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Baltimore Sun January 23, 1934
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

BENSON.  On January 20, 1934, R. SEYMOUR, aged 71 years, beloved h/o Mary E Benson (nee Markland)…Interment in Mount Carmel M. E. Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

GREEN.  Suddenly, on January 20, 1934, WILLARD W, aged 66 years, beloved h/o Leah Green (nee Russell)…Interment in Orem Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

GRENZER.  On January 22, 1934, ANNIE (nee Trischmann), beloved w/o the late Louis E Grenzer…Interment in Immanuel Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

HARBITT.  On January 20, 1934, NETTIE, beloved w/o the late Dr. Maurice B Harbitt (nee Stockslager) [Piedmont WV, Herald & Mouston WI papers please copy]…Interment in Athens, Tennessee (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

HARRIGAN.  On January 21, 1934, MAMIE, beloved dau/o the late Michael and Elizabeth McCormick Harrigan [Washington DC papers please copy]…Requiem Mass at St Mary Star of the Sea Church…Interment Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

HEAPS.  On January 20, 1934, WILLIAM W., beloved h/o Kate M Heaps…Interment at Emory, Harford county…(Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

HAUENSTEIN.  On September 16, 1936, MARIE H (nee Tuckerman), aged 59 years, beloved w/o the late John G Hauenstein…Interment Western Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/19/1936)

HAUSE.  On September 15, 1934, JEAN MARIE, aged 4 years, beloved dau/o Louis Milton and Marie Hause (nee Nolte)…Interment in Parkwood Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

HEATTERICH.  On September 17, 1936, GEORGE W, beloved h/o Christina Heatterich…Interment Parkwood Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/19/1936)

Baltimore Sun January 1934
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

BAUMGARTEN.  On January 24, 1934, MATTIE V (nee Rhodes), beloved w/o Leo J Baumgarten…Interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

Submitted by: Dan Rhema

LEONARD -On April 1, 1934, DANIEL, beloved husband of Annie Leonard (nee Vogel).
Funeral will take place from the residence of his son, Mr. Frank Leonard, 807 North Chapel street, on Wednesday, April 4, at 2 P. M.
Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery.

Baltimore Sun 21st June 1934

Palmer, - On 19th June 1934, Mary Ellen, beloved wife of the late J. Nelson Palmer. Funeral from 3103 Chesley avenue, Hamilton, on Friday at 9 A.M. Interment at New Freedom, PA.

Peters, - On 19th June 1934, Marie M., aged (looks like 51) years, beloved wife of Detler H. Peters. Funeral services at the Wm. Cook Funeral Mansion, St. Paul and Preston streets on Friday at 3:30 o clock. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery.

Plowman, - On 18th June 1934, Albert L., beloved husband of Elizabeth F. Plowman. Funeral from his late residence, 2(9 or 0)14 Woodland avenue, on Thursday at 1 P.M. Interment in Lorraine Cemetery.

Porcella, - On 18th June 1934, Joseph L., aged 53 years, beloved husband of Mary A. Porcella (nee Fritsche). Funeral services at his home, 170(0 or 5) East Fairmount avenue, on Friday at 8:30 A.M. Requiem Mass at ST. Patrick s Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Mount Olivet Cemetery.

Propf, - On 20th June 1934, Magdelene (Lena) (nee Krieger), beloved wife of the late Henry Propf. Funeral from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Anna Schultz, 1001 Rosedale street on Friday at 3 P.M. Interment Loudon Park Cemetery.

Riebold, - On 20th June 1934, Louis, beloved husband of Mary Riebold (nee Zimmerman). Funeral from his late residence, 1637 North Durham street on Saturday, 23rd June, at 8 A.M. Requiem High Mass at St. James Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

Ross, - On 19th June 1934, Ellen (nee Kenny), widow of Patrick Ross. Funeral from her late residence, 2103 Allendale road, on Thursday, 21st June, at 8:30 A.M. Requiem High Mass at St. Cecilia s Church at 9 A.M. Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.

Runkles, - On 20th June 1934, at his residence, Grays, Baltimore county, John H., beloved husband of Elizabeth Catherine Runkles (nee Mock). Funeral from above residence Saturday at 2 P.M. Interment in St. John s Cemetery.

Schaefer, - On 20th June 1934, Carlena (Lena) (nee Depkin), wife of the late Edward Schaefer. Funeral services will be held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Louise Roeder, 2303 Avalon avenue, on Friday at 2 P.M. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery.

Schley, - Suddenly, on 18th June 1934, John E., beloved husband of Blanche E. Schley (nee Lacy). Funeral from his late residence, 1007 East Preston street on Thursday at 8:30 A.M. Requiem Mass St. John s Church at 9 A.M. Interment New Cathedral Cemetery.

Schneider, - On 10th June 1934, Dr. John w., formerly of 628 East Eager .the rest is cut off

Baltimore Sun September 16, 1934
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

DRISCOLL.  On September 15, 1934, MICHAEL B, beloved s/o the late John and Nora Driscoll…Requiem Mass at St Vincent’s Church…Interment Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

DUTTON.  On the afternoon of September 15, 1934…ROBERT J, beloved h/o Mollie Dutton…Interment Mount Carmel Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

DVORAK.  On September 14, 1934, WENCESLAUS, beloved h/o Anna Dvorak…Solemn high mass at St Wenceslaus Church…Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

ECKERL.  On September 14, 1934, LILLIAN O., beloved w/o John L Eckerl…Funeral from the home of A Howard Evans…on Monday at 2 PM.  Interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

FERRIS.  Suddenly on September 13, 1934, EDWARD S, beloved s/o the late Thomas and Annie Ferris.  Funeral from the residence of his sister, Mrs. Florence M Curran…Requiem High Mass at St Andrew’s Church…Interment in Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

FRANK.  On September 14, 1934, BENJAMIN, beloved h/o Rebecca Frank (nee Weinberg)…Interment in Hebrew Friendship Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

GALLAGHER.  On September 15, 1934, WILIAM J SR., beloved h/o the late Bertha C Gallagher (nee Beck)…Requiem Mass at St Bernard’s Church…Interment Western Cemetery (Balto Sun 09/16/1934)

HETTERICH.  On January 22, 1934, MARGARET ELIZABETH, aged 65 years, beloved w/o Jacob Hetterich.  Funeral from her late residence…on Wednesday at 2:30 PM.  Interment in Jerusalem Lutheran Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

HIBBITTS.  Suddenly on January 21, 1934, THOMAS P., beloved h/o the late Mary J Hibbitts (nee Creagh)…Requiem High Mass at St Cecelia’s Church…Interment New Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

HILTZ.  On January 22, 1934, ELIZABETH A, aged 67 years, beloved w/o Phillip R Hiltz, Sr.  Funeral from her home…Rosedale…Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/23/1934)

Baltimore Sun October 21,1934
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HARMER.  On October 18, 1934, at U.S.A. Veteran Hospital, Aspinwall PA, CHARLES E, beloved f/o Charles E Harmer Jr  [Chicago papers please copy]. ..Interment Loudon Park (Balto Sun 10/21/1934)

SAYLER.  Suddenly on October 20, 1934, BIRDIE E, beloved w/o Thornton E Saylor…Interment Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/21/1934)

SHANKS.  Suddenly on October 20, 1934, MARTIN J…aged 70 years, beloved h/o the late Margaret Shanks (nee Roach)…Requiem Mass at St Edward’s Church…Interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/21/1934)

SIPPEL.  Suddenly, October 20, 1934, ANNA B (nee Slaine), beloved dau/of Anna N Tyson…Requiem Mass St Ambrose Church…Interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/21/1934)

STAMMER.  On October 20, 1934, GOTTLIEB C, beloved h/o Josephine A Stammer (nee Turc).  Funeral from his home…Curtis Bay.  Notice later (Balto Sun 10/21/1934)

SZAMBORSKI (SCHULTZ).  Suddenly on October 18, 1934, EDWARD, beloved husband of Elizabeth Szamborski (nee Kmieciak)…St Patrick’s Church…Requiem Mass…Interment in St Stanislaus Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/21/1934)

TRIPLETT.  On October 18, 1934, PAGE F, beloved h/o Prudence Triplett…Interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/21/1934)

The Baltimore Sun  December 24. 1934
Submitted by Gail Boyles

Bauernschmidt - Suddenly on December 21, 1934, at his residence, 1 East University Parkway, William, husband of Marie Bauernschmidt.
Services at the above residence on Monday at 2 o'clock. Interment private.

Bentz - Suddenly, on December 23, 1934, Earl, beloved son of the late William and Carrie Bentz.
Funeral from the Funeral Home of John C. Miller, 2433-35 East Oliver Street. Due notice later.

METCALFE - On December 23, 1934, Charles William, beloved husband of Roberta B. Metcalfe.
Funeral services at his home, 1043 Roland Heights Avenue on Wednesday at 2 PM. Interment in Woodlawn Cemetery.

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