Obits 1980


Baltimore Sun January 19, 1980
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

KNOX. On 01/16/1980, IDA B (nee Nuth) of Ellicott City, w/o the late Ellis J Knox. Slack Funeral Home.  Interment Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

KRAL. On 01/20/1980, JOSEPH J. h/o the late Jean Armstrong Beverage. Graveside services. Baltimore National Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

LAWVER. On 01/17/1980, EDWIN F, beloved h/o Jean E Lawver (nee Jessell). Eline Funeral Home, Reisterstown. Interment in Lincoln Cemetery, Chambersburg PA.  (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

LAWYER. On 01/17/1980, ALBERT SCHAEFFER, h/o Elizabeth Hooper Lawyer. Services from St Mary's Lutheran Church in Silver Run MD.  Interment in St Mary's Silver Run Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

POCKLINGTON. On 01/17/1980, MARY ELIZABETH (nee Butler),w/o the late Augustus E Pocklington Ferndale United Methodist Church. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

PRZYBYLSKI. On 01/18/1980, AGNES (nee Dembeck) beloved w/o the late George Przybylski. Mass of Christian Burial at St Casimir's Church. Interment in St Stanislaus Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

QUIMBY. On Saturday, 01/12/1980, HELEN M QUIMBY, beloved dau/o the late Dudley T, Sr and Helen J Quimby (nee Mattoon)Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church.  (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

SEARS. On Friday, 01/18/1980, GERTRUDE ECKERL (nee Pope) of Queens NY, formerly of Baltimore. Loring Byers Chapel.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

SIMPKINS. On 01/16/1980, JOHN E of Glen Burnie, beloved h/o Thelma M Simpkins (nee Ries). Singleton Funeral Home.  Interment Glen Haven Memorial Park.  (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

WEHNER.  On 01/15/1980, ALICE M (nee Crane),w/o the late Frederick Wehner. Howard H Hubbard Funeral Home, Inc. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

WYANT. On 01/17/1980, LORA F,w/o the late Carl E Wyant, Sr.  Walter Brooks Bradley, Inc.¦ Interment Moreland Memorial Park. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

ZEPP. On 01/17/1980, LYDIA G (nee Garman), ¦w/o C. Raymond Zepp, Jr. Ambrose Funeral Home, Inc. Services on, in Christian Temple, Edmondson avenue. Interment in Meadowridge Memorial Park. (Balto Sun 01/19/1980)

Baltimore Sun January 19, 1980
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

MOSELEY. On 01/29/1980, GEORGE FREDERICK, h/o the late Helen Elsie Moseley (nee Owings). Charles L Stevens Funeral Home. Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

MURRAY. On 01/28/1980, MABELLE (nee Thompson) beloved w/o Jerome P Murray. Services will be held at Ascension Episcopal Church, Street MD. interment in adjoining cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

PADGETT. Suddenly on 01/29/1980, FRANKLINM , Frank,  of Catonsville, beloved h/o Catherine M Padgett (nee Messersmith). Edward S MacNabb Sons, Inc. Burial in Druid Ridge Cemetery. (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

SCHINDELE. On 01/29/1980 MAMIE E (nee Trevillian) of Glen Burnie, Kirkley Funeral Home.  Interment in Glen Haven Memorial Park. (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

SCHNEIDER. On 01/30/1980, SIMON FRANK. William E Johnson Funeral Home.  Interment in St John's Lutheran Church, Blemheim. (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

SLACK. On 01/29/1980, GARY JOHN, s/o Daniel J and Ruby E Slack. Howard H Hubbard Funeral Home.  Interment Meadowridge Memorial Park.  (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

WILLIAMS. On 01/28/1980, DAWN M (nee Mack) beloved w/o Ernest Ike Williams, Jr. McCully Funeral Home, Church of the Redemption.  Interment in Glen Haven Memorial Park.  (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

WOLFF.  Suddenly on 01/29/1980, JULIE, w/o Joseph D Wolff.  John J Cowan and Son, Inc.  Interment in Glen Haven Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 01/30/1980)

Baltimore Sun May 7, 1980
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

CLARK.  On Monday May 5, 1980, CHARLES S…h/o Mary Kathryn (nee Cross)…interment Dulaney Valley (Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

CLAYPOOLE.  On May 2, 1980, MARTHA ADA, w/o the late Colonel Christian L Claypoole, U.S.A….interment in Arlington National Cemetery…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

DAVIS.  On May 4, 1980, DESSIE M…interment Mt Olive Cemetery, Upshur WV (Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

HAHN.  On May 6, 1980, in Fredericksburg VA, JOHN EDWARD, beloved h/o the late Frances N Hahn (nee Wayso)…interment in Moreland Memorial Cemetery…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

KLEMM.  On May 6, 1980, ANDREW E, h/o Viola M Klemm (nee Barcikowski)…Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in Our Lady of Hope Church…interment in Gardens of Faith Cemetery…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

 LACY.  On May 8, 1980, EDWARD R…h/o Roberta Lacy…Interment in Crestlawn Memorial Gardens…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

RITTER.  On May 5, 1980, CECILIA A (nee Kostohryz)…w/o the late Anthony F Ritter…Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated…St Clement’s Church, interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

TELLJOHANN.  On May 6, 1980, GEORGE C SR, h/o Edith (nee Hardester)…interment Gardens of Faith Cemetery (Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

WAGGNER.  On May 5, 1980, CHARLES E JR, h/o the late Lillian Waggner (nee Kisunberg)…interment Woodlawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

WIENECKE.  On May 4, 1980, DOROTHY A (nee Habersack) w/o Philip Wienecke…interment in Parkwood Cemetery…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

WOODWARD.  On April 25, 1980, STANLEY JR of Pasadena, California, … beloved h/o Janet P Woodward of Pasadena, Calif….Services and interment private.  C. Lewis Edwards Mortuary, Pasadena, California (Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

YAFFE.  On May 5, 1980, NATHAN, beloved bro/o Joseph Yaffe…beloved s/o the late Hyman and Fannie Yaffe…interment Anshe Neisen Cemetery, Rosedale…(Balto Sun 05/07/1980)

Baltimore Sun June 15, 1980
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HELFRICH.  On June 13, 1980, ANNA MARY HELFRICH (nee Campbell), beloved w/o the late John V. K. Helfrich, Sr…interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

MACKLIN.  On June 12, 1980, LILLIAN A (nee Weistock) w/o the late Charles Macklin…interment in Ohel Yakov Beth Israel Congregation Cemetery, Bowleys Lane…(Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

MANNING.  On June 13, 1980, BERNARD J JR, h/o Joanne L Manning (nee Morlecki), s/o of Anna M and the late Bernard J Manning, Sr…Mass of Resurrection at Our Lady of Fatima Church…interment in St Stanisleus Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

PRILLER.  On June 13, 1980, MARY IRENE (nee Reid), w/o Charles A
Priller, Sr Mass of Christian Burial in St Rose of Lima
Church interment in Glen Haven Memorial Park (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

QUIRK.  On June 13, 1980, DORIS H (nee Hombeg) w/o the late Thomas
William Quirk interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

RALSTON.  On June 13, 1980, JAMES W Brother of Arnold, beloved h/o
Christine (nee Hackney) interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery (Balto Sun

ROTHWELL.  On June 12, 1980, THOMAS W, h/o Dorothy Barnes Rothwell…interment Parkwood Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

SHAWKER.  On June 12, 1980, WILLIAM HERBERT,…h/o the late Freida A Shawker (nee Gause)…interment in Western Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

SHUMAN.  On June 13, 1980, LAWRENCE H of  Miami Beach, Florida, beloved h/o Kate Shuman (nee Goldman)…interment in Lakeside Memorial Park Cemetery, Miami (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

SOBUS.  Suddenly on June 7, 1980, JOSEPH M, who resided with his niece…Mass of Resurrection was held at St Brendan’s Catholic Church.  Interment in Volusie Memorial Cemetery in Ormond Beach FL (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

STREJCEK.  On June 12, 1980, ALMA MAE (MEE Martin) w/o Ernest Strejcek…cremation services are private (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

TABIS.  On June 13, 1980, ELSIE G (nee Ament),…devoted sis/o Helen M Haslup…interment in Loudon Park Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

 TAYLOR.  On June 12, 1980, BEULAH E (nee Robinson) w/o the late Clay Taylor…interment in Bel Air Memorial Gardens…(Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

 TURNER.  On June 12, 1980, NORVILLE A …h/o Elsie M (nee Teaque)…interment in Lorraine Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

TURNEY.  On June 14, 1980, LILLIAN B (nee Baldwin), beloved w/o the late Woodson Turney…services and interment private (Balto Sun 06/15/1980)

VAUGHAN.  On June 14, 1980, JESSIE E …devoted m/o …interment in Woodlawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/15/1980)


Baltimore Sun August 15, 1980
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HARDY.  On August 13, 1980, GRACE E, of Southwest Baltimore, beloved m/o…services…in the Lansdowne Church of God.  Interment in Crest Lawn Gardens of Memories…(Balto Sun 08/15/1980)

HOCK.  On August 14, 1980, LULU E (nee House) beloved w/o the late John T Hock…interment in Baltimore Cemetery…(Balto Sun 08/15/1980)

HRADSKY.  On August 14, 1980, EMMA (nee Panuska) beloved w/o Joseph J Hradsky…Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at St Clement’s Church.  Interment Gardens of Faith Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/15/1980)

HUBER.  On Thursday, August 14, 1980, MARGARET M, beloved m/o Dorothy…, Margaret…, Shirley…, Eileen…, Meri…, Nancy…, Elizabeth…, Elger, Harry, Kenneth and Franklin Huber.  Sister of Bernard W Miller…interment Fort Lincoln Cemetery…(Balto Sun 08/15/1980)

LAPORE.  On August 14, 1980, KATHERINE M (nee Crossan) beloved w/o John R LaPore, Sr…Mass of Christian Burial will be offered…at St Joseph’s Church (Fullerton).  Interment Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/15/1980)

MALONEY.  Suddenly, on August 13, 1980, FREDERICK A SR,…h/o Beatrice C Maloney (nee Lankford)…Mass of Christian Burial…St Jerome’s Church.  Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery…(Balto Sun 08/15/1980)



Baltimore Sun  August 26, 1980
Submitted by William Tooney

McKENNA On August 23, 1980 THOMAS M., formerly of Elmore avenue, beloved
husband of the late Margaret McKenna, devoted brother of Lillian Cwalina,
sister Ellen McKenna D.C., Mary Meinschein, Charles, James, Leo McKenna and
the late Katherine Reitzyk, Joseph B., Bernard J. McKenna.
Christian Wake Service at the Charles S. Zeiler and son Funeral Home, 6224
Eastern avenue (at Folcroft st.) on Tuesday at 8 P.M. Mass of the Christian
Burial Sacred Heart of Jesus Church on Wednesday at 10 A.M. Interment at the
Gardens of Faith. Friend may call from 2 to 5 and 7 and 9 P.M.

OBERTS Suddenly on August 23, 1980, JAMES T. , beloved husband of Catherine
J. Roberts (nee Berhard) devoted father of James E. Roberts, Jo Ann Taylor
and Joyce Frye, Also surrvived by several grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held at the Duda-Ruck Funeral Home of Dundalk Inc.
7922 Wise avenue on Wednesday at 10 A.M. Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery.
Friends may call Monday and Tuesday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 P.M.

On Sunday August 24, 1980 DESSIE BRIDDLL formerly of 402 Ville Nova road, beloved wife of the
late John W. Marchant, Sr., devoted mother of John W. Marchant, Jr. of
Reedville, Va. Also survived by two grandchildren and two great
Friends may call at Loring Byers Chapel, 8728 Liberty road (2 miles west of
Beltway Exit 18) on Monday 7 to 9 P.M., Tuesday 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 P.M. where
services will be held on Wednesday 2 P. M. interment Loudon Park Cemetery.

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