--submitted by Darlene C. Joyce

Gen. 1: George Bussey [and wife Anne Keene; Geo. died 1668 Calvert County MD; wife Anne died after 1668 [They had issue: George, Henry, Hezekiah, Edward, and infant [no name], between 1650-1668.]
Gen. 2: George Bussey Jr. married Anne Williams and d. 1690; wife Anne died after 1720 [dau. of William/Susan] [They had issue: Geo.III; Edward Bennett; James; Henry "Thomas"; Anne; Mary]
Gen. 3: Edward Bennett Bussey, married Martha Evans 1701, at Port Republic, Calvert County MD. [The had son Edward born about 1705 Calvert County MD]
Gen. 4: Edward Bussey b. ~ 1705 Calvert County MD, married Mary Unknown, and died in Harford County MD. [They had at least 9 children, incl. Jesse; Thomas; Rennis; Mary; Esther; Bennett; Martha; Edward; and Sarah.]
Gen. 5:, Rennis [or Rhennis] Bussey, born St. George Parish, Baltimore/Harford, MD, married Jacob Bull b. 1731.


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