OBITS 1939


Baltimore Sun February  28, 1939
Submitted by Anne Marie

COTTON - Godfrey L. died Feb. 25, 1939, husband of the late Frances Cotton. Buried Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery.

DONNELLY - Annie E. died on Feb. 26, 1939. Daughter of the late James and Harriet Ways Donnelly and sister of the late W.C. Donnelly. BUried Moreland Memorial Park.

DURHAM - Susie (nee Martin) on Feb. 25, 1939, wife of John L. Durham. Buried Druid Ridge Cemetery.

ELDER - Catherine C. (nee McCarren) on Feb 27, 1939, wife of the late Henry C. Elder. BUried Loudon Park Cemetery.

EMMART - RUth Anne, age 80, died Feb 25,1939, wife of the late Henry Frank Emmart. Survived by daughter Mrs. William M. Chipley. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

ENGLAND - Mrs. Cansadel W., age 95, on Feb 26, 1939. Survived by daughter, Mrs. James Sollers. BUried England Cemetery, Howard County.

KOONTZ - Anna, on Feb 26, 1939, survived by husband Francis A. Koontz.

LETCHER - Susan H., on Feb 26, 1939, wife of the late Henry Letcher. Buried at Shrewsbury, Pa.

LINN - Peter J., on Feb 27, 1939, son of the late Michael and Mary (nee O'Brien) Linn. Buried at New Cathedral Cemetery.

MACK - Barbara (nee Fiedler) on Feb 26, 1939, wife of the late August Mack. Buried Parkwood Cemetery.

MAGNESS - James E., age 39, on Feb. 27,1939. Survived by wife, Vermie Magness. Buried Angel Hill Cemetery, Havre de Grace.

McDONELL - Clara Belle (Pink) (nee Anderson) on Feb 25, 1939. Survived by husband Frank E. McDonell. Buried at Lorraine Park Cemetery.

McKINNEY - William H., age 67, on Feb 25,1939. Survived by wife Emma Burger McKinney.

Baltimore Sun July 3.1939
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith
HAWK-On June 29.1939, EDWARD WILLIAM, JR., aged 3 years, the beloved son of
Edward W and Evelyn Berger Hawk.
  Funeral from the Ullrich Funeral Home, Orleans and Washington streets, on
Monday at 11 A.M. Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery.
HESS-On July 1.1939, OLLIE LEONA, aged 34 years, beloved wife of Casper Hess.
  Funeral services at the William Cook Mansion, St. Paul and Preston streets,
on Wed at 1:30 o'clock. Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.
HOLTER-Suddenly on June 30.1939, STEPHEN J, son of the late William and Mary
P. Holter.
  Funeral from the McComas Funeral Home, Abington, MD, on Tuesday morning at
9:30 o'clock. Requiem High Mass at St. Stephen's Church, Bradshaw, MD, at 10
A.M. Interment in Conception Cemetery, Towson, MD.
HOOPER-On July 1.1939, WALTER THOMAS, in his twenty-seventh year, beloved son
of Thomas H and Maude Hooper.
  Funeral form his late residence, 4011 Derby Manor Drive, on Monday, July 3
at 2:30 P.M. Interment in Loudon park Cemetery.
KANE-On July 2.1939, MARTIN J, beloved son of the late Patrick and Bridget
Kane. Atlantic City papers please copy.
  Funeral from his late residence, 3721 Ellerslle Ave, On Tuesday, July 4 at
8:30 A.M. Requiem High Mass at St. Blessed Sacrament Church at 9 A.M.
Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery.
KIMMITT-On July 2.1939, THOMAS JOSEPH, beloved husband of Regina Kimmitt (nee
  Funeral from his late residence, 3200 Rosekemp Ave. Due notice will be
KLISZES-On July 2.1939, MARGARET L, beloved daughter of Eva and the late
Mathew Kliszes.
  Funeral from her late residence, 803 Hollins St., on Wed, July 5 at 8:15
A.M. Requiem High Mass at St. Alphensus Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Holy
Redeemer Cemetery.
MYERLY-On July 1.1939, CARRIE CAHILL MYERLY, beloved wife of the late Wilbert
  Funeral from the from of her brother, Winfield S. Cahill, 2804 Garrison
Blvd., Tuesday at 9:30 A.M. Requiem Mass at St. Cecila's Church at 10 A.M.
Interment in Greenmount Cemetery.
NAGLER-On June 29.1939, HELEN D (nee Markland), beloved wife of Frederick W.
  Funeral from her home, 510 North Rose St., on Monday morning at 11 o'clock.
Interment in Baltimore Cemetery.
PADGETT-On July 2.1939, DAVID H, beloved husband of the late Augusta Padgett
(nee Elkenberg)
  Funeral from his late residence, 2729 Fenwick Ave, on Tuesday at 2 P.M.
Interment in Baltimore Cemetery.
PHOEBUS-On June 30.1939, HARRY E, aged 48 years, beloved husband of Helen C
Phoebus (nee Austin)
  Funeral from his late residence, 4310 Arizona Ave, on Monday afternoon at
2:30 o'clock. Interment in Moreland Memorial Park Cemetery.
PIERCE-HOUSER- On June 28.1939, at Bolivar, W.Va., DAISY (nee Ford), beloved
wife of James W. Pierce.
  Friends may call at the A. Howard Evans Funeral Home, Charles and Clement
Streets, after 6 P.M., Saturday. Services on Monday at 2 P.M. Interment in
Mount Olivet Cemetery.
RAPPOLD-On July 2.1939, JOHN G., aged 84 years, beloved husband of the late
Laura M. Rappold.
  Funeral from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Michael M. Koenig, 6308 Belair
Rd, on Thursday at 2 P.M. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery.
REESE-On July 1.1939, MARY, daughter of the late David and Louise Reese, in
her 81 St. year.
  Funeral from the residence of her cousin, Mrs. Cooksey,600 East
Thirty-first St., on Monday, July 3 at 2 P.M. Services at St. John's Church. Interment in
St. John's Cemetery.
REIN (READ)- On July 1.1939, HENRY, beloved husband of Vera Wethers Rein.
  Funeral from his home, 2271 West Baltimore St., on Tuesday at 2 P.M.
Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery.
Baltimore Sun Sept 11.1939
IRELAND-At Cleveland, Ohio, on Sept 8.1939, J. Morris, beloved son of Thomas
M and Fannie H. Ireland.
  Funeral will take place at Cleveland on Tuesday at 2 P.M.
KARWACKI- On Sept 8.1939, JOSEPH J, beloved husband of Helen Karwacki (nee
   Funeral from his residence, 5501 Elliott St., on Tuesday, Sept 12 at 8:15
A.M. Requiem High Mass at St. Casimer Church at 9 A.M. Interment in St.
Stanislaus Cemetery.
KEHM- On Sept 10.1939, GEORGE H, devoted husband of Marguerite C. Kehm.
  Funeral from his home, 703 Evesham Ave, on Wed at 8:30 A.M. Requiem Mass at
St. Mary's Church, Govans, at 9 A.M. Interment in National Cemetery.
LEE-Suddenly on Sept 6.1939, STEPHEN S. LEE 3rd, aged 4 years, 6 months, the
beloved son of Stephen and Brookie Davis Lee.
   Funeral services at his home, 1618 Park Ave, on Monday at 2 P.M. Interment
LINGNER-On Sept 10.1939, GEORGE F, beloved husband of Emma Dowell Lingner, of
2639 Wilkens Ave.
  Funeral from Margaret Flynn's, 1422 Light St., on Wed at 8 A.M. Requiem
High Mass at St. Benedict's Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery.
LYNCH-On Sept 9.1939, THERESA LYNCH, daughter of the late Dennis and Ellen
  Funeral from H. W. Mears & Son's, 805 North Calvert St., on Tuesday at 8:30
A.M. Requiem Mass at St. John's Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Cathedral
MANLY- On Sept 9.1939, SAMUEL B, aged 68 years, beloved husband of Anna C
Manly (nee Kohl)
  Funeral services at his home, 4126 Wilkens Ave, on Tuesday at 3 P.M.
Interment in St. Paul's Cemetery, Druid Hill Park.
MARCONI-On Sept 9.1939, ANNUNZIATA, beloved wife of Diego Marconi.
  Funeral from her late residence, 3907 East Pratt St., on Tuesday at 8:30
A.M. Solemn Requiem High Mass at Our Lady Of Pompeli Church at 9 A.M. Entombment
in St. Stanislaus Cemetery.
MAY-On Sept 9.1939, JOHN J, beloved husband of Anna R. May of 114 West
University Parkway.
  Private funeral services will be held at William J Tickner & Son's, 1304
St. Paul St., on Monday at 2 P.M. Interment private

Baltimore Sun October 29, 1939
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

FLEURY.  On October 28, 1939, …Upper Falls MD, MARY MADELEINE, age 86 years.  Funeral…October 30 at 9 o’clock.  Requiem Mass at St Stephen’s Church, Bradshaw at 10 o’clock.  (Balto Sun 10/29/1939)

FRALEY.  On October 26, 1939, FANNIE E (nee Brillhart) beloved w/o W. Howard Fraley…Funeral…Monday at 11 AM.  Interment Lorraine Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/29/1939)

GAGALSKI.  On October 27, 1939, ELIZABETH (nee Williams) beloved w/o the late Anthony Gagalski…St Andrew’s Church…Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/29/1939)

GOMPF.  On October 28, 1939,…Howardville, GEORGE P, beloved h/o Minnie E Gompf (nee Hartman).  Mount Olive Cemetery, Randallstown (Balto Sun 10/29/1939)

GOSHORN.  On October 28, 1939, ELIZABETH SWAN, beloved w/o John Calvin Goshorn…  Services and interment in Shade Gap PA… (Balto Sun 10/29/1939)

GREASON.  Suddenly, on October 27, 1939, WILLIAM, aged 69 years, beloved h/o Clara V Greason…Oak Lawn Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/29/1939)

HEATTERICH.  On October 27, 1939, ADAM,…beloved s/o the late Elizabeth (Friskey) and Henry Heatterich…interment Mount Carmel Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/29/1939)

Baltimore Sun November 12, 1939
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HARDESTER.  On November 9, 1939, HARRY G, beloved h/o Amy H (nee Hamilton).  Funeral…Haddon Heights NJ on Monday afternoon at 2 PM.  Due notice.  (Balto Sun 11/12/1939)

HARMAN.  On November 10, 1939, EMMA S (nee Hohnberger) w/o the late James L Harman…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/12/1939)

HARVEY.  On November 11, 1939,  MARY J (nee Cooney) beloved w/o the late Charles W Harvey.  Funeral from her late residence…of which due notice will be given (Balto Sun 11/12/1939)

 HEALY.  Suddenly, on November 11, 1939, AGNES E (nee Hughes), beloved w/o William A Healy and m/o Martin Healy [Annapolis MD papers please copy]…St Jerome’s Church…New Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/12/1939)

 HEATTERICH.  On November 9, 1939, CASPER,…beloved s/o the late Elizabeth (Friskey) and Henry Heatterich…interment Mount Carmel Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/12/1939)

Baltimore Sun November 22, 1939
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HETTCHEN.  On November 20, 1939, FRANK P, aged 58 years, beloved h/o Lula May Hettchen…Parkwood Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

HUGHES.  On November 20, 1939, RICHARD A…aged 71 years, beloved h/o the late Armada B Hughes…due notice later (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

KASPAR.  On November 21, 1939, ANNA M, beloved w/o Frank J Kaspar…St Clement’s Church, Rosedale…Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

KELLY.  On November 19, 1939, CATHERINE (nee Conroy) beloved w/o the late Michael Kelly…St Patrick’s Church.  Interment New Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

KINDLE.  Suddenly, on November 18, 1939, WILLIAM ROBERT,…beloved h/o Alice G Kindle…Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

KLEIN.  Suddenly, on November 20, 1939, GEORGE A, beloved h/o Helen V Klein (nee Mann)…Shrine of the Little Flower…Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

KNELL.  On November 20, 1939, GEORGE V KNELL, beloved h/o Cecelia Boyd Knell…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

LEISTER.  On Tuesday, November 21, 1939, WINFIELD SCOTT,…h/o Rosa M Leister (nee Abbott)…Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

RIGNEY.  On November 20, 1939, ANNIE A (nee Yake)…w/o James W Rigney…St Thomas Church…Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

ROEHRER.  On November 20, 1939, FREDERICK, s/o the late Andrew and Barbara Roehrer…St Matthew’s Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

STAYLOR.  On November 20, 1939, JOHN P…h/o Zola A Staylor (nee Smith)…notice later.  (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

TALBOTT.  On November 20, 1939,..Riderwood MD.  WILLIAM R, h/o Effie Talbott (nee Short)…Interment in Wysebu??  Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

TARBERT.   On November 21, 1939, JANE LUPO, beloved w/o William Albert Tarbert.  Due notice of funeral.  (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

THOMAS.  On November 21, 1939…VIRGINIA, beloved w/o the late Owen H Thomas…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

TRUELOVE.  On November 19, 1939, GEORGE R, beloved h/o Mary Jane Truelove (nee Manning)…St John’s Church…Cathedral Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

Baltimore Sun December 11, 1939
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin


HEICK, Anna Dorothy                      12/10/1939           Dec. 10, 1939, ANNA DOROTHY, dau/o the late
William F & Margaret C Heick…Greenmount Cemetery

HEISS, Ammeda                                 12/09/1939           Dec 9, 1939, AMMEDA, m/o Charles & Howard C
 & Mrs Laura Hoffman… interment private

HENNEMANN, Elsie C                      12/09/1939           Dec 9, 1939, ELSIE C (nee Story)…aged        
32 years, w/o George L Hennemann… New Cathedral Cemetery

HERMANI, Henry                              12/09/1939           Dec 9, 1939, HENRY, h/o the late Emma      
Hermanl (nee Grigoleit)…Woodlawn Cem

HEWITT, Chattye May                     12/08/1939           Dec 8, 1939, CHATTYE MAY, w/o the  
late George M Hewitt…Woodlawn Cem.

HOFSTETTER, Joseph A                  12/10/1939           On December 10, 1939, JOSEPH A,                 
beloved husband of Evelyn Marshall Hofstetter.  Funeral from his home, 774 Grantley street, on
Wednesday at 8:30 AM. Requiem Mass at St Bernardine’s Church at 9 AM.  Interment in Cathedral Cemetery

HULSMAN, Emma V                        12/10/1939           Dec 10, 1939 at the Daughters of the               
Eucharist Home, EMMA V, w/o the  late Henry C Hulsman…Cathedral Cem.

HUNT, Ellen V                                     12/09/1939           Dec 9, 1939, ELLEN V,…Loudon Park Cemetery

JUSTICE, Ernest L                              12/09/1939           Dec 9, 1939, ERNEST L, s/o Jennie  
Walker and the late William Justice… Baltimore National Cemetery


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