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Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

WOHRNA.  In loving remembrance of our dear mother, ALOISE WOHRNA (nee Neuburg von Neuburg) who died one year ago, October 27, 1924
As we stood beside her casket
And smoothed back her hair
Upon her dear, sweet forehead
We left our last kiss there
Peaceful be thy rest, dear mother,
‘Tis sweet to breathe thy name;
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same.
You don’t know the sorrow to be left alone
Until God sends the message to your home.
It is hard when He calls for one or the other,
But it is hardest of all when he calls for your mother
Mother dear, mother kind,
Has gone and left us all behind;
For all of us she did her best,
So God granted her eternal rest.
Whose love can equal the love of a mother?
(Balto Sun 10/27/1925)


PFAFFENBACH.  In loving remembrance of my dear mother, ANNA M., who departed this life October 27, 1924.
As the lingering perfume of the flower
Is the token of a beauty past,
So the memory of a beautiful soul
Will remain as long as life shall last
(Balto Sun 10/27/1925)


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