Will of
Joanna Gouldsmith

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"In the name of God Amen. October the 4th Anno 1684. I, Joanna Gouldsmith of Baltimore County in the Provence of Maryland being weake in body but of perfect strength of mind and Memory prayssed be to God for it, I doe by these presence renounce all former wills and Testaments of what nature or forme sooner they wears and make this my last will and Testament in manner and forme followeth: First I bequeath my Soul to God my Creator that gave it and my body to the Earth to be bowried in desent manner hopeing that through the merrits of Jesus Christ my only Savor and Redemor for a Joyfull resurrection of the last Day and for what Istate God of his mercy hath bestowed on me I give and bequeath in manner and forme as followeth. Item. I doe give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Blanch Wells wife to Mr. George Wells my Dimond Ringe that she now hath in her custotie. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my well beloved daughter Susana Richardson now wife to Mr. Marke Ric!
hardson all the Estate which is properly mine or any waies belonging Or apertaining to me either in goods Chattels plate Money Starling or Tobacco which is done by bill boands or accoumpt or any other awaios to me belonging or apertaining of what nature sooner it shall be found willing this to pay all my Just debtes and bequests? above said and as for the halfe of my deceased Husband Samuell Gouldsmith's Estate which was left in my hands by will of my said deceased Husband for the use of my bous? said daughter Susana: to receive? and posses after my death with Improvement, therefore I do hereby give one Thousand pounds of Tobacco Improvement of the said Estate: and all the rest of my Estate I give unto my bous? said daughter Susana Richardson to her and her heirs forever...In order hereto I will my foresaid daughter Richardson to be my hole, Sole, and absolute, Exocutrix: of this my last will and Testament and no other. In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Se!
als the day and year above said
Joanna Gouldsmeth

Signed Sealled and delivered
in the presents of ous
Izhak (his mark) Jackson
Thomas (his mark) Floyd

May the 9th 1687. Then did the within menchened Josana Richardson and Isack Jackson and Edward Bark and Thomas Floyd take ther oths upon the holy Evangles before me -
Edward Bedell" (probate)

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