Obits 1988


Baltimore Sun January 3, 1988
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

DAIS. On 12/30/1987, WILLIAM ANDRE, loving h/o Christine Galvin. Memorial Services will be held at St Ambrose Roman Catholic Church, 4502 Park Heights avenue. (Balto Sun 01/03/1988)

DINARDO. On 12/03/1987, PHILIP of Ocean City MD, beloved h/o Marian V DiNardo. A Memorial Service will be planned at a later date.  (Balto Sun 01/03/1988)

EVANS. On 12/28/1987, CATHERINE M. She is survived by her husband Charles Evans. Nutter Funeral Home, Inc, 2501 Gwynns.  Falls parkway.  Interment Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/03/1988)

ESTERLINE.  On 01/01/1988, WILLIAM H, beloved h/o the late Margaret Esterline (nee Suits). Connelly Funeral Home of Essex, 300 Mace avenue.  Interment Bel Air Memorial Gardens.  (Balto Sun 01/03/1988)

FITCH. On 12/31/1987, MARY E (nee Sample) beloved w/o Lawrence W. Fitch. Lassahn Funeral Home, 7401 Belair road.  Interment Gardens of Faith Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/03/1988)

GOSS. On 01/01/1988, EDNA L (nee Sloan) of Glen Burnie. Raymond C Fink Funeral Home, Glen Burnie MD.  Interment Glen Haven Memorial Park. (Balto Sun 01/03/1988)

GRIMM.  On 12/31/1987, ERNEST C. beloved h/o Viola Harple. Evans Chapel of Memories.  Interment Parkwood Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/03/1988)

Baltimore Sun January 11, 1988
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

FLEETWOOD.  On January 8, 1988, JAMES ALBERT, beloved h/o Elsie Marie Fleetwood (nee Ohle)…interment in New Freedom Cemetery, New Freedom PA…(Balto Sun 01/11/1988)

 FRISKEY.  On January 9, 1988, MILDRED E (nee Weitzel), beloved w/o Frederick Friskey…interment Bel Air Memorial Gardens…(Balto Sun 01/11/1988)

HUBER.  On January 9, 1988, ARTHUR, beloved h/o Elsie Huber (nee Yarchel)…Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 01/11/1988)

JAMES.  On January 8, 1988, GLADYS V (nee Gore), beloved w/o Harold James…Interment in Middletown Cemetery…(Balto Sun 01/11/1988)

JOHNSON.  Suddenly on January 9, 1988, RAYMOND BERNARD SR…h/o Elizabeth Mary (nee Moan) Johnson…(Balto Sun 01/11/1988)

Baltimore Sun January 18, 1988
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HEATH. On 01/16/1988, EDWARD MURRELL, SR  Willy,  h/o Bernadine Heath (nee Perkins). McCully Funeral Home, 130 E. Fort avenue due notice of time. Interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery.   (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

HEISE. Suddenly on 01/14/1988, EMIL C  Mike  of Essex MD,  Bruzdzinski Funeral Home, 1407 Old Eastern avenue. Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery  (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

HEYMAN. On 01/15/1988, DENNIS MICHAEL of Washington DC, beloved s/o Stanley and Miriam (nee Friedman) Heyman of Randallstown MD. Sol Levinson and Bros. Home. Interment Shaarai Tfiloh Congregation Cemetery, Windsor Mill road.  (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

KEEN. On 01/17/1988, GEORGE H, JR., beloved h/o Darlene M Keen (nee Cammarates). Catholic Burial Service. Duda-Ruck Funeral Home of Dundalk, Inc.  Interment Gardens of Faith Cemetery… (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

KLEIN. On 01/07/1988, TERESA E (nee Morgan) beloved w/o the late Louis J Klein. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in St Anthony's Church.  Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

KMIECIAK. On 01/16/1988, LOUISE R. of Highlandtown, beloved w/o Edward Kmieciak, Sr. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Wednesday at 10:30 A.M. Interment Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

MARKERT. On 01/15/1988, FRANCIS G, beloved h/o Helen C Markert (nee Christ). A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in St Ursula's Church.  Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

MCDERMOT. On 01/16/1988, FRANK S, beloved h/o the late Myrtle (nee Chaney). Schimunek Funeral Home, Inc., 9705 Belair road (Perry Hall).  Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

PEREGOY. On 01/16/1988, HARRIETT V (nee Ford), beloved w/o the late Alfred J Peregoy. William E Johnson Funeral Home, 8521 Loch Raven blvd.  Interment at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens. (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

PUTSCHE. On 01/16/1988, REV. ELMER J., beloved s/o the late Henry H and Marie A Burke Putsche. Fr. Putsche will lie in state at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, 10003 Bird River road. Mass of Christian Burial. Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/18/1988)

Baltimore Sun March 10, 1988
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

EBNER-On 03/09/1988, MILDRED P, w/o the late Edward Ebner Sr…services private (Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

ENSOR-On 03/08/1988, J PAUL/ h/o Elizabeth M Ensor (nee Heather)…interment Evergreen Memorial Gardens. (Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

FISCHER-On 03/09/1988, EDITH E (nee Bledsoe) w/o the late Herman P Fischer Jr…interment Belair Memorial Gardens…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

FLIGHT-On 03/04/1988, LULA LAVINIA…interment Arbutus Memorial Park. (Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

FOY-On 03/08/1988, HARRY, w/o Theresa Foy (nee Waldych)…services at Leonard J Ruck Funeral Home, Harford Road…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

HINES-On 03/07/1988, MINNIE T (nee Krebs) w/o the late Edward J Hines Sr…interment Gardens of Faith Cemetery…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

HOFSTETTER-On 03/09/1988, MILDRED H (nee Woodward) w/o the late Philip L Hofstetter…interment New Cathedral Cemetery. (Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

HOUGH-On 03/08/1988, JANE S (nee Sehlhorst) w/o the late Thomas B Hough…Memorial service, Witzke Funeral Home, Ellicott City…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

LOZEY-On 03/07/1988, PATRICIA A, w/o Wallace Lozey…interment  Oaklawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

MILANICZ-On 03/08/1988, JULIA, dau/o the late Robert and Agnes Milanicz…interment St Stanislaus Cemetery…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

MILLER-On 03/09/1988, HAZEL B, w/o the late Charles S Miller…interment in Lorraine Park Cemetery. (Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

MILSTEAD (DIVINE)- On 03/07/1988, HARRIS GLENN, in Los Angeles CA, son of Frances Milstead (nee Vukovich and Harris Milstead…interment in Prospect Hill Cemetery…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

PERRIN-On 03/08/1988, NORMAN J, h/o Anne V (Nancy Perrin)(nee Flaherty)…interment in Loudon Park Cemetery…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

PONCZAK-On 03/09/1988, JACOB, h/o the late Sally Ponczak…interment in Har Sanai Cemetery, Garrison Forest Road…(Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

QUEEN-On 03/07/1988, BLONNIE V, w/o the late Francis L Queen…interment Arbutus Memorial Park. (Balto Sun 03/10/1988)

Baltimore Sun April 12, 1988
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

FORTIER. On 04/10/1988, BARBARA L, beloved w/o the late Paul J Fortier, Sr. Mass of Christian Burial in St. Clare's Church. Interment Gardens of Faith Cemetery. (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

FRAILER. On 04/09/1988, CHARLES H FRAILER, JR., beloved h/o the late Mary E Frailer (nee Holmgren). McCully Funeral Home of Brooklyn, 237 E. Patapsco avenue. Interment Glen Haven Memorial Park. (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

GILMORE. On 04/09/1988, FLETER, Mt Olive Free Will Baptist Church, Freemont and Saratoga streets.  Interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery. (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

GREENBERG. On 04/10/1988, BENJAMIN, beloved h/o Sylvia Greenberg (nee Winakuer).  Interment Beth Jacob Congregation Cemetery, Finksburg MD. (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

JACSKON.  On 04/11/1988, KEITH E h/o Nancy L Jackson (nee Anthony). Singleton Funeral Home, 1 Second Avenue, SW (at Crain Highway), Glen Burnie.  Interment Glen Haven Memorial Park.  (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

KLEIN.  On 04/11/1988, MARGARET G (nee Gaffney) beloved  w/o the late Charles H. Klein. Lassahn Funeral Home, 7401 Belair road.  Interment Parkwood Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

LESTER. On Monday, 04/11/1988, SARA EVELYN (nee Rogers) of Pikesville, beloved w/o Joseph E Lester. Mass of Christian Burial in St Charles Catholic Church. Interment Druid Ridge Cemetery. (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

MADAIRY. On 04/11/1988, ANNABELLE E (nee Buehler) beloved w/o Howard B Madairy, Jr. Hartley Miller Funeral Home, 7527 Harford road.  Interment Parkwood Cemetery. (Balto Sun 04/12/1988)

Baltimore Sun April 22, 1988
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HAYES-On 04/20/1988, ELIZABETH (nee Stabler) of Rehobeth Beach DE…w/o Harold B Hayes…interment private…(Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

HEIL-On 04/21/1988, SARAH M (nee Zoltowski) w/o the late Frank Heil…Mass of Christian Burial at St Anthony’s Church…interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

HILL-On 04/17/1988, MARVIN F, h/o Willie Mae Hill…Memorial Services at Choice Manna Worship Center…interment private…(Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

HOFSTETTER-On 04/21/1988, EDWARD J, h/o Emily M Hofstetter (nee Gray)…interment Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens. (Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

KUEHN-On 04/21/1988, FREDERICK R, h/o Susan Lynn Pernitsch…Mass of Christian Burial at St Joseph’s Fullerton. Interment private…(Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

LEHMANN-On 04/19/1988, MATILDA H (nee Hapij) w/o the late Arthur A Lehmann Sr…interment in Meadowridge Memorial Park…(Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

METCALF-On 04/18/1988, GRANVILLE W, h/o Rita Metcalf (nee Sroka)…interment Druid Ridge Cemetery. (Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

MILLER-On 04/20/1988, ANNA F (nee Henneman)…interment Lorraine Park Cemetery. (Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

PESCETTO-On 04/20/1988, JAMES F, h/o Cynthia D Pescetto (nee Wiggins)…interment in Crest Lawn Cemetery. (Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

POLIS-On 04/19/1988, THOMAS, son/o Mary and the late Gus Polis…(Balto Sun 04/22/1988)

Baltimore Sun November 9, 1988
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HUEY. On 11/07/1988, AMY (nee Eveson) of Glen Burnie, beloved w/o James W Huey. Funeral services will be held at St Alban's Episcopal Church. Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery. (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

JOHNSON. On 11/05/1988, RALPH I. of Lutherville, beloved h/o Hazel Ring Johnson  the Church of the Redeemer Chapel where a Memorial Service will follow.  (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

LARKINS. On 11/06/1988, MARGARET M (nee Klein) of Baltimore City, beloved w/o the late Edward J Larkins. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at Stella Maris Chapel. Interment Baltimore National Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

LAUSCH. On 11/08/1988, ROY SHAUB, beloved h/o Elsie M Lausch (nee Charles).  Interment Parkwood Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

MILLS. On 11/08/1988, ANTOINETTE D. of Sykesville, beloved w/o Murray S. The Haight Funeral Home, Route 32 near Eldersburg at which time services will be held. Interment private. (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

NEUTZE. On 11/07/1988, FRIEDA C (nee Doering), beloved w/o the late Albert A. Neutze. Funeral Home of John C. Miller, 6415 Belair Road.  Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

OCONNOR. On 11/07/1988, JOHN C., beloved h/o Marie A. O'Connor (nee Schamberger). Mass of Christian Burial in St Brigid's Church.  Interment in Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery. (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

RICE. On 11/06/1988, CHARLES A., beloved h/o Frances S (nee Sweeny). Memorial Service at the Catonsville Presbyterian Church.  Interment private. (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

SCHMIDT. On 11/07/1988, MARGARET L (nee Schmitt). Mass of the Christian Burial at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church… Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

SCHMITT. On 11/08/1988, FAYE BERTHA, beloved wife of the late Paul Schmitt. Funeral Service from the Schimunek Funeral Home, Inc, 9705 Belair road (Perry Hall).  Interment Baltimore National Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 11/09/1988)

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