Will of Robert Cornthwait
Submitted by Pattie Causey

Robert Cornthwait
 Book 6, 29 Aug 1800
"I Robert Cornthwait of the City of Baltimore being weak of body but having
a clear mind and good memory do make and ordain this my last will and
Testament that is to say I give my three brick houses one on the corner of
Bond and Fleet street and two in fleet street to my three sons Thomas
William and John to be divided equally among them.  I give to my two
daughters Deborah and Mary to each of them twelve hundred dollars to my
daughter Elizabeth Amoss altho she has been a most dutiful child yet on
account that she is already tolerably well provided for I give her fifty
dollars only.  I give my frame house in Fleet street to my daughter Deborah
and Mary during the time they remain unmarried with the use of the back yard
ally and necessary and use of the room over the kitchen as these priviledges
now appertain to it and after they are both married the said Frame house
with said appurtenances to return to the brick house on the corner of Bond
and Fleet street.  It is further my will that the money remaining of my
Estate undisposed of shall be equally divided among my children Deborah Mary
Thomas William and John.  I appoint my dear wife Grace Cornthwait sole
Executrix of this my last will and give her the care and management of the
whole of this granted Estate during her widowhood.  In witness whereof I
have hereunto set my hand and Seal this twenty ninth day of the eighth month
called August in the year 1800.
Signed Sealed and declared to be his last will
and Testament in the presence of us by the ? Robert

James Fisher
Jacob Pugh
Moles Patterson"

probate 12 Nov 1800 (below will)

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