Obits 1937


Baltimore Sun, Monday, January 25, 1937
Submitted by Mary Houston Pettiss

ACKERMAN Jan. 23, 1937. OTTO, son of the late Andrew and Adelaide
Ackerman. Mount Carmel Cemetery.

ADDICKS Jan. 23, 1937. ANNA M. (BEYER), wife of Jacob C. Addicks. Oaklawn

AHRENS Jan. 22, 1937. BARBARA ANNA, wife of the late Henry H. Ahrens.
Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

APPEL Jan 24, 1937. KATE, wife of Herman Appel. Baltimore Hebrew

ARMIGER Jan. 23, 1937. IDA FRANCES, wife of the late William J. Armiger.
Cedar Hill Cemetery.

BAUERSFELD Jan. 22, 1937. JOHN GEORGE, husband of the late Elizabeth C.
Bauersfeld. Baltimore Cemetery.

BIBLEHEISER Jan. 23, 1937. FRANCIS. New Cathedral Cemetery.

BORCHERDING Jan. 21, 1937. NELLIE M. (HOGAN), wife of George H.
Borcherding. Baltimore Cemetery.

BROOKS Jan. 24, 1937. RUFUS L., husband of Anne G. Weber Brooks. Druid
Ridge Cemetery.

BUCKINGHAM Jan. 21, 1937. E. FLORENCE, daughter of the late William G. and
Mary A. Buckingham.

GAHS Jan 22, 1937. G. PAUL, husband of Fannie S. H. Unverzagt Gahs.
Western Cemetery.

HAMMEL Jan. 22, 1937. JOHN, husband of Anna E. Fay Hammel. Western

HANSON Jan 24, 1937. ROSE M. HAGAN, wife of Harry V. Hanson. New Cathedral

HASSELBERGER Jan. 24, 1937. FERDINAND, husband of Catherine Brown
Hasselberger. Holy Cross Cemetery.

HERMAN Jan 20, 1937. MAGGIE, wife of the late William H. Herman.

HOFFMAN Jan. 23, 1937. KATHERINE L. FRANK HOFFMAN, wife of the late August
C. Hoffman. Loudon Park Cemetery.

HOFFMAN Jan. 23, 1937. MARY E., wife of August J. Hoffman. Oaklawn

HOFMANN Jan 23, 1937. MARTHA, wife of the late Oscar Hofmann. Oheb Shalom

JACOBS Jan 21, 1937. WALTER M., husband of Minnie F. Perrica Jacobs.
Cedar Hill Cemetery.

JOHNSTON Jan. 22, 1937. SARAH E., daughter of the late David and Hanna D.
Hammond Johnston. Baltimore Cemetery.

KATES Jan. 23, 1937. DAVID L., husband of Esther Kates.

KREIS Jan. 23, 1937. HARRY J., husband of the late Mary A. Kreis. St.
Joseph Cemetery.

LUEDTKE Jan. 23, 1937. CHARLES R., husband of Rose Luedtke. Cedar Hill

MARVEL Jan. 22, 1937. THOMAS STALL MARVEL, husband of Selda Lord Marvel.

Baltimore Sun February 1, 1937
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

ABELL.  On January 30, 1937, BERNARD F, beloved s/o Frank O and Marguerite A Abell (nee Stein) [St Mary’s county papers please copy]….Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

ADELSDORF.  On January 30, 1937, MONIE, beloved s/o the late Joseph and Carrie Adelsdorf. …Interment Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery.  (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

ARO.  On January 31, 1937, MARY E., beloved w/o the late Samuel W Aro….Interment Baltimore Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

BATCHELOR.  At his late residence…on January 29, 1937, JAMES E, aged 50 years, beloved h/o Florence E Batchelor (nee Moore)…Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

BUCKINGHAM.  On January 30, 1937, at her residence…LYDIA FRANCES BUCKINGHAM (nee Palmer), wid/o the late George H Buckingham…Interment Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

BUTT.  On January 31, 1937, HENRY J, beloved h/o Elizabeth M Butt (nee Friskey)…St Anthony’s Church…Interment St Joseph’s Cemetery, Fullerton (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

CHANCE.  On January 30, 1937, HAROLD R, aged 33 years, beloved s/o Mamie E and the late Frederick C Chance…Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

CHANEY.  Suddenly, on January 30, 1937…Annapolis MD, RICHARD G CHANEY…Interment St Ann’s Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

CLAGETT.  Suddenly, on January 30, 1937, JOHN ADAM, beloved h/o the late Annie E Clagett (nee Hobman)…Holy Family Catholic Church…(Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

MACHOVEC.  On January 30, 1937, FRANK J, beloved h/o Anna Machovec (nee Barock)…Due notice (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

MCCORMICK.  On January 30, 1937, ROBERT N., aged 23 years, beloved h/o Genevieve R McCormick (nee Hughes)…Interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/01/1937)

MICHAEL.  Suddenly, on January 28, 1937, J. FRANK, h/o the late Emma M Michael (nee Groeninger)…Sacred Heart Catholic Church…interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

MILLER.  On January 31, 1937, ANNA BARTLETT, beloved w/o the late Rev. P. H. Miller…Interment in Lorraine Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

MILLER.  On January 29, 1937, Gertrude B (nee Ferguson) beloved w/o Walter H Miller…Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

MORFOOT.  On January 30, 1937, WILLIAM, beloved h/o the late Mary E Morfoot  (nee Tracer)…interment St Joseph’s Cemetery, Cockeysville MD (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

MORRIS.  On January 30, 1937, GUSSIE (nee Fertner) wid/o the late Phillip Morris…Services and interment at Dublin Methodist Episcopal Church (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

NEUENHAHN.  Suddenly on January 31, 1937, EMILE A, …w/o the late Charles A Neuenhahn…Interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

NEUMAN.  On January 29, 1937,…MARY (nee Blaha), aged 78 years, beloved w/o the late Emil Neuman…Interment Oak Hill Cemetery (Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

PERRY.  On January 31, 1937, JEANNE ESTHER, infant dau/o Hugh and Loretta Perry…(Balto Sun 02/01/1937)

Baltimore Sun  Feb 27.1937
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith

POAT-On Feb 25.1937, WILLIAM J, of 3101 Old York Rd, beloved husband of Agnes
Piper Poat.
  Funeral from the from of C. Richard Fleming, 613 Homestead St., on Monday
at 8:30 A.M. Requiem Mass at St. Bernard's Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Loudon
Park Cemetery.
PONDO-On Feb 26.1937, PETRONELLA BESSIE, beloved wife of the late John Pondo.
  Funeral from the from of her daughter, Mrs. Eleanora Mioduszewski, 625
South Luzerne Ave, Due notice.
PROFILI-On Feb 25.1937, ANGELA (nee Marengo), beloved wife of Domenico
  Funeral from her late residence, 4512 Furley Ave, on Sat at 9 A.M. Solemn
Requiem Mass at our Lady of Pompei Church at 10 A.M. Interment in Holy Redeemer
RANDALL-On Feb 25.1937, SUSAN KATHERINE BRUNE, wife of Blanchard Randall.
  Funeral services at St. Paul's Church, Sat, Feb 27 at 3 P.M.
RAPPOLD-On Feb 25.1937 LILLIAN MAY (nee Faupel), aged 46 years, the beloved
wife of Charles Rappold.
  Funeral from her late residence, 3101 Lawnview Ave, on Monday at 2 P.M.
Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.
REED-On Feb 25.1937, WILLIAM W REED, beloved husband of the late Harriet Reed
(nee Smithson)
  Funeral from his home, 313 Gwynn Ave, on Say at 8:30 A.M. Requiem Mass at
St. Bernardine's Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Angel Hill Cemetery, Havre De
ROSENTHAL-At New York, on Feb 26.1937, CELESTE FRANK, beloved wife of Philip
Rosenthal and devoted sister of Helen Frank Harris.
  Services and interment in Oheb Shalom Cemetery of which due notice will be
ROWE-On Feb 26.1937, CHARLES S.
  Funeral from the home of his son, Herbert S. Rowe, 508 East Twenty-third
St., Requiem Mass at St. Thomas's Church, Chapel Point, MD, Monday at 10 A.M.
Interment in adjoining cemetery.
RUSSELL(Rusin)- Suddenly on Feb 24.1937, PETER, beloved husband of Catherine
Russell (nee Byrne) (Alexander, VA paper please copy.
  Funeral from his late residence, 443 South Anglesea St, on Sat Feb 27 at
9:30 A.M.
  Rest of obit cut off.

Baltimore Sun April 14, 1937
Submitted by:  Sharon Witzke Reinhard


KIRTCHNER – On April 12, 1937, NORMAN G. beloved son of George F. and the late Anna Kirtchner. Funeral form Lily & Zeiler Funeral Parlor, 217 Wolfe St. Requiem High mass at St. Patrick’s church.

LANE – On April 12, 1937, BERNARD O. beloved husband of Mary F. Lane (nee WALLACET). Funeral from his late home, 3018 Prestman St. Notice later.

LEES – On April 12, 197, WILLIAM GEORGE, aged 66 years, husband of Annie Lees. Funeral services at his home, 2007 Elsinor Ave. Interment at Smyrna, Del.

LESNICK – On April 11, 1937, HELEN DOROTHY, (nee KLOSINSKIT), beloved wife of Joseph Lesnick.  Funeral from her late residence Elliott St. Requiem Mass at St.Casimir’s church. Interment in St. Stanisalus cemetery.

MADSEN – On April 10, 1937, LILLIAN E. aged 30 years, beloved daughter of George W.W. and Mary V. Madsen. Funeral from the residence of her brother, Mr. Hugh Madsen,  Foster Ave.

MALLONEE – On April 11, 1937, MOLLIE CRONHARDT, widow of the late Walter W.. Mallonee.  Funeral from her residence, 4026 Roland Ave. Interment at Druid Ridge cemetery.

McCREA - On April 10, 1937, CAROLINE BASSLER MCCREA, beloved wife of Frank McCrea. Funeral from the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles W. Davis, Rosewood Avenue, Catonsville. Interment in Western cemetery.

MORAN – On April 11, 1937, MICHAEL A., aged 8 mos, infant son of Clarence and Ola Moran (nee ROWZEE).  Funeral from the parent’s home, 2400 Pick wick Ave., Hillandale. Interment in Lorraine cemetery.

MORRIS – On April 12, 1937, ABRAHAM, beloved husband of the late Bessie Morris. Funeral from his late residence  Mt. Royal Terrace. Interment in Hebrew Cemetery Herring Run.

NAGLE -  On April 11, 1937 HARRY C.  aged 62, husband of Hattie M. Nagle. Funeral from his late residence,  E street, Sparrows Point.  Interment in Jessups Methodist Episcopal cemetery, Cockeysville.

PERRY – On April 11, 1937 Andrew, beloved son of Andrew and Jane Perry. Services from the Sander Funeral home.

PIERPOINT – On April 11, 1937, CAROLINE PIERPOINT (nee NEIDERMYER), aged 75 years, beloved wife of Thomas Pierpoint. Funeral from her late residence, 3210 Eastern Ave. Interment in Mt. Carmel cemetery.

RAMBO- On April 11, 1937, ROSE, beloved wife of the late David Rambo (Kent Co.MD papers please copy). Funeral service at her late residence, 1509 Poplar Grove. Interment in Loudon Park cemetery.

REINHARDT – On April 11, 1937 WILLIAM M., beloved husband of the late PHILOMENA A. Reinhardt (nee CAMPBELL) Funeral from the home of Charles Evans & Son. Due notice will be given.

RYAN – On April10, 1937, Edward, beloved son of the late James and Ellen Ryan. Funeral from his late residence, 1038 North Broadway. Requiem High mass at St. Paul’s church. Interment in Cathedral cemetery.

SENER – On April 8, 1937, EMMA M. (nee DAVIDSON) beloved wife of Charles W. Sener. Funeral from her home Erdman Ave., Interment in Baltimore cemetery.

SHAFFER – On April 9, 1937, FANNIE R. (nee WHITMORE) beloved wife of William G. Shaffer. Funeral from her home 507 West North Avenue, Windsor Terrace. Services at Hillsdale Methodist Episcopal Church. Interment in Lorraine Cemetery.

ZIRKENBACH – On April 10, 1937, JOAN, aged 5 years, beloved daughter of Earl F. and Bertha Zirkenbach (nee WAGNER). Funeral from her parent’s residence, Melville Ave. Interment in Parkwood cemetery.

Baltimore Sun, 22 April 1937
Submitted by:  Rose Hatten

LYCETT - On April 21, 1937, EMMA BECKER LYCETT, beloved wife of Joseph E. Lycett.
Funeral from her home, 113 West Fort avenue, on Saturday at 8.30 A.
M. Requiem High Mass at St. Mary Star-of-the-Sea Church at 9 A. M.
Interment in Western Cemetery.

On April 21, 1937, VIVIAN, aged 22 years, beloved wife of John T. McCormick.
Funeral from 3332 East Baltimore street, of which due notice will be given.

On April 21, 1937, GEORGE A., beloved husband of Elizabeth A. Meyers (nee Carman).
Funeral services will be held at his home, 5509 Park Heights avenue, on Saturday afternoon at 2 P. M. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery.

On April 19, 1937, EVELYN N., beloved wife of Edward L Middelton.
Funeral from the residence of J. Ira Middelton, 306 Somerset road, on Thursday, at 11.30 A. M. Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.

On April 21, 1937, CORA M. (nee Sumwalt), the beloved wife of George J. Miller, at Red Lion, Pa.
Due notice of funeral will be given.

On April 21, 1937, at her late residence, 2428 Barclay street, ARIANNA (nee Morgan) beloved wife of the late Jerome Pampell.
Funeral fro the residence of her daughter, Mrs. M. Donahue, 3812 Tudor Arms avenue, on Friday at 2 P. M. Interment in Lorraine Cemetery.

On April 20, 1937, Mary V. (nee Holmes), of 620 East Thirty-first street, age 87 years, beloved wife of the late Jacob M.
Funeral services at the William Cook Mansion, St. Paul and Preston streets, on Saturday at 3.30 P. M. Interment Baltimore Cemetery.

On April 21, 1937, MARY M. (nee Gould), beloved wife of Richard H. Pritchett.
Funeral from her late residence, 522 North Luzerne avenue, on Saturday, April 24, at 8 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St. Elizabeth's Church at 8.30 A. M. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery.

t Cleveland, Ohio, THEODORE (rest of page cut off)

On April 21, 1937, RACHAEL CATHERINE (nee Stocksdale), beloved wife of Marion H. Williams.
Funeral services at her home, 3545 Roland avenue, Friday, at 1.30 P.
M. Interment at Finksburg Mount Zion Church Cemetery.

On April 21, 1937, G. WILLIAM, beloved husband of the late Amanda Wiseman (nee Stier).
Funeral from his late residence, 1912 Parksley street, Morrell Park, on Saturday at 10.30 A. M. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery.

On April 20, 1937, ELIZABETH, widow of William F.
Yingling. [York (Pa.) papers please copy.] Funeral services at her home, 1800 North Bentalou street, on Friday at 2 P. M. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery.

On April 18, 1937, after a short illness, CONCETTA, in her twenty-second year, beloved daughter of Sebastino and Esetana Zappulla.
Funeral from her parents' residence, 206 South Exeter street, on Thursday morning at 8.30 o'clock, thence to St. Leo's Church, where a Requiem High Mass will be read at 9 A. M. Relatives and friends invited. Interment in Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

Baltimore American April 28, 1937
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

ROBERTS.  On April 26, 1937, GEORGE T, aged 24, beloved h/o Alice Roberts (nee Kolstron)….Interment Oak Lawn Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

SANNER.  On April 25, 1937, HARRY B, aged 27, beloved h/o Marie C Sanner (nee Bauer) [Chicago IL papers please copy]….Interment Swartz Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

SCHEIB.  On April 26, 1937, SAMUEL H, of Richmond VA, h/o Mimi Phifer Scheib.  Funeral at Danville VA, Thursday morning at 11 AM (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

SCHMIDT.  On April 27, 1937, HENRY,…aged 73 years, beloved s/o the late George and Caroline Schmidt…Interment in Trinity Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

SCHOTT.  On April 27, 1937, MARGARET E, w/o the late J Henry Schott…Due notice of funeral (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

SCOTT.  On April 25, 1937, ANNA D (nee Gibson), beloved w/o Walter L Scott…interment Mount Olivet Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

SCHILLING.  On November 20, 1939 at Union Memorial Hospital, VERNON CHARLES, aged 14 years, beloved s/o C Willard and Grace A Schilling…Mt Vernon Cemetery (Balto Sun 11/22/1939)

SCHMIDT.  On April 26, 1937, CHARLES W, beloved husband of Caroline Schmidt (Friskey/Todd).  …Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

SHORB.  On April 26, 1937, LILLIE J, beloved w/o Frederick J Shorb…at her home, Detour MD…Interment in Haugh’s Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)

 STEWART.  On April 27, 1937, WILLIAM H, h/o the late Alice V Stewart…Interment Lorraine Cemetery (Balto Sun 04/28/1937)


Baltimore American May 15, 1937
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

GRASON, Samuel C  On May 13, 1937, SAMUEL C,  h/o Emily Cockey Grason.
Interment Prospect Hill Cemetery Towson

 GROSCHE, F William  On May 12, 1937, F William,    h/o Jeannette Grosche.
Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

 HALL, Ella  On May 13, 1937, ELLA (nee Hyde)        
aged 76 years, w/o the late Sewell M Hall.  Interment Baltimore Cemetery

HAUBERT, Elizabeth  On May 12, 1937, ELIZABETH, w/o            
the late Frederick Haubert.  Requiem High Mass at St James Church…Interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery

 HAYES, Catherine  On May 14, 1937, CATHERINE (nee Rumple) w/o the late William Hayes.
Requiem High Mass at Sacred Heart Church…interment Sacred Heart Cem.

HENDERSON, James E  On May 13, 1937, JAMES E, aged 57           
years…s/o Robert & Emma Henderson (nee Croswell).  Funeral from his brother’s residence,
George E Henderson Raspeburg…  Interment Oak Lawn Cem.

HOFSTETTER, Albert On May 14, 1937, ALBERT, s/o John Joseph
and the late Anna Hofstetter Interment Oak Lawn Cemetery

 RYAN, Mary Carroll On May 12, 1937, MARY CARROLL,          
w/o Francis P Ryan & mother of Rev. Francis P Ryan, pastor of St. Peter’s
Church, Hancock MD.  Requiem Mass At St Joseph’s Monastery…interment
New Cathedral Cemetery

SHERLOCK, Margaret  On May 14, 1937, MARGARET (neeTomalonis)
…aged 37 years, w/o William Sherlock.  Requiem Mass at St Peter’s Church…interment St Stanislaus Cem.

 SLOFFER, Emerson F On May 14, 1937, EMERSON F…aged        
74 years, h/o Florence M Sloffer. Interment Druid Ridge Cemetery

SLOSAR, Mary  On May 11, 1937, MARY, at St Paul              
Minnesota…interment Oak Hill Cem.

 SPITZNAGLE, John  On May 14, 1937, John, h/o Dora                    
Spitznagle.  Interment Baltimore Cem.

 TULL, Mary E Mitchell  On May 13, 1937, MARY E MITCHELL,      
w/o the late Rev. Edward W Tull.Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

 WEBSTER, Harry R On May 12, 1937, HARRY R,
h/o  Helen W Webster (nee Morrison).Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

Baltimore Sun August 7, 1937
Submitted by:  Christine Schott

MITCHELL Emma Aug 1937 nee Muench; w/o late Thomas M Mitchell; William Cook Mansion; interment Loudon Park Cemetery; also a notice from Thomas Fitzerald Lodge no 274 Ladies Society of the B of L,S and E

MOSBERGER-KLEIN Christena 4 Aug 1937 w/o late Charles Mosberger; interment Mount Carmel Cemetery

NAGLE Anna V 6 Aug 1937 dau/o late Edward and Louise Sowers Nagle; William Cook Mansion; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

NORFOLK John B 6 Aug 1937 46 yrs; h/o Janice E Norfolk (nee Sonnenburg); Interment Baltimore National Cemetery

OLSEN Bertha M 4 Aug 1937 w/o late Hans Jacob Olsen; interment First Evangelical Cemetery

PENSKI Martha J 4 Aug 1937 w/o John Penski Sr; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

PORTER William J 6 Aug 1937 h/o Helen E Porter; interment Wesley Chapel Cemetery

RATCLIFFE Eliza L 5 Aug 1937 w/o late Washington W; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

REINHOLDSON Burt 4 Aug 1937 h/o Carrie Reinholdson (nee Kutz); Interment Moreland Memorial Park

REUS Lena M 6 Aug 1937 nee Vollert; m/o Mrs. Thomas B Cross and Nicholas H V Reus

REYNOLDS Catherine A 6 Aug 1937 w/o late Thomas Reynolds; Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

ROBERSON Henry W 6 Aug 1937 61 yrs, h/o Flora Roberson (nee Strecker); interment Mount Carmel Cemetery

SWEENY Eugene E 6 Aug 1937 son/o late Louis D and Eliza G Sweeny; interment Baltimore Cemetery

TOOMA Joseph 3 Aug 1937 h/o Alice Tooma (nee Getner); Mass at St Michael's Church

TULLEY William H 4 Aug 1937 h/o late Winifred Flannigan Tulley; Mass at St. Bernard's Church, interment St Joseph's Cemetery, Texas, MD

WALDEN Hulbert H 5 Aug 1937 h/o Abigail T Walden; Interment Friendship Cemetery

WARD Ida Marie 5 Aug 1937 nee Lamp, w/o Timothy M Ward; Interment New Cathedral Cemetery

WARNICK Charles E 4 Aug 1937 11 months, 4 days; son/o George E and Evelyn May Warnick (nee Lang); interment Loudon Park Cemetery

WISE Charles 6 Aug 1937 son/o late Silas Wise and Amanda Wise Tifel; Interment Oak Lawn Cemetery

ZENTGRAF Bertha F 6 Aug 1937 of 406 Lanvale street

Baltimore Sun April 25, 1937
Submitted by:  Christine Schott

ABRAMS Richard G 22 Apr 1937 aged 56 yrs; s/o late James K and Eliza Barger Abrams; uncle of G. R. Kahl; interment US National Cemetery

ANDREW Virginia Gertrude 23 Apr 1937 nee Deibel; w/o C. Owen Andrew, m/o Ruth Michel and Mrs. L. W. Reynolds; funeral at her home 6116 Sefton ave, Hampton; entombment Lorraine Cemetery Mausoleum

BECKER-ASSING Bertha W 24 Apr 1937 nee Branley; w/o late William Becker; funeral from daughter's home Mrs. Charles A Kreade, 3102 Woodhome ave

COLE J. Emory 24 Apr 1937 h/o Rebecca F Cole, nee Vance; lived in Hereford; interment Mount Carmel Cemetery

Charles E 24 Apr 1937 s/o late George and Emily Davidson; interment Druid Ridge Cemetery

DEY Judson 23 Apr 1937 h/o Anna C Dey, nee White; lived at 1436 Homestead st; mass at St Bernard's Church, interment Baltimore Cemetery

DIETZ Katherine C 23 Apr 1937 in her 75th yr, w/o late Frederick G Dietz; m/o Mrs. Newton E Spless who lived at 3006 Rueckert ave, Hamilton; interment Parkwood Cemetery

ELSESSER Susan 24 Apr 1937 nee Launder; w/o late George Elsesser; lived at 748 W Hamburg st; interment New Cathedral Cemetery

Harry E 22 Apr 1937 s/o Belle Finegan (nee Downey) and late Jefferson Finegan of 428 N Port st; Harry lived at 822 N Curley st; Interment Mount Carmel Cemetery

GOLDBERG David 24 Apr 1937 h/o Jeannette Goldberg; lived at 1208 N Caroline st; Interment in Hebrew Mount Carmel Cemetery

GRUBER Meyer B 24 Apr 1937 h/o late Delia Louis Gruber; f/o Mrs. Morton Goldstrom of 5310 Fernpark ave

HAMILTON George Sr 24 Apr 1937 in his 69th yr; h/o late Annie M Hamilton; lived at 629 Gorsuch ave; Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

HENSLER Mary E 24 Apr 1937 w/o Alfred W; rest of copy cut off

IGLEHART Mary S 22 Apr 1937 w/o late Charles R Iglehart; 2113 Ellsmont st; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

INGLIS Charles A 24 Apr 1937 aged 91 yrs; h/o late Mary B Inglis, nee Lowrey; 4008 Pall Mall road; interment Druid Ridge Cemetery

JOECKEL Conrad Edward 22 Apr 1937 s/o Fred W and late Margaret Joeckel (nee Foons); bro/o Mrs Elizabeth M Sann of 5322 Winner ave; interment Druid Ridge Cemetery

JOHNSTON Clifton B 24 Apr 1937 s/o late Calvin B and Minnie Neal Johnston; funeral from Lilly & Zeiller's Funeral Home

KEPPLER William 23 Apr 1937 h/o late Belle D Keppler nee Nolte; funeral from Frederick A Cole parlor; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

KESSLER Pearl 24 Apr 1937 w/o late Charles Kessler, m/o Meyer W, Joseph N Kessler, Mrs. Jack Buckman; lived at 2810 Cold Spring Lane; interment Hebrew Homedale Cemetery

LAMBERT Richard McCulloh 24 Apr 1937 age 46 yrs; h/o Agnes M Lambert

MARLOW Mary Estelle 22 Apr 1937 nee Nichols; lived at 821 Unetta ave, died at Md Gen Hosp; w/o late William H Marlow; funeral at St Mark's church; interment St Mark's cemetery

MAY Kate 23 Apr 1937 w/o late Rev David May; funeral at William Cook Mansion; interment Ivy Hill Cemetery, Alexandria, VA

McCATHERINE John 22 Apr 1937 age 66 yrs; h/o late Margaret McCatherine; Mass at Sacred Heart of Mary Church; interment Trinity Cemetery

McKEE Thomas David 24 Apr 1937 h/o Margaret Jane McKee nee Houston; lived at 1507 Byrd st; interment Cedar Hill Cemetery

MILES Eugene S 23 Apr 1937 age 69 (?fuzzy copy) yrs; h/o Anna Miles nee Clifford; lived at 414 E Biddle st; interment Jessup, MD

MOHLER Lily A B 24 Apr 1937 lived in Catonsville; w/o late Frank L Mohler; mass at St Mark's Church; interment Cathedral Cemetery; also an announcement from MD State Society DAR

MOHR Charles H 23 Apr 1937 lived at 1825 Jefferson st; h/o Clara V Mohr; interment Baltimore Cemetery

MURRILL James L 24 Apr 1937 in his 91st yr; lived at 212 Chancery rd, Guildford; h/o late Frances Wheeler Murrill; funeral at University Baptist church; interment Greenmount Cemetery

NELSON John A 22 Apr 1937 h/o Katie May Nelson; lived in Laurel, MD; interment Greenwood Cemetery

OERTEL Henrietta 22 Apr 1937 d/o late Henry and Catherine Oertel; funeral at William Cook Mansion; interment Schwartz Cemetery

ORAM William B 23 Apr 1937 lived at 3901 Dorchester rd; h/o late Eleanor Oram; funeral at George J Smith parlor; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

PARKER William H 23 Apr 1937 h/o Lizzie May Parker; lived at 408 Woodlawn rd; entombment Greenmont Mausoleum

ROWZEE Clyde E 7 Apr 1937 h/o Emily A Rowzee nee Bowersox; lived at 2525 Lauretta ave

SAMUEL William S 22 Apr 1937 h/o Carrye B Samuel; lived at 1209 Eutaw pl; interment Har Sinai Cemetery

John 23 Apr 1937 age 65 yrs; h/o Sophia Schott nee Lohrmann; lived at 527 Regester ave; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

SCOTT Robert G 24 Apr 1937 lived at 132 N Washington st; f/o Bernice Gillmore; s/o late Robert Scott; h/o late Dorothy Scott; interment Asbury Cemetery

SHEA George W 24 Apr 1937 lived at 406 N Haven st; h/o Marie E Shea nee Nolker; s/o Mrs. Blanche De Ment of 504 S Newkirk st; interment Mount Carmel Cemetery

SHPRITZ Esther 24 Apr 1937 w/o late Henry Shpritz; funeral at Sol Levinson & Bros

SLUTER Florence E 23 Apr 1937 d/o late Jeremiah H and Elizabeth Sluter; funeral at Little's Funeral home; interment Loudon Park Cemetery; also a notice from Alpha Chapter 1 OES

STOECKER Otto 22 Apr 1937 h/o Mary Stoecker nee Brusak; lived at 910 N Patterswon Park ave; interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery

TOOLIN Joseph F 24 Apr 1937 h/o late Mary E Toolin; f/o John, Dorothy Toolin; funeral from Martin W E Dippel home; interment National Cemetery

TYLER Theodore 22 Apr 1937 lived at 3113 McElderry st; h/o late Grace Tyler nee Lewis; interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery

WALTERS Laura V 24 Apr 1937 w/o late William H Walters; funeral at William Cook Mansion; interment Mount Carmel Cemetery

WEAVER Juliet Frances 22 Apr 1937 w/o late Edmond E J Weaver; lived at 610 Claymont ave; interment Loudon Park Cemetery

WHITE Myrtle G 23 Apr 1937 nee Duvall; w/o Wesley P White; interment Magothy Cemetery

WILLIS Minnie 22 Apr 1937 nee Sohl; m/o Mrs. Betty Wallace of 128 W Fort ave; interment in Western Cemetery

WOLTERECK Gustav 24 Apr 1937 age 80 yrs; funeral at Mitchell Home

October 1937
Submitted by:

Beck - On Oct 28, 1937 at his home, 174 Collins ave. Frederick W., son of the late Ernest W. & Marie E. Beck (nee Kessler). Interment in Loudon Park Ceme.

Blackburn - On Oct 27, 1937, M. Olivia, wife of the late James M. Blackburn.  Funeral from her home 405 East Lorraine ave.  Interment Lorraine Cemetery.

Brookheiser - Suddenly on Oct 27, 1937 George J. husband of Catherine Kelly Brookheiser. Funeral from his home 609 Walnut avenue, Rognel Heights.  Requiem Mass at St. Agnes Church, Old Frederick road & St. Agnes Ln.

Brown - On Oct. 28, 1937 Anna Wilson, wife of Alexander Paul Brown.  Funeral at the home of her sister, Mrs. Richard F. Kieffer, 5220 Springlake Way, Homeland.  Interment in Chestnut Grove Presbyterian Ceme, Baltimore County.

Brown - On Oct 28, 1937 Herman E. husband of Ruth Alva Brown (nee Bailey).  Funeral from his late residence, Narrows, VA.

Cannon - Suddenly on Oct. 28, 1937 George E., aged 48 yrs, beloved husband of Sadie M. Denie Cannon.  Funeral will be at his home 2706 Hugo avenue.

Cardwell - On Oct. 27, 1937 Thomas, husband of the late Isabella Cardwell (nee Neeley) of 512 Cording avenue, Govans. (Philadelphia Pa.) and Toronto papers please copy.  Funeral from home of John A. Moran, Greenmount avenue & Fourtysecond st. Internment in Govans Presbyterian Ceme.

Carey - On Oct 28, 1937 Dr. Harry P. husband of Bertha M. Carey (nee Wolle)  Funeral from his home 3912 Belle avenue.

Caton - On Oct. 28, 1937 Mary F. (nee O'Brien) wife of the late Michael H. Caton.  Funeral from her late residence 1020 Valley st.  Requiem High Mass at St. Johns Church. Interment New Cathedral Ceme.

Cohen -  On Oct. 28, 1937 Norman D. husband of Kate Cohen.  Services at Sondheim Home, 1902 Eutaw Place.

Davis - On Oct. 27, 1937  Herman L. husband of Peral Beauchamp Davis.  Funeral from Mitchell Home 1900 Eutaw Place.

Dawson - On Oct. 28, 1937 Henry A. at his home, Rockville, MD. husband of Fannie K. Dawson & father of Walter W. Dawson.  Services at his late home, Rockville, MD. Interment in Union Ceme.

Deaner - On Oct 27, 1937 Grace Ella wife of the late Charles A. Deaner.  Funeral at home of her daughter, Mrs. Earl G. Rutter, Perryville, Md.  Internment Eakers Ceme, Aberdeen.

DiPauli (DiPaull?) - On Oct 25, 1937 Mary wife of Paul DiPauli (DiPaull?). Funeral from her late resdience 27 ____ Ann street.  Solemn Requiem High Mass at St. Leo's church. Interment Holy Redeemer Ceme.

Erdman - On Oct 27, 1937 Geroge M. Jr son of George M. & the late Emma Miller Erdman.  Funeral at William Cook Mansion, St Paul & Preston streets. Interment Baltimore Ceme.

Fester - On Oct 27, 1937 Norman H. wife of Genevieve A. Fester (nee Trabert)  Funeral from his late residence 3432 Hickory ave. Services at St Luke Lutheran Church, Thirtysixth st & Chestnut ave.  Intermnet in Druid Ridge Ceme.

(cut off)  George, aged 85 yrs, husband of Maud Mendel. Funeral at his home 1306 Sargent st. Interment in Western Cemetery.

Mettee - On Oct 26 1937 Mary A. widow of Norris I. Mettee. Funeral at home of her son, Holmes L. Mettee, 36?? Menlo drive. Interment private.

Miller - On Oct 27, 1937 at his home, 374 Main street, Laurel Md, George Maylon, husband of Gertrude Brown Miller. Funeral at St Mary's Catholic Church, Laurel, Md. Requiem Mass will be said.  Interment in Church Cemetery.

Miler - On Oct 26, 1937 Margaret Pearl (nee Byrue) wife of Brook H. Miller, (Wheeling, W. Va papers please copy). Funeral from her residence 5320 Fernpark avenue, Howard Park. Requiem Mass at All Saints Chapel. Interment New Cathedral  Cemetery.

Moffet - On Oct. 28, 1937 Hannah E. aged 81 yrs, wife of W. Owen Moffet. Funeral from her late residence, 7803 Eastern avenue. Interment Oaklawn Cemetery.

Moss - On Oct. 27 1937  at her home, Washington D.C., Amelia (nee Volz) wife of William J. Moss. Funeral from Sander Funeral Home, Baltimore st & Broadway. Interment in First Evangelical Cemetery.

Montgomery - On Oct 28, 1937 John H. aged 83 yrs, husband of the late Mollie S. Montgomery. Funeral from William Cook Mansion, St Paul & Preston streets. Interment Greenmount Cemetery.

O'Brien - On Oct. 26, 1937  Virginia wife of the late Peter J. O'Brien. Funeral from William Cook Mansion, St Paul& Preston streets.  Requiem Mass at St. Ann's Church. Interent New Cathedral Cemetery.

Oler - On Oct 28, 1937 Edmund D. aged 85 yrs. husband of Addie Fo?wood Oler. Funeral from his home 1719 Poplar Grove st. Interment Sa?er Cemetery.

Paca - On Oct 28, 1937 at his home Schucks Corner, Harford County, Md, A. Burns, son of the late John W. and Cassandra Gilbert Paca.  Funeral at Mount Zion M.E. Church. Interment in adjoining cemetery. {Please omit flowers}

Pennypacker - in Phildelphia, Pa on Oct 28, 1937 Charlotte Whitaker, widow of Issac R. Pennypacker. Funeral at St. George's Church, Perryman, Md.  Trains from Philadelphia leave at Thirtieth street.

Poehlman - On Oct 27,1937 Helen (nee Ortman) aged 43 yrs. wife of George Poehlman (Salisbury and Washington D.C. papers please copy.)  Funeral from her late residence 2100 Erdman avenue. Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.

Quintal - At Union Memorial hosptial on Oct 26, 1937 Marie of 110 West University Parkway, wife of late Charles Quintal.  Funeral at William Cook Mansion, St Paul & Preston streets. Requiem Mass at SS Philip & James Church. Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.

Rehmeyer - On Oct 28, 1937 Henry C. in his ninety-fifth year, husband of late Caroline Rehmeyer (nee Albrecht).  Funeral from his late residence 877 Madison ave. York, Pa. Interment in Shrewsbury, Pa.

Whitney - On Oct 24, 1937 at Bermuda, Wilmer B. son of Daniel R. and the the late Ella M. Whitney. Remains can be seen at the Henry Lutz Funeral Parlor. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery.

Whittington - On Oct 26, 1937 Adeline ?. aged 2? yrs, daughter of Olga Whittington and the late Marion Whittington.  Funeral from the residence of her mother, 3? North Cu?ley street. Interment Oak Lawn Cemetery.

Wuestland -On Oct 26, 1937 Marie Louise, wife of the late Frederick Wuestland. Funeral from her residence 2521 East Mdison st. Interment in St. Matthews Cemetery.

Baltimore Sun December 30, 1937
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

JONES.  On December 29, 1937, …SARAH ELIZABETH JONES “Aunt Sally”…Funeral services at Oella M.E. Church…interment in Oella Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

KEEN.  On December 28, 1937, EDGAR J KEEN, JR., aged 14 years, beloved s/o Edgar J and Viola Hooper Keen…St Cecelia’s Church…Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

KING.  On December 29, 1937, CATHERINE, aged 7 years, beloved dau/o Joseph J and Marie King (nee Disney)…St Michael’s Church…Baltimore Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

KLEIN.  On December 29, 1937, MARGARET (nee Eckmeyer)…w/o the late George Klein…Services at Zion Lutheran Church, Golden Ring road, Stemmers Run…interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

KORNICK.  Suddenly, on December 29, 1937, GEORGE A, beloved h/o Minna E Kornick (nee Spoerke).  Funeral…of which due notice will be given (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

LILLY.  On December 28, 1937,…JAMES GRANVILLE, aged 64 years, beloved h/o Catherine E Lilly…interment Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

LOCKERMAN.  On December 29, 1937, LUCY C (nee Hopkins), beloved w/o M. J. Lockerman [Richmond VA papers please copy]…Magothy Methodist Episcopal Church…interment in church cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

 LYNCH.  On December 28, 1937, WILLIAM J, beloved h/o Gertrude M. E. Lynch  (nee Andrews)…St Ann’s Church…Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

POTTER.  On December 28, 1937, STEPHEN HOLLISTER POTTER, M.D., beloved h/o Belle Bevis Potter…[Hamilton, Cincinnati Ohio papers please copy]…interment in Greenw?? Cemetery, Hamilton Ohio (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

PUMPHREY.  On December 29, 1937, LOUISE L, aged 64 years, beloved w/o John T Pumphrey…Ilchester, Howard county of which due notice will be given (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

RATHGEBER.  On December 26, 1937, C HENRY, beloved h/o the late Mary Rathgeber…Woodlawn Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)

RYAN.  On December 23, 1937, at Monica CA, ROBERT H (HARRY), h/o Katherine (nee Smith) [Richmond VA papers please copy]…St Cecilia’s Church…New Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 12/30/1937)


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