Will of Benedict Pierpoint
Baltimore, MD  1834 pg. 158-159
Submitted by Sharon Witzke Reinhard


To all Christian People to whom these presents may come. Know ye that I, Benedict Peirpoint of Baltimore County, considering the uncertainty of this life do make and declare this to be my  last will and testament in the following manner. I give unto my son, Charles Pierpoint twelve dollars. I give to my grandson, William Thomas Pierpoint all my wearing apparel. I give to my daughter Arietta five dollars and to Margaret Keller, Elizabeth Keller, Matilda Kirby, Emelia Smith to each ten dollars and to Angelina Pierpoint one hundred dollars. I give to Thomas Pierpoint that fourteen acres of land that I bought of Walter Pierpoint for and during his natural life. (he having not complied with our contract) and after his decease I give the same piece of land to Milcah and Mariah Pierpoint them their heirs and assigns for ever and if either should die without heirs the other to have the whole Item. I give unto Angelina Pierpoint a piece of land lying on the given line of Pierpoint's Defense called Partnerís Perch about eighteen acres. I give to my daughter Flavella Henry all my books and to Angelina Pierpoint all my household furniture beds and bedding. And my will and desire is that one half acre of land where my wife was buried be kept for a family burying ground with a road to and from the main road and I wish and desire my Executor in one year after my decease to sell my lower place to pay all the above  legases and all the over plush to be divided between Milcah and Mariah Pierpoint and Flavilla Henry them their heirs and assigns and should either of them die without heirs to descend to the other survivor or survivors of the three last named girls. And I do constitute and appoint John H. Smith my Executor in every case of this my last will and testament and be it known that I do not owe one dollar in the world and I Benedict Pierpoint do acknowledge this instrument of writing to be my last will and testament according to the true intent and meaning thereof.

In witness whereof I have set my hand seal this      day      in the year of our lord eighteen hundred and thirty four.         Benedict Pierpoint



Note: Elizabeth Pierpoint married John Keller, Jr.  June 7, 1832

          Flavilla Pierpoint marrried  James Henry  May 27, 1832

Methodist Records of Baltimore City, Volume 2

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