Death of William H. Dent


Died, on Sunday, the 1st instant, in this city, Dr. William H. DENT, in the 31st year of his age.  Dr. DENT was a native of Charles County, in this state [Maryland], where he had practiced medicine for upwards of eight years, with a degree of success that procured him the universal respect, and confidence of the widely extended neighborhood, convinced, however, of the importance and high responsibility of his profession, and desirous of obtaining a more perfect knowledge of the science of medicine, he came to Baltimore last fall for the purpose of attending a course of lectures in the Medical College of Maryland.  He has in this afforded us an instance of virtuous and laudable ambition that claims our unbounded esteem and admiration.  To the acquirement of those qualifications which would render him capable of being useful to his fellow creatures he directed his exclusive attention.  The intense and uninterrupted application of his mind to the attainment of this noble object! was the cause of the disease to which he fell a victim.


Nic, prosunt domina quae prosunt omnibus artes

No long his all-healing art prevails;

But every remedy its master fails.


In him, his country has lost one of its ornaments, his family and friends, a worthy and agreeable companion; philosophy, liberty, and philanthropy, a most ardent and zealous advocate.  To act down aught in his eulogium that is not incontestible (sic), would bring an injustice to his memory.

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