John Frederick Schroeder
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John Frederick Schroeder of the Baltimore Colony

John Frederick Schroeder died Oct. 23, 1925, he was one of the old pioneers of Coos county. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, Sept. 15, 1844 being past 81 years. He spent his school days in Baltimore. On Apr. 11, 1859, Mr. Schroeder with his parents and 4 brothers and 1 sister and the Hermanns, Hollands, Benders and Volkmars and others started for the Coquille valley via the Isthmus of Panama, arriving in this vicinity during the late days of May.

The Baltimore Colony as it was called, had representations of every trade with them. The Schroeder family chose as their home a place 2 miles south of Myrtle Point on the South Fork of the Coquille.

He was married in 1866 to Mary (Perry) Grant, she was born at Clatsop Plains and was the first female white child born in Oregon. Her first husband, T. L. Grant, was a cousin of U. S. Grant.

Soon after their marriage they purchased the Fred Schroeder farm between Coquille and Myrtle Point, and changed it from a wilderness to a fine farm. He brought the first Jersey cattle into the valley.

In 1903 he sold his farm to his 2 sons, C. Albert and Frank E. and moved to Coquille. His wife died in 1910. All the children survive: Clara Bell Snyder, wife of Capt. Levi Snyder of Portland; Charles Albert, Frank Elmore, James Finley and Eva L., wife of James Watson of Coos county. Buried at Norway.

--Southern Coos County American, Oct. 29, 1925
John Frederick Schroeder born in Baltimore lived most of his life in Oregon.

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