Western High School Dance


Western High School year book in 1911 lists these men:

(not all are from Baltimore)

D.E. Weglein was the principal.

Willis Weaver

Leeds Kerr

Thomas Mason

Webster Forrest

Boadman Blake

LeRoy Phaup

Ira Johnson

Sherman Wiley

Marshall Ridgley

Harry Hendricks

Mortimer   Bower

Walter Perkins

Monroe Forrest

Edgar Williams

Charlie Green

Perry Miles

Joseph Hannibal

Earl Marchant

Tobby Johnson

Thomas Hooper

Craine Smoot

Alfred Black

Calvin Green

Irvin Wolk

Wray Miles

Herbert Lee Walker

Dimmont Jenkins

John Smoot

Willie Fulton

Harry Howell

Chalie Bankford

Roland Hooper

Milton Lapf

John Menckie

Clark Matthis

Herbert Williams

William Craig

Morris Corbman

Byrd Norris

Norris Bowen

Lee Miles

George Hobson

Travers Phaup

Charles Ringsmith

Walter Cousins

Clarence Walker

Elwood Williams

Sans Smith, Jr

Don Powers

Arthur Ridgley

George Lane

Alvin Newton

Will Marchant


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