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HENRY TRUMAN, born 17 Dec 1629 in Walesby, Nottingham, England; died 1692 in Calvert Co, Md. He was the son of Henry Truman and Unknown. He married (1) Jane Smith Abt. 1680 in Maryland. She was born 1662 in Prince George Co, Md, and died Aft. 1718 in Prince George Co, Md. She was the daughter of Richard Sr. Smith and Eleanor Yarborough.

From"The Early Settlers of Maryland"
Henry Truman transported in 1677.
Liber 15 folio 534
Transported to Maryland 1677(Skordas, The Early Settlers of Maryland-p 49)
Henry Truman found in:
Passenger and Immigration Index, 1500s-1900s
Place: Maryland Year: 1677
Primary immigrant: Truman, Henry
Permanent entry number: 2198171
Accession number: 7617725
Source publication code: 8510
Source publication page number: 470

Source publication: SKORDAS, GUST, editor. The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986.

Source annotation: Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511, Land Notes.

Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index

Baptism record:
Records for Yorkshire West Riding and Nottinghamshire, Walesby:
Henrie s Mster Henry Turman 17 Dec 1629
TRUMAN, Henrie Christening
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 7 Dec 1630 Recorded in: Gedling, Nottinghamshire, England
Collection: BTs
Father: Henrie TRUMAN
Source: FHL Film 503495 Dates: 1627 - 1640

from "The History of Calvert County, Md."      Based on this secret report, which was unsigned, the Assembly sent a message to King William announcing the overthrow of the Government of Lord Baltimore, and asserting the loyalty of the new Government of in Maryland to his Majesty's Government. This was followed by similar messages from the leaders of the new regime in the various Counties, which were sent to London, asserting their loyalty to William and Mary. The message of Calvert County to the King and Queen bears the signatures of the following persons, who were sympathetic to the forces led by Coode and Jowles: Henry Jowles, Samuel Bourne, Francis Collier, Thomas Gantt, John Griggs, Thomas Tasker, Andrew Abington, Henry Truman, E. Batson, Henry Fernley, John Payne, Charles Tracy, Joseph Howe, John I. Woodruff, Samuel Warner, William Harris, Thomas Collier, Thomas Parslow.

John Davis Demands a Supeana for Nathaniell Veetch to testifie between him and Henry Truemans Administrator: warrant to the Sheriffe to Sumonds and Returne to the fourth Tuesday in June Annoque Domini 1698. [Sumoned.]

Henry Truemans Administrator Demands Subpoena for William Williams and Henry Jones to testify inter he and Ignatias Creycroft: warrant etc. to Subpoena and Returne ut Supra. [Jones Dead and Williams Subpoenad]

Truman, (Trueman), Henry (Calvert County), Protestant and probable soldier in the Revolution of 1689; signed an address and took a loyalty oath supporting the King of England and the reestablishment of Lord Baltimore into power on Nov 28, 1689.

Source: Colonial Maryland Soldiers and Sailors 1634-1734, page 355, by Henry C. Peden, Jr., M.A.

Reference: Archives of Maryland, 8:145

Notes for Jane Smith:
Jane was much younger than Henry when they married.


EDWARD TRUMAN, born Abt. 1682 in Prince George, Maryland; died Aft. 1729 in Prince George Co, Md. He was the son of HENRY TRUMAN and JANE SMITH. He married (1) Elizabeth Hutchinson 1710 in Prince George Co, Md. She was born Abt. 1692 in Prince George, Md, and died Aft. 1746 in Prince George, Md. She was the daughter of Thomas Hutchinson and Anne.

From Calvert Co. Newsletter:

EDWARD TRUMAN, d. 1729, Md., m. Eliza HUTCHINSON, d/o Thos. & Ann, & widow of Thos. LETCHWORTH; Iss: Benjamin d. 1794, m. Monica ---having a son, Edward.

May 18,1725-Edward Truman recorded a statement regarding the plantation now in possession of Edward Truman who married the widow of Thomas Letchworth, who, by his will, left his sons Thomas and Joseph Letchworth, a tract of land called Brooke Court of 200 acres, the uppermost part of the tract to Joseph and lower most part to Thomas ( Pr.Georges Land records, liber F, folio p 33)

July 23,1720 Edward Truman, Gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife sold Samuel Perrie, merchant, 2 tracts formerly in Calvert Co, now in Pr. Georges'"Woodsjoy" of 180 acres and "Timber Neck" of 250 acres.

Edwards will: Ext. Elizabeth Truman:(Inv. Prerogative court.15.270) Alexander Magruder, Robert Whittaker next of kin.

Property worth 390lbs/18/7

For 200 lbs two tracts of land formerly in Calvert County, now in Prince George's Co called Woodsjoy of 180 acres and Timber Neck of 250 acresl formerly sold by Ignatius Craycroft and Sophia his wife to Jane Truman, widow and relick of Henry Truman; Timber Neck bounded by John Gallwith
/s/Edward Truman (seal) Elizabeth Truman (seal)
Wit: Levi Covington, Thomas Gantt
Acknowledged Elizabeth Truman, wife of Edward.

We have several land records involving Edward. One mentions land left by his mother, Jane Truman. Thomas Taney was the administrator of Henry's estate. She later married him.

One record mentions that he married the widow of Thomas Letchworth.(from The Land Records of Prince George's County Maryland 1717-1726" by Elise Greenup Jourdan.)

(From "Prince George's County Land Records Volume A 1696-1702" edited by Shirley Langdon Wilcox)

Indenture 10 Dec 1697. mentions it is to John Biggers, in behalf of Edward Trueman, the son-in-law of Thomas Taney, and son of Henry Trueman, late of Calvert Co, deceased, gent. Price: Love and Affection. Consisted of two tracts. Said land to go to Edward Trueman or his lawfully begotten heirs, but if he has none and does not reach age 21 yrs. then the land is to go to Thomas Trueman, youngest son of Henry Trueman. recorded in 25 Jan. 1697/8.
Land Records of Prince George, Md 1717- 1726
folio130/697 Indenture 25 Nov 1718

from : Samuell Warren Sr and Samuell Warren Jr, planters of Prince Geroge's County
To: William Cooke, planter of Prince George's Co
For 2000 lbs. tobacco, a pacel of land on the west side of the Patuxent River formerly in Calvert Co sold by John Merth and Gissill, his wife, to Michael Farmer and lately recovered by the lessee of Samuel Warrin in the provincial court from EDWARD TRUMAN; in records of Calvert Co Court
/s/ Samuel Warren , Sr (mark and seal) Samuel Warren Jr (mark and seal)
Wit: Leonard Holyday, D. Dulany, Philip Lee, Jos. Belt
deed acknowledged according to Act of Assembly; enrolled 9 Mar 1718

Title: Truman and Related Families of Early Maryland
Author: Henry C. Peden, Jr.
Note: 707 Bedford Road
Bel Air, Maryland 20114
1. History, 1667-1783, Edenborough, Charles Co., MD, USA
LAND: Maryland, St. Mary's Co./Charles Co.
Tract: 'Edenburgh/Edenbourgh' 350a
1667 'Edembirg' 100a surveyed for Peter Key
1672 surveyed for Ninian Beall sold by Ninian Beall to Thomas Hutchison
1698 Thomas Hutchinson died wife Ann 1 child Elizabeth
1704 St. Mary's Co. Capt Charles Beall heir to Ninian to Edward
Truman & wife Elizabeth dau of Thomas Hutchinson decd
1714 indenture from Edward Truman to John Bradford
1728 Edward & Elizabeth Truman PG to Randolph Morris Charles Co. MD
folio 394 indenture 15 July 1714

From: Edward Truman, planter of Pr. George's Co
To John Bradford of Prince Geroge's Co, Gentleman
For the sum on 91 lbs/2s/3p several parcels of land; one tract being part of a tract formerly taken up by Edward Wood called "Wood's Joy" on the west side of the Patuxent River in Calvert Co containing 180 acresl also a tract called "Timber Neck" in Calvert Co on the west side of the Patuxent; bounded by the river and a parcel of land now in the possession of John Gallwith containing 250 acres; two parcels of land one called "Blackwell" on the west side of the Patuxent River behind "Aquisco Manor", in a line of John Boage; Royal Mines excepted; also a parcel called "Labour in Vaine" on the north side of the Patuxent and east side of Cypress Swamp; land formerly laid out for James Thomason containing 100 acres; including several Negroes. Two Negro men called Peter and Will, one Negro woman called Bess, two boys called Jo and Robin, one girl called Priss and one girl called Kate.
Signed: Edward Truman (seal)
Wit: Richard Young, Moses Adney, Ber White
Payment: John Bradford paid 91lbs/2s/3/p; signed Edward Truman
Memo: Edward Truman acknowledged deed before R. Bradly

from Scott Troutman:
Truman, Edward: admx Elisabeth,26 Nov 1729 admx Elisabeth,children 2 daus, 1 son: 7 Jan 1730 (AA 10,603) admx Elisabeth: 29 Aug 1733 (AA12.54) admx Elisabeth.
29 Aug 1733 ( 1 17.361) heirs Ann, Benjamin, Mary: 20 Mr 1735 (GB 67)

Notes for Elizabeth Hutchinson:

Lived with her stepfather Alexander Magruder after the death of her mother.
LAND RECORDS OF PG CO., MD 1733-1739, p 10
Libert T, Page 64
Recorded at request of Mrs. Elisabeth Truman, 6 Mar 1733:
Deed of Gift from Elizabeth Truman to her children Thomas and
Joseph Letchworth [both at age 18 to be free to live as if they were 21 years old], Ann Letchworth, and Mary Trueman; to Thomas at age 18 Negro called Fancy; also cattle and moveables: to Joseph at age 18 Negro named Boss; also cattle and moveables; both sons to receive rent of plantation where Robert Lee now dwells and the yearly tobacco ship house and produce to be lodged in England; if one son dec'd, estate to be divided among other son and daus.; to Ann and Mary [equally], a parcel in Charles Co. called "Two Friends" now tentated by Wm. Fields to be divided at marriage of dau. or daus.; also to both cattle, moveables, etc.; to be of age at 16 years; [partly
illegibl]; 4 Mar 1733/4; /s/ Elizabeth Truman [mark]; wit. Owen

Ellis, Jonathan Ellis
Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court, Libers 15-17;
1728-1734; V. L. Skinner, Jr.; Brookeville, Maryland 20833; May 1991, p 98
Edward Truman 15.270 PG 390.18.7; Nov 26 1729
Appraisers: James Wilson, Nathaniel Magruder
Creditors: Sarah Perrie, John Kirkwood
nok: Alexander Magruder, Robert Whitaker
Admnx/Extx: Elisabeth Truman
Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court, Libers 11-15;
1731-1737; V. L. Skinner, Jr.; Brookeville, Maryland 20833, p
Edward Truman 12.54 A PG 257.10.0; Aug 29 1733
Received from: Jane Taney, Bigger Head, Henry Boteler

Payments to: Thomas Preston, Richard Keene for Capt. John Watts, John Gibson, Samuel Magruder for his assumption for Edward Truman to Charles Beale, Margery Covington, Alexander Contee for use of Daniel Dulany, Esq. attorney for John Falconer, Richard Lee, John Townly, Peregrine Mackaness, Roger Boyce, Sarah Perrie [admnx of Samuel Perrie], extx of Robert Wheeler for Joseph Wilkinson who married Wheeler's extx, estate of Thomas Letchworth, Edward Henry Calvert, Edmund Jenings, Esq., Charles Calvert, Esq., Mrs. Sarah Andrew [admnx of Samuel Perrie]
Admnx: Mrs. Elisabeth Truman

Elizabeth Letchworth is named admx to the will of Nathaniel Skinner, PG Co Jun3 15, 1743. Nok Mackall Skinner, Thomas Hollyday. Names Elisabeth as wife of Thomas Letchworth.

4 Tues Nov 1743 Special petition of Thomas Letchworth of Pr G Co regarding boundaries of Brooke Court and Joseph and Mary.

4 Tues of Nov 1743: special petition of Mrs. Elizabeth Skinner and Priscilla Covington of PG Co regarding boundaries of "Beall's Gift" commission reported 18 Jun3 1744. Nathaniel Skinner 8 Nov 1753: aslo 31 Jul 1755: PG Co, admx Thomas Letchworth and Elizabeth his wife.


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