The Baltimore Sun Aug 14, 1958
Submitted by:  Robbin

In Memoriam- Booklet, 131 Specimen In Memoriam Tributes, Free, on Request:

CRUES- In loving memory of Charles L. who passed away May 19, 1958. Why
should our tears in sorrow flow When God recalls His own. And bids them leave a
world of woe For an immortal crown? Is not e'en death a gain to those Whose life
to God was given? Gladly to Earth their eyes they close, To open them in
Heaven. Devoted Mother and Brother.

HOFFMAN-In loving memory of our dear father and husband, Albert G., who
passed away August 14, 1956. Father your children shall keep your blessed memory as
you sleep and when eternal Day shall break Greet you with love, as you awake.
Wife and Children.

HOWE In loving memory of my mother, Mary E. Howe on her birthday. You rocked
us in our cradles you taught us on your knee; You kissed our hearts to make
them well, and Oh so tenderly! And now that God has called you and you have: I
We know that you prepared a place to make your Heaven our Home.
Daughter Marie & Son- In - Law Jack

KRUML-In loving memory of my mother, Josephine Kruml, who passed away one
year ago today. Love in life, remembered in death.
Daughter Helen

WOODCOCK-In fond remembrance of Ellsworth C., on his birthday. His loving

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