Obits 1976

Baltimore Sun January 16, 1976
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

BURNS.  On January 15,1976, HARRY R, beloved h/o Grace E Burns (nee Jeffers)…Witzke Catonsville Funeral Home…due notice of services will be given…(Balto Sun 01/16/1976)

BUTT.  On January 14, 1976, CATHERINE M (nee Debes), beloved w/o Edward A Butt, Sr…Mass of the Resurrection at St Joseph’s Church, Fullerton…interment in St Joseph’s Cemetery…(Balto Sun 01/16/1976)

DREWRY.  On January 14, 1976, TASKER JAMES, beloved w/o the late Cooper R Drewry…interment in Loudon Park Cemetery… [Richmond VA papers please copy] (Balto Sun 01/16/1976)

DURHAM.  On January 15,1976, LOUISE A…remains will lie in state…St Johns A.M.E. Church…interment Arbutus Memorial Park…(Balto Sun 01/16/1976)

DYER.  On January 14, 1976, MAE THOMPSON, beloved w/o the late Julian Dyer…graveside services will be held at St Mary’s Cemetery, Newport MD…(Balto Sun 01/16/1976)

Baltimore Sun, Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Submitted by Mary Houston Pettiss

GEGOREK Feb. 28, 1976, CATHERINE BALCER, wife of the late Walter Gegorek.
Mother of Mrs. Constance Nawrocki, Mrs. Florence Vickers, Mrs. Mildred
Rosian, Mrs. Patricia Shipley and the late Catherine Kobar, Walter, William
Franklin and the late Richard Gegorek. Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery.

GELENTER Feb. 27, 1976 LEON A., husband of Selma S. Strausberger
Gelenter. Brother of Sam Gelenter. Son of the late Morris and Annie
Gelenter. Hebrew Friendship Cemetery.

HERMINAU Mar. 1, 1976, JULIUS P., husband of the late Nettie Ruley
Herminau. Uncle of Margaret Camponeschi and Clement Ruley. Oak Lawn

HOOD Mar. 1, 1976, MARY ELLEN LILLY. Aunt of Mrs. Mary V. Rudacille, Mrs.
Ida Spellman and Mrs. Wilma Walters. New Cathedral Cemetery.

HUTCHISON Mar. 1, 1976, MARGARET MATILDA SHAVER, wife of the late David M.
Hutchison. Sister of Mary Smith and Clare Cunfer. Mount Olive Cemetery,

KING Feb. 27, 1976, EMMA ROSELIUS, wife of the late Robert F. King. Mother
of Elsie Reaves. Sister of Alvina Feague, Maryann Coldwell and Richard
Roselius. Glen Haven Memorial Park.

KING Feb. 29, 1976. RAYMOND J., husband of the late Velmer G. Price King.
Father of Mrs. G. Donald Volk and the late Robert P. King, Sr. Dulaney
Valley Memorial Gardens.

Baltimore Sun April 3, 1976
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

BARRANCO.  Suddenly on April 2, 1976, SAMUEL J, beloved h/o the late Celia Barranco (nee Tumminello)…A Mass of Resurrection will be celebrated in St Mary’s Church, Govans…interment in Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

BECK.  On April 2, 1976, CECILIA (nee Juster), beloved w/o Benjamin Beck…Services and interment at the convenience of the family…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

BECKER.  On April 2, 1976, ROSE (nee Bauersfeld), beloved w/o the late John Becker…interment in Oaklawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

BEHLER.  On April 1, 1976, MAYNARD L, beloved h/o Helen D Behler (nee Daffin)…interment Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

BENNETT.  On April 1, 1976, CHESTER H SR…h/o Margaret Bennett (nee Martin)…interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

CIOTTI.  On March 27, 1976, in Dublin Ireland, MARGARET E, beloved w/o the late Charles J Ciotti, Jr of Belmont MA…Mass of Christian Burial…SS Philip and James Church.  Interment New Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

COOPER.  On Thursday, April 1, 1976, NETTIE B (nee Wilson)…w/o the late Fred Cooper, Sr…interment Baltimore National Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

DANIELS.  On April 1, 1976, COMMANDORE MILTON R (U.S. Coast Guard, Retired), beloved husband of Sally J Daniels…interment Arlington National Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

DANOWITZ.  On April 2, 1976, HENRY, beloved h/o Julia Danowitz (nee Mendelstan)…interment in Anshe Emunah Aitz Cehaim Congregation Cemetery, Washington boulevard…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

GREENWOOD.  On April 4, 1976, GERTRUDE K …w/o Frank Greenwood…interment in McKendree Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

HERZBERGER.  On April 1, 1976, CHARLES A “Chas”, JR…s/o Mildred L and the late Charles A Herzberger, Sr…interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

HOPPERT.  Suddenly on April 2, 1976, MAURICE H (Patrolman, Baltimore County Police Dept)…h/o Catherine Hoppert…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

MCANALLY.  On April 1, 1976, JESSIE L (nee Repp, Gregory), beloved w/o Joseph H McAnally…Entombment in Loudon Park Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

MEIER.  On April 2, 1976, CATHERINE A (nee Worline), beloved w/o Joseph W Meier…A Mass of the Resurrection will be celebrated at St Anthony/s Church…interment in Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

MIELKE.  On April 2, 1976, CLOTHILDA, of Violetville, beloved w/o Charles J Mielke…interment Loudon Park Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

ROSE.  On April 1, 1976, MICHAEL LEE , devoted f/o Michael and Danna, loving s/o Herbert and Catherine (nee Schmidt)…interment in Meadowridge Memorial Park…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

RUSKELL.  On April 2, 1976, HARRY LEE…h/o Gertrude H Ruskell (nee Black)…funeral services…St Christopher’s Church (Chester MD).  Interment Woodlawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

RYAN-PAHL.  On April 2, 1976, JULIA (nee Langheim), beloved w/o William J Ryan…interment in Moreland Memorial Park…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

SCHNEIDER.  On April 2, 1976, ALMA, beloved w/o the late Herman Schneider…Entombment in Lorraine Park Mausoleum…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

SCRIBNER.  On April 2, 1976, LULA P (nee Mitchell)…w/o the late Steven B Scribner…interment in Meadowridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

SIPPEL.  On June 11, 1976, JOHN C, beloved h/o the late Elsie B (nee Novy)…interment Parkwood Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)

STONE.  On April 1, 1976, MARGARET V (nee Williams)…w/o Philip E Stone…interment Meadowridge Memorial Park (Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

TRUITT.  On April 2, 1976, MARY LOUISE, w/o Dallas G Truitt…Funeral services…Hill-Baker Bounds Funeral Home of Salisbury…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

WHITEFORD.  On April 1, 1976, NONA LYNWOOD (nee Parks)…w/o the late Henry C Whiteford…services at the Harkins Funeral Home, Delta PA.  Interment in Slateville Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

WILSON.  On April 1, 1976, LLOYD “Cutty”…h/o Sweta B Wilson…interment in Gardens of Faith Cemetery…(Balto Sun 04/03/1976)

Baltimore Sun May 1, 1976
Submitted by Clair Hadley


 Obituary The Sun May 1, 1976
Private services will be held for George Hall Duncan,Sr., the founder and first headmaster of the Wroxetor-On-Severn School.
Mr. Duncan, who was 73 and lived at the school, died Thursday at the Ann Arundel General Hospital.after suffering a stroke three weeks ago.
He and his wife started the school in 1947 after a career of teaching and coaching at McDonough School that he began as a camp counselor in 1926.
Mr. Duncan was a native of Baltimore and was educated at Friends School Poly, the Johns Hopkins University and the Maryland Institute.
At McDonough, he taught mechanical drawing and English. He coached football, lacrosse, polo, boxing, swimming and wrestling teams at various times. He was also a counselor at the school's summer camps, starting in 1926 as a swimming counselor.
Mr. Duncan was also active in the supervision of the school's cavelry troop.
His own military career began when he enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17. He later served in the Maryland National Guard and the Army Reserve. During World War II he served in internal security units in this country and as a provost marshal in France.
He retired from the reserves in 1953 after reaching the rank of major and receiving the Bronze Star and other decorations.
He was a member of the Military Order of the World Wars, The Rotary Club of Annapolis, The Annapolis Yacht Club and the Annapolis Symphony Association.
He is survivied by his wife, the former Edna Powell, a son, George Hall Duncan,jr. of the school, a daughter, Mrs Nancy D. Yeagar of the school; two sisters, Mrs. Mildred D Rivers, of Saudi Arabia, and Mrs W. Browning Betts of Hollister,Calif. and three grandchildren.

Baltimore Sun June 12, 1976
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

MARTIN.  On June 10, 1976, MYRTLE MAE (nee Luther), beloved w/o the late Samuel M Martin, Sr…interment in First United Evangelical Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)

MATTHEWS.  On June 10, 1976, FREDERICK F, of Essex, beloved h/o Ethel (nee Benhoff)…Mass of the Christian Burial at St Claire Church…interment Oak Lawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)

MCCORD.  On June 10, 1976, SARA M (nee Williams), beloved w/o Edgar R McCord, Sr…interment in Gardens of Faith Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)

NARON.  On June 11, 1976, LEAH (nee Sussman), beloved w/o the late Harry Naron…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)

SHETTLE.  Suddenly, on June 10, 1976, SHERRIE LEE, of Rosedale, beloved dau/o Joan Shettle (nee Sacks)…interment Bel Air Memorial Gardens…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)

SOUSTEK.  On June 11, 1976, FRANK J, of Curtis Bay, beloved h/o Stella V Soustek (nee Jarkiewicz)…Mass of the Resurrection in St Athanasium Church…interment Holy Cross Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)

STAIRS.  On June 10, 1976, JOSEPH H., beloved h/o Madeline E (nee Morgereth)…interment in Gardens of Faith Cemetery…(Balto Sun 06/12/1976)


Baltimore Sun July 12, 1976
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

DYSON.  On July 12, 1976, ANNIE E (nee Pomeroy) of Catonsville, beloved w/o the late Benjamin T. Dyson…Mass of Resurrection at St Agnes Church…interment Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

EILER.  On July 12, 1976, PAULINE (nee Sees) beloved w/o the late Philip L Eiler…Mass of Christian Burial will be offered in St William of York Church…interment in New Cathedral Cemetery [Towsanda PA papers please copy] (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

 EINSTEIN.  On July 13, 1976, CASSANDRA B (nee Riley), beloved w/o the late Jacob Einstein…A Requiem Eucharist will be celebrated in St Timothy Episcopal Church…burial in Loudon Park Cemetery…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

 FARACE.  On July 12, 1976, JOSEPH, SR, beloved h/o Josephine Farace (nee DiStefano)…Mass of Christian Burial at St Anthony’s Church…interment Gardens of Faith Cemetery…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

KAHLER.  On July 11, 1976, AGNES ELIZABETH (nee Parrish), Glen Rock, PA, …w/o August G Kahler…Funeral from Lassahn Funeral Home, 7401 Belair road…interment in Gardens of Faith Cemetery…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

 KAPLAN.  On July 13, 1976, HARRY, beloved s/o the late David and Jennie Kaplan…interment in Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Congregation, Rosedale…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

KLINGBERG.  On July 10, 1976, LEWIS W…h/o Carolyn Klingberg (nee Ellerbrock).  Friends may call at the Mitchell-Wiederfeld Home…interment private…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

OSSMAN.  On July 12, 1976, FLORENCE E (nee Schroeder)…w/o the late Leonard J Ossman…interment in Glen Haven Memorial Park… (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

 PATTERSON.  On July 11, 1976, REBECCA E (nee Evans), dau/o the late William J. T. and Mary E Evans…graveside services will be held in the Chester Cemetery, Kent County, Maryland (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

 PERKINS.  On Monday, July 12, 1976, ARTHUR F…h/o Elsa L Perkins (nee Puegner)…interment Woodlawn Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

 RAINESS.  On July 13, 1976, JEAN, beloved w/o Dr. Morris Rainess…Services at Sol Levinson and Bros. Home…of which due notice will be given  (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

ROGERS.  Suddenly, on Sunday, July 11, 1976, WILLIAM N…s/o the late Frederick and Margaret (nee Nevin) Rogers…Mass of the Christian Burial…in St Ambrose Church…interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

VICKERS.  On July 11, 1976, FLORENCE V (nee Geogorski) beloved w/o the late Richard Vickers…Mass of Christian Burial at St Patrick’s Church…interment in Oaklawn Cemetery…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

 VONDRACEK.  On July 11, 1976, LOUIS P, beloved h/o Margaret V Vondracek (nee Klein)…Mass of the Christian Burial will be celebrated in the Church of the Annunciation…interment in Bohemian National Cemetery…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)WEBER.  On July 12, 1976, BERTHA M (nee Wojcik) beloved w/o Frank T Weber Sr…Mass of the Resurrection at the Church of the Annunciation…interment in Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery…(Balto Sun 07/14/1976)

WEBER.  On July 12, 1976, BERTHA M (nee Wojcik) beloved w/o Frank T Weber
Sr Mass of the Resurrection at the Church of the
Annunciationâ?¦interment in Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun

WELLSLAGER.  On July 11, 1976, ELSIE T (nee Thurlow) beloved w/o the late George E Wellslager…interment Oaklawn Cemetery (Balto Sun 07/14/1976)


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