal Mines excepted)..." Extracted from description of Veitch’s Cove location from land grant transcript in We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches, Volume I, Pages 7 & 8, In March of 2005 the Maryland Historical Society provided the following information about the markers: The publication, "Roadside Markers in Maryland" by Charles S. Adams gave two locations for the Veitch's Cove roadside marker. Apparently it is located at the junction of Maryland Rte. 264 E/S and Maryland Rte. 265 and at the junction of Parran Road and Broomes Island Road in Calvert County.

There is, as of December 2005, a marker still standing in Calvert County at the junction of MD Rte 264 (Broomes Island Road) and MD Rte 265 (Mackall Road) at the southwest corner. The other marker location, identified as being at the junction of Parran Road and Broomes Island Road, may be in error since Parran Road does not intersect with Broomes Island Road. The location may have been at the intersection of Parran Road and Mackall Road, since Mackall Road leads to the north shore of St. Leonard Creek, but I do not have verification of that, and no marker is currently there.

James L. Veach, Goffstown, NH


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