Will of
Wilam Gaine

Submitted by Pattie Causey

"Mariland, Kno all men by this presents that I Wilam Gaine of Baltimore Counti ? am at this presents dangaras sick in body but of a quick and parfeck memory have thot fitt to set in a ordar my outward Estate that god have guifon me. forst.I wil that al mi debts may be anstly paid after I give and bequeth unto my scon Samuel a black Hafar with a white fase. Secondly I give and bequith onto mi Scon John a hifar that is black and has a white ring? round the thail and mi wife Mary shal be my Soul and houll Exutitros and what more shal be left after my dbtes be paide mi will is that what is left shal be devided amoung mi wife and childarn. lastly. I constitut magar (or maqar?) Thomas and John Wilmot to see this mi laste will and Thistimente Exciuuted and apon the Complannt of mi Children mi wil is that this hom I have apuinted as overceares may defend them and to plus them oute according to thar desrristion so constituing and afirm of this to be my last will and Thistiment this t!
henth day of November 1693. I have hair onto put? mi hand and seale
the marke of
Wilam S.? (looks like an 8) Gaine (seal)

sined in the presents of us
John Ensor
the mark of
Emmy A. Gren
the mark of
James Q. Goslen"

(proved 14 Nov 1693)

The word disrristion may mean "discretion". I'll double check the word "plus".

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