Baltimore Sun March 12.1904
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith

COLLINS-In loving remembrance of our darling baby, GERMAINE ANTOINETTE
COLLINS, who departed this life one year ago today.
     By her mamma and papa.
GRIFFITH-Services in memory of GOLDSBOROUGH S. GRIFFITH at DR. Clever's
Church, northeast corner of Paca and Saratoga streets on Sunday, March 13.1904 at 4
Baltimore Sun April 5.1904
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith
GUYTON-In memory of Mrs. W.A. Guyton, who died April 5, 1903
    Her husband and children.


Baltimore Sun April 27.1904
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith

O'NEILL- In sad but loving remembrance of my dear husband, JAMES J, who died
one year ago today, April 27.1904. May he rest in peace.
  "Blessed are the pure in Heart, for they shall see God."
  Requiem High Mass at St. Mary's Star of the Sea Church at 6:30 A.M.

Baltimore Sun May 17.1904
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith

ASHBURN-In sad but loving remembrance of my dear father, ADONIRAM JUDSON

ASHBURN, who died one year ago today, May 17.1903
MEISE-In sat but loving remembrance of our dear husband and father, HENRY,
who departed this life six years ago today. Loved in life, in death remembered.
    By his wife and children

Baltimore Sun June 26.1904
Submitted by Lynn Smith

CARR- In sad but loving remembrance of my beloved husband, THOMAS CARR, who
died one year ago today, June 26.1903.
By his wife, Margaret Carr. Anniversary Mass at St. Vincent's Catholic

NEUBERT- In Memory of my sister, MARGARETH NEUBERT, who died one year ago
today June 14.1903. Loved in life, remembered in death.
By her sister Mary

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