John M. Smith

John M. Smith's last Will & Testament

"John ? Dec. 12th 1812 Being about to leave home to join the Troops under Coll Williams and as that Expectation may eventuate in my Death I wish my affairs disposed of thus Mr. Anderson will find Debts and property of mine more than Sufficient to pay all my Debts the furniture I have in Jones borough I wish him to present from me to his Lady Some of this is at his House some at M. Deadwick's as I have never received any part of my Father's Estate I wish such part as shall fall to my Share to be divided equally my Mother and Sister, Mary Smith if my Sister is Single if married to my Mother and Brothers, William M. & Casper Smith in either case the Share of my Mother as much as may remain of the principal un expended at the time of her Death to go to said Brothers. I am also Entitled to a Balance on the Estate of my Deceased Brother David which I Give equally Between my said Brothers provided if William Brannon the Husband of my Sister Margaret Should die before the Settlem!
ent of Said Estate and not leave my Said Sister Sufficient property then and in that case my said Sister is to have the Share of my Said Brothers of my Father's Estate in all cases to be to them and their heirs forever except as before rejoined my Mother. Signed the day above written.
John M. Smith
P.S. please forward my watch to William M. Smith my rings and breast pin together with my profiles to Mary Smith.
John M. Smith
State of Tennessee Washington County. May Session 1814. The Instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of John M. Smith decd. was proven in open Court to be in the hand writing of the said John M. Smith by the Oaths of James V. Anderson, Danl. Deaderick, John A. Aikin and John Blair Junr."
(more about probate 8th July 1814 in Washington Co., TN)

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