Thomas McCreery


Will Book 5, page 484, Thomas McCreery, 18 Jan 1796:


“In the Name of God Amen I Thomas McCreery of the City of Dublin Merchant being of sound mind memory and understanding praised be God for the same Do Make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following hereby revoking and making Void all former Wills at any time heretofore by me made And Declare this to be my Last Will and Testament, in the first place I give devise and bequeath all my Estate in the Town of Baltimore in North America or elsewhere both Real and personal of what nature or kind soever to my Dear Brother James McCreery save and except one Black Negro whose name is Japh, whom I set free and at Liberty  In Trust and to and for the uses intents and purposes herein after expressed and declared of and Concerning the same that is to say in Trust in the first place that my said Brother shall as soon as may be after my decease Lend out at interest the sum of four hundred pounds on good Security at Six percent for the purpose of Paying my dear Mother Ann McCreery the sum of Twenty four pounds per Annum during the Term of her natural Life by half yearly payments  Also in Trust to pay to my Dear Sister Sally McCreery the sum of two hundred pounds to be Paid out of Interest on the purchase of a property under the inspection and direction of my Executor herein named for her Sole and Separate use without the Introut? Of her Husband so as that she may by Deed or Will dispose thereof without the interference of any husband she may be Married to and also In Trust to pay to my Dear Sister Mary Anne Watts the sum of Two hundred pounds as soon as the said sum can be raised out of my Property after my decease And also in Trust to pay to my niece Margaret McCreery after the death of my said Mother the sum of two hundred pounds Sterling part of the said

four hundred pounds exclusive of her share or proportion which I hereafter leave her as also to my two nieces Susan and Jane McCreery the sum of one hundred pounds each or to the Survivor of them being the remainder of the said sum of four hundred pounds exclusive of their Respective Shares a proportions of my property to be paid to each and every of them immediately on their age of twenty one years or day of Marriage after the death of my said mother and it is my Will that after payment of all my Just debts Funeral Expenses and the Legacies herein before mentioned that my brother shall by Sale or otherwise dispose of to the best Advantage all my Property real and Personal in America or elsewhere and divide the same Equally among my three Nephews and three Nieces to wit John, Thomas and Archibald McCreery and Margaret, Susan and Jane McCreery ~ share and share alike to be paid to them and each and every of them at such time and time as my said Executor thinks most prudent or at the age of Twenty one years and in case any of my said nephews or Nieces should happen to die before they attain the age of Twenty one or day of Marriage then and in that case I leave and devise such Nephew or Nieces Share and proportion to be Equally divided between the Survivors.  And Lastly I do hereby nominate Constitute and appoint my said Brother James McCreery Sole executor of this my Last Will and Testament  In Witness whereof I the said Thomas McCreery have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Eighteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety six.

Signed Sealed delivered and

Published by the above named

Thomas McCreery as and for

His last Will and Testament in

The presence of us who at his

Request and in his presence have

Subscribed our names as

Witnesses hereto

Jas. Haire

Ralph Mulhern

Patk. Richardson”


(signed) Thomas MacCreery (Seal)

“By the Tenor of those presents

McWilliam by divine providence

Archbishop of Armaugh primate

And Metropolitan of all Ireland also

Judge or President of his Majesty’s

Court of Prerogative for Causes Ecclesiastical

And for ffaculties in and throughout

The whole Kingdom of Ireland by

Royal Authority rightly and lawfully constituted and Established Do make known to all men that the Last Will and Testament / hereunto annexed?/ of Thomas McCreery late of the City of Dublin Merchant having Whilst living and at the time of his death goods rights credits or Chattle in Divers Diocesses? a peculiar Jurisdion? was proved and approved in common form of law and the validity thereof decreed for and registered in the said court on the fourteenth Day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety six  And that the burden of the Execution thereof and Administration of all and Singular the goods Rights Credits and chattels of the said deceased were and are granted by these presents by us to James McCreery……”

(There are several more pages about the will in Ireland, where Thomas McCreery obviously had property also.)

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