Obits 1930


Baltimore Sun January 8, 1930
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

BLOECHER.  On January 5, 1930, LILLY (nee Werley) the beloved w/o the late Joseph Bloecher…Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

BOWEN.  On January 3, 1930, WILLIAM G, beloved h/o the late Catherine Bowen [Calvert county papers please copy]…interment Mount Carmel Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

BOOTH.  On January 7, 1930, at Germantown PA, EMILY REDE BOOTH.  Funeral will be held at New Castle, Delaware, January 8 at 3 PM (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

BRIDGE.  Suddenly on January 7, 1930, STEPHEN OLIVER, beloved h/o Margaret Dingle Bridge…interment in Greenmount Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

CLEMENTS.  On January 5, 1930, JOHN E, aged 3 years, beloved s/o Philip O and Esther M Clements (nee Wagner).  Funeral from his parents’ residence…Catonsville…interment in Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

COULBOURN.  On January 6, 1930, …TERESA P, beloved w/o Robert M Coulbourn…interment private (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

CUDDY.  On January 7, 1930, at Providence Hospital, Washington DC, M FRANK, beloved h/o Teresa McMamara Cuddy and father of the Rev. Michael J Cuddy…son of the late Michael and Mary Ward Cuddy…(Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

HUGHES.  On January 7, 1930, KATE RAMSEY, aged 73 years, beloved w/o John Hughes, Jr. Funeral from her late residence…Ten Hills…interment Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

KELLY.  On January 6, 1930, at his residence…FRANK W, beloved s/o Ellen E and the late William J Kelly…Requiem Mass at St John’s Catholic Church, Long Green…interment in St John’s Cemetery, Long Green (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

KEPLINGER.  On January 7, 1930, after a short illness, JACOB H, h/o the late Julia E Keplinger…Interment in Presbyterian Cemetery, Govans (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

KIRWAN.  On January 7, 1930, EDGAR F, aged 73 years, h/o Pamelia Greenwood Kirwan…funeral services at his home…(Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

KLEIN.  On January 6, 1930, at Jacksonville, Baltimore county, Md., ANNA, w/o the late Joseph Klein.  Funeral from her late residence…Funeral service at First Reformed Church, Jacksonville…interment in adjoining cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

KRAUSS.  On January 7, 1930, SUSANNA KRAUSS (nee Frederick), aged 78 years, beloved w/o the late George Krauss…interment in St Matthews’ Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

KYNE.  Suddenly on January 7, 1930, DELIA KYNE.  Funeral from the residence of her sister, Mrs. John Flannagan…of which due notice will be given (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

LAPIN.  On January 7, 1930, FRANK, beloved s/o Caroline and the late Frank Lapin.  Funeral from the residence of his cousin, Mr. Julius Erdman…interment in Trinity Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

LOCHBOEHLER.  On January 6, 1930, after a short illness, DR GEORGE J, aged 64 years, beloved h/o Mary M Lochboehler (nee Schmitt) [Washington DC papers please copy]…Solemn Requiem Mass at Sacred Heart Church…interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

JENKINS.  On January 7, 1930, SISTER MARY BAPTISTA, aged 64 years.  Requiem Mass at Mount St Agnes’ Convent Chapel on Thursday at 9 AM (Balto Sun 01/08/1930)

Submitted by:  Dan Rhema

VENKER -- On February 21, 1930, IDA V, beloved wife of John G. Venker. Funeral services at the residence of her son, James H. Venker, 1000 South Robinson St., on Tuesday, February 25 at 3 PM, interment in Schwartz Cemetery.

Baltimore Sun March 1930
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HANLON, Thomas J                          02/25/1930           Feb 25, 1930, THOMAS J…h/o CatherineT Hanlon…
New Cathedral Cemetery

HEALEY, Mary A                               02/25/1930           Feb 25, 1930, MARY A (nee Maher) w/o the late John T Healey…St Martin’s Church…Loudon Park Cemetery

HELM, Louis                                       02/24/1930           Feb 24, 1930, LOUIS, in his 43rd year,
h/o Theresa Helm (nee Waechter?)…Oaklawn Cemetery

HILGEMAN, Henry Sr                       02/25/1930           Feb 25, 1930, HENRY SR., h/o the late Louise Hilgeman
…Mount Caramel Cemetery

HOFSTETTER, Laura V                    02/26/1930           On February 26, 1930, LAURA V.,  
Beloved wife of William H Hofstetter, Sr.  Relativesd and friends are invited to attend funeral service at her home,
1535 East North avenue, Saturday, March 1, at 3:30 PM.  Interment Greenmount Cemetery

 HOPKINS, Marcie V                          02/26/1930           Feb 26, 1930, MARCIE V, w/o the late George R Hopkins
…Harmony Cemetery, Harford county

 HOUSE, Emma J                                 02/26/1930           Feb 26, 1930, EMMA J,...dau/o the late Thomas & Harriet A Hoffman House… Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery

JACKSON, Marah R G                      02/25/1930           Feb 25, 1930…Darlington MD, MARAH R. G.,
w/o Charles E Jackson…interment Broad Creek Cemetery.

Baltimore Sun March 1930
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

MILLER, Julia A                                 03/13/1930           w/o the late Frank Miller.  Interment               Baltimore Cemetery

MOLESWORTH, Nellie E  03/14/1930           w/o Lewis C Molesworth.  Funeral                   Services at Bethel Church, Cascade
 MD.  Interment in adjoining cemetery.  late Robert J., Sr and Ann J Padgett. Funeral…Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

 PONTIER, Mary Elizabeth                03/13/1930           aged 68 years, w/o the late Louis E                
(nee MacWilliams)                                                              Pontier.  Interment Greenmount Cem.

 RAUCH, Frederick                              03/13/1930           aged 72 years, h/o Annie Rauch                     
(Heatterich).  Interment Greenmount Cem.

 REGNIER, Margaret T                       03/12/1930           aged 76 years, w/o Charles Regnier                

REHAN, Edward                                 03/14/1930           h/o Frieda Rehan in his 40th year                      Interment private

RUTH, Andrew J                                 03/12/1930           h/o the late Annie B Ruth (Donovan)            
Requiem High Mass at St Patrick’s Church…interment National Cemetery.

RUTH, George J                                   03/13/1930           h/o Mary T Ruth (Dippel).  Requiem              
Mass at St Paul’s Church…interment New Cathedral Cemetery

SCOTT, Annie E   (Hahn)                               03/13/1930           w/o Harry L Scott.  Interment Greenmount   Balto Sun 03/00/1930
Feb 1 at 2 PM.  Interment Mt Auburn Cemetery

Baltimore Sun June 10, 1930
Submitted by:  Lynn Smith

SITES- On June 7.1930, JAMES G beloved husband of Mary E Sites(nee Floyd)
Funeral from the residence of his daughter Mrs. Frederick Cassleggi,1311
Cambria St,Brooklyn, on Tuesday, June 10 at 3 P.M. (daylight savings time)
Interment in Western Cemetery.

SMITH- On June 8.1930 HARRY C aged 68 years, beloved husband of the late Ida
B (nee Neal)
Funeral from the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Albert, 2376
Edmonton Ave, on Tuesday afternoon at 2 P.M.(standard time) Interment in Baltimore

SMITH- On June 8.1930 ALLEN LINCOLN, beloved husband of Mabel K Smith
(Massachusetts and Maine papers please copy)
Funeral from his late residence, 2610 St. Paul St., on Wed at 2 P.M.
(daylight savings time)
Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.

THOMAS-Suddenly of June 6.1930 at Fort Sill Okla, Major CHARLES E, husband of
Margaret Watson Thomas and son of Lillian Robinson and the late Harry Tustin
Due notice of funeral.

VOHRER- On June 8.1930 KARL, aged 65 years, beloved husband of Helen Lindner
Funeral from his late residence 3104 Virginia Ave, on Wed at 3:30
P.M.(daylight savings time) Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery.

WAGNER-On June 9.1930 at his late residence, Boulevard Apartments, HENRY,
beloved husband of Annie Miller Wagner.
Funeral from the Parlor of George Weber & Son 2503 Edmondson Ave on
Thursday, June 12 at 11 A.M.(daylight savings time) Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery.

WEBSTER- On June 8.1930 EDWARD ROYCE, aged 6 years and 8 months, beloved
son of Everett B and Lillian H Webster (nee Huth)
Funeral from the Sydenham Hospital on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock
(standard time)
Interment in Parkwood Cemetery.

WELSH-On June 8.1930, WILLIAM MARION, beloved husband of Carrie Welsh, 610
Pitcher St,also survived by one daughter, Mrs. Arthur J. Payne,two sisters,
Alice Johnson and Rosa Hagley,two brothers, The Reverend Thomas Welsh and Charles
Remains can be seen at Mrs. George H. Holland's Funeral Home, 1633 Druid
Hill Ave, Friends are invited to attend the funeral services from Sharp Street
Memorial Church on Tuesday, June 10, at 2 P.M. (standard time) Interment in
Mount Auburn Cemetery.

WHITE-On June 7.1930 W.WILSON,beloved son of Emma A. and the late B.A. White.
Funeral from the residence of his mother 532 Annabel Ave, Brooklyn, on
Tuesday at 1:30 P.M. (daylight savings time) Interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery

Baltimore Sun November 7, 1930
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HEWITT, Rachel V                            11/05/1930           On November 5, 1930, …Ellicott City,  
Baltimore county MD, RACHEL V, w/oDan Doracy Hewitt.  Interment St John’s Cem

HILGARTNER, Charles L 11/04/1930           On November 4, 1930, CHARLES L             
h/o Katherine E Hilgartner.  Interment Lorraine Cemetery

HILL, Clarence L Sr                           11/05/1930           On November 5, 1930, CLARENCE L          
SR, aged 64 years, h/o Julia Hill (nee Rumohr).  Interment Loudon Park Cem.

HOFSTETTER, Bertha A                  11/06/1930           On November 6, 1930, BERTHA A HOFSTETTER (nee Hoffmeister),
aged 60 years, beloved w/o the late John A Hofstetter.  Funeral from her late residence
Cedella avenue, near East Frankford avenue, Raspeburg, on Monday at 2:30 PM. Interment Baltimore Cemetery

JACOB, Robert E                                11/06/1930           Suddenly, on November 6, 1930                     
ROBERT E, aged 31 years, h/o  Carrie Jacob (nee Post).  Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery

KENNEY, Margaret Anderson         11/03/1930           On November 3, 1930, Margaret Anderson Kenny
w/o the late Frederick Kenny.  Funeral from the  residence of brother Andrew Anderson…
Requiem High Mass at St Joseph’s Church.  Interment New Cathedral Cem.

KNAPP, John                                       11/04/1930           On November 4, 1930, at his residence 
..Texas, Baltimore county MD, JOHN, in his 76th year, h/o Selinda Knapp (nee Hilbinger). 
Funeral from the above residence…thence to St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Lutherville, where
services will be held.  Interment in Sherwood Cemetery, Cockeysville

KUHLEMANN, Henry S                   11/06/1930           On November 6, 1930, HENRY S h/o Eleanora Dreyer Kuhlemann. 
Interment St Paul’s Cemetery, Violetville MD


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