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The Baltimore Sun, March 25, 1857

MERRYMAN   On the 24th instant, of cancer, Louisa, in the 56th year of her age, wife
of Caleb Merryman.
   The friends of the family are requested to attend her funeral, on
to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from the residence of her
son-in-law, (Nicholas H. Hale) Hookstown, Baltimore county.  Hacks will be in
waiting at L. Hartzell's Stables, 95 N. Paca street, at two o'clock.

MITCHELL   On the 24th inst., James H. Mitchell, aged 4 years and 1 month, son of
James and Elizabeth Mitchell.
        No more we clasp thee in our arms,
           Or nurse they little head;
        No more we watch they gentle sleep,
           For thou, our boy, are dead.

        No more we look for three on earth,
           A world of grief and pain,
        And yet we know, our darling,
           We shall see thee again.

        We shall see thee where angels bright
           To tune their hearts with joy -
        In heaven, amid a happy throng,
           We'll see our angel boy.
   The friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral, on this
(Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clk.

   WINN  At Georgetown, D. C., on the 24th instant, Mrs. Susannah B. Winn, in the
82d year of her age, consort of the late John Winn, of this city.
   Her friends and acquaintance are requested to attend her funeral, on this
(Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clock, from her son's residence, 152
Franklin street, without further invitation.

 LYNCH  On the morning of the 25th instant, Virginia Lynch, in the 18th year of
her age, eldest daughter of Dr. S.D. Lynch, of Anne Arundel county, Md.
[Annapolis papers please copy.]

FRANKLIN   On the 24th instant, Mary Franklin, aged 5 months and 16 days, daughter of
Wm. H. and Mary A. Johnson.

GEBBHART   On the 21st instant, of scarlet fever, Anges Ellmore Gebhart, aged 2 years
and 8 months, third daughter of William and Caroline Gebhart. [Allentown
papers please copy.]
     We little dreamed of how much joy
        Our household was bereft,
     When loving arms and breaking hearts
        Our darling Aggy left.
     We list the patter of her feet,
        We pause her voice to hear;
     But ah! no more those tones shall come,
        So ringing, glad and clear.
     But why repine? one angel more
        Hath joined the joyous throng;
     Another harp on that bright shore
        Hath struck the seraphs' song!

Baltimore SunJuly 7, 1857
Submitted by:  Mona Everett

WOLF   On the 6th inst., in the 68th year of his age, JACOB WOLF. The relatives and friends of
the family are requested to attend his funeral on this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half past four
o'clock, from his late residence, No. 67 McCulloch street, without further notice.

REDMOND  On the 6th instant, after a long and protracted illness, ANN ELIZABETH, in the 31st year
of her age, consort of Patrick Redmond(?the "n" is not clear). R.I.P. Her friends and
acquaintance are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on the (Tuesday) afternoon, at
four o'clock, from her late residence, No. 76 Granby street, without further notice.

ONION  On the 6th instant, BLANCHE, aged 13/18 months, daughter of Wm. F.H. and Jane E.
Onion. The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, on this (Tuesday)
afternoon, at five o'clock, from the residence of the family, at Jackson square.

SIMPSON  On the 5th instant, at the residence of her step-brother, (John Simpson), after an illness of
12 years, Miss MARY ANN SIMPSON, in the 56th year of her age, second daughter of
John and Sarah Ann Simpson.
Afflictions sore long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain;
But death gave ease, when God did please,
And freed me from my pain.
Her friends and those of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this
(Tuesday) morning at ten o'clock, from No. 197 Washington street, without further notice.
(Note: my interest)

FILLMORE  On the evening of the 5th instant, FILLMORE, aged 9 months, youngest child of James H.
and Harriet Speakes. [New York and Washington, D.C. papers please copy.]

BURKINS  On the 4th instant, after a short illness of five days, MARY BURKINS, in the 78th year of
her age, formerly of Harford county, but for the last five years a resident of Baltimore.
[Harford county papers, please copy.]

OWENS   On the 3d instant, of cholera infantum, WILLIAM OWENS, aged 13 months and 9 days,
only son of Wm. H. and Margaret A.S. Harrison.

WATSON  On the 3d instant, WILLIAM H. WATSON, in the 3d year of his age, youngest son of
Moses and Lydia A. Coombs. [California and Maine papers please copy.]
Farewell, dear loving child, farewell,
Thy body's now at rest:
"Tis Christ hath called thy spirit home
To be forever blest.
On the 3d June, VIRGINIA, aged 2 years, 4 months and 6 days, youngest daughter of John
and Anna Titlow.

TITLOW  On the 4th instant, ANNA TITLOW, aged 40 years, 6 months and 20 days, wife of John
Titlow. [Frederick and Hagerstown papers please copy.]

JOHNSON  On Saturday, 4th instant, at Mt. Hope, Mrs. SARAH JOHNSON, formerly of
Newburyport, Mass.

Submitted by:  Dan Rhema

Leonard-On the 7th instant, MARY ELLEN, in the 40th year of her age, beloved wife of Danl. Leonard...funeral from her late residence, No. 221 East Pratt street.

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