Baltimore SUN, Monday, Sept. 10, 1849
Submitted by Mona Everett

Inquest--Coroner Reilly was called on yesterday to hold an inquest on a body of a woman named Catharine Hennafee, in the home of Mr. C. Bailey, corner of Fayette and High streets, who died under rather peculiar circumstances. The deceased was a stranger to Mr. B., and came to his house on Friday afternoon seeking a place. She had no acquaintances here, and had arrived in this country from Ireland in May last.

Mr. B. took her in, and on Saturday morning she went with Mrs. Bailey to the market. Sometime after returning from the market, she complained of being unwell, and was sent to bed; growing worse, Dr. Donovan was sent for, who came and prescribed for her. He left her about nine o'clock in the evening and persons remained with her until between three and four o'clock yesterday morning, when they retired to rest. About seven o'clock she was visited and found dead in her bed.

A verdict was rendered that she died from some cause unknown to the jury. Although this was the verdict, the jury had strong reason to believe that she had committed suicide. She appeared to be depressed in mind, and when the doctor first saw her, her whole physical energies seemed prostrated. It was in evidence, too, that while she was at the market on Saturday morning, she had endeavored to purchase arsenic from the apothecary establishment of Dr. Laroque, but did not succeed, the doctor refusing to sell to her.

Whether she obtained from any other place is unknown--she was absent from the house a short time in the morning. When Dr. Donovan was called in, she stated that she had taken tow pills which she obtained from Dr. Laroque, but this is proved to be not so, by Dr. Laroque himself; if she took the pills, she must have.(that is all I have)


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