Obits  1926

Baltimore Sun, Jan. 2, 1926
Submitted By:  Mona Everett
COOK--Suddenly, on December 29, 1925, JOSEPHINE E., mother of Charles C. Cook. (Washington (D.C.) papers please copy.) Funeral from her son's residence, 105 Birdwood avenue, Catonsville, on Saturday, at 8 A.M. mass and interment at St. Rosen Church, Cloppers, Md., at 10 A.M.

--On the evening of Jan. 1, 1926, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. George H. Benhoff, 6215 York road, MARY, beloved wife of the late Jacob Crone. Due notice of funeral will be given.

--Suddenly on December 30, 1925, INDIA ELLSWORTH, beloved wife of
Ellsworth L.(or I.) Gardner. Funeral services will be held at her late
residence, 2512(?) Pennsylvania avenue, on Saturday, January 2, at 9:45 A.M.
Interment at Deer(?) Park Cemetery, Carroll county, Md.

KRAUSE--Suddenly, on January 1, 1926, at his home, Woodhome avenue, Pikesville, WALTER H., aged 45 years, beloved son of the late Philip H. and Hannah Krause. Funeral services at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Fulton, Howard county, Md., on Sunday at 2:30 P.M. Interment in church cemetery.

Baltimore Sun January 10, 1926
Submitted by:  Anne Marie Willis

On Jan 8, 1926, GEORGE B., h/o Margaret A. (nee McMANUS), residence, 1406 N. Central Ave., interment in Greenmount Cemetery.

On Jan. 8, 1926, ANNA MARIE (nee ROSER), aged 52 yrs, w/o John Goellner. Residence 25 W Hamilton Ave., interment Jerusalem Cemetery, Gardenville.

On Jan. 9, 1926, MARGARET S. GREEN. Residence 2452 W Baltimore St., interment at Woodsboro, Frederick Co., MD

On Jan. 7, 1926, JENNIE KEARNEY GREENFIELD, w/o Andrew J. Greenfield. Residence 3907 Forest Park Ave., interment in Lorraine Cemetery.

On Jan. 7, 1926, GEORGE M., Jr., s/o Mamie (nee SHADRICK) and the late George M. Hammen. Residence 1923 Jefferson St., funeral St. Andrew’s Church, interment in Loudon Park Cemetery.

On Jan. 8, 1926, WILLIAM F., h/o Ida. Funeral from his home in Chase, services and interment at Trinity Lutheran Church, Joppa, MD.

On Jan. 9, 1926, ROBERTA MacGILL, w/o the late George Henry Howard.

On Jan. 8, 1926, JANE ELIZABETH, w/o the late Gotleib J. Huster. Funeral from home of dau. Mrs. J. McCLARY, 127 N. Curley St.

On Jan. 7, 1926, WILLIAM J., s/o the late William J. and Teresa Iglehart, bro. of Mrs. Catherine BALZER, funeral at St. Edward’s Church, interment in New Cathedral Cemetery.

On Jan. 7, 1926, HOWARD, h/o Sarah A. (nee DEHN). Funeral from residence at 1230 William St., interment Cedar Hill Cemetery.

On Jan. 8, 1926, FREDERICK E., s/o Amelia JOHNSON, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Johnson. Interment in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

On Jan. 7, 1926, EDWIN A., h/o Anna (nee SCHUSTER), residence 112 N. Ellwood Ave., interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

On Jan. 7, 1926, FRANK, h/o Mary Rose. Residence 206 Brock Ave., Raspeburg, funeral at St. Michael’s Church, Overlea, interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

On Jan. 8, 1926, ELIZABETH (nee SCHAMBERGER), w/o William J. Rosenberger. Residence 2012 Ashland Ave., funeral St. Andrew’s Church, interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

On Jan. 8, 1926, MARGARET ( nee SILBER), w/o Jacob Sanders. Residence 1250 N. Bradford St., funeral at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, interment Baltimore Cemetery.

On Jan. 8, 1926, JOHN HENRY, h/o Josephine A. Seward. Residence 3003 St Paul St., interment Loudon Park Cemetery.

On Jan. 7, 1926, ANNIE M., w/o the late Frank Smith. Residence 1136 Riverside Ave., funeral Holy Cross Church, interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

On Jan 9, 1926, JOHN M., h/o the late Sarah Smith, father of Mrs. Laura Dixon. Interment in United States National Cemetery.

Baltimore Sun February 1, 1926
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HARTMAN, Leonard H                    01/28/1926           On Jan. 28, 1926 LEONARD H
h/oAnna R Hartman.  Interment  Parkwood Cemetery

HATFIELD, Mary Lucille                  01/28/1926           On Jan. 28, 1926, MARY LUCILLE                
dau/o Schuyler C & Margaret E  Hatfield…William J Tickner & Sons parlors, North & PA aves…

 HIGBY, James H                                                01/31/1926           On Jan 31, 1926, JAMES H HIGBY               
aged 80 years…Aged Men’s Home, 1400 W Lexington street…

HINES, Conrad                                   01/30/1926           On Jan 30, 1926…Ellicott City, Howard         
County, CONRAD, aged 70 years, h/o Margaret Hines…St Mary’s Church, Ilchester…New Cathedral Cemetery

 HOFFMEYER, Charles W 01/31/1926           Suddenly on Jan. 31, 1926…CHARLES        
W, aged 51 years h/o Edna Hoffmeyer (nee Ireland).  Due notice of funeral will be given.

 HOFSTETTER, Philip H                    01/30/1926           On Jan 30, 1926, at his home,
840 Konig street, PHILIP H, in his 71st year, h/o Anna Dienstbler  Hofstetter.  Funeral from the
above residence on Wed. Feb. 3 at 8:30 AM Requiem Mass at Corpus Christi Church At 9 AM

 HOOK, Ann Eliza                                01/31/1926           On Jan. 31, 1926, ANN ELIZA,
w/o the late Thomas W Hook…dau… West Elkridge…due notice will be given

 HOPP, Philip                                         01/28/1926           On Jan. 28, 1926…PHILIP, aged 70               
h/o Mary Hopp (nee Lederman)… Holy Redeemer Cemetery

HOWARD, Mary D                             01/31/1926           On Jan. 31, 1926…Cooksville MD,                 
MARY D HOWARD…Harmony M.E. Church South…

HUBERT, Harriet M                           01/30/1926           On Jan. 30, 1926, HARRIET M HUBERT     
aged 76, w/o the late John R Hubert… Parkwood Cemetery

Baltimore Sun of Feb 10 1926. This is not the exact text due to copyright considerations. If anyone wants the full text, please contact me. Anne Marie 

KIRKENDALL - Frances Smeykal Kirkendall (nee Duback). died 2/7/1926. Burial in Oakhill Cemetery. 

LANG - Frederick Lang died 2/7/1926. Parents: Ferdinand and the late Anna M. Lang. Burial in Western Cemetery. 

LEDDON - Benjamin Leddon, died 2/7/1926, age 71. Husband of the late Ida Leddon (nee Galloway) Burial in Mount Olivet Cemetery.

 LINN - Margaret A. Linn died 2/7/1926. Daughter of the late Michael and Mary Linn. Buried in Cathedral Cemetery.

 MATTHAEI - Christine Matthaei died 2/7/1926. Daughter of the late Louis and Elizabeth Matthaei. Buried Mount Olivet Cemetery. 

McLAUGHLIN - Joseph McLaughlin died 2/8/1926. Buried in Loudon Park Cemetery.

 METCALF - William H. Metcalf died 2/9/1926. Husband of Cecilia F. Metcalf (nee Councilman) 

MEYLAN - MLLE. Fanny Th. Meylan died 2/3/1926 at Cannes, France. Sister of Mrs. B T. Fawcett. 

MONKHOUSE - Samuel J. Monkhouse, Jr died 2/9/1926. Son of Samuel J. and Bessie Monkhouse (nee Miller) Buried in Loudon Park Cemetery. 

TALBOTT - Maud C. Talbott, age 29, died 2/9/1926. Wife of Joshua W. Talbott. BUrial in Parkwood Cemetery. 

TRAVERS - Hattie Keene Travers died 2/8/1926. Wife of William Dove Travers. Buried in Cathedral Cemetery.

 TRIMBLE - Hannah Mary Trimble, age 100, died 2/9/1926. Buried in Friends Burial Ground. 

TUMINELLO - Concetta Marie TUminello died 2/9/1926. Wife of the late Nicholas Tuminello. Buried in New Cathedral Cemetery. 

WALTON - Mary Elizabeth Walton died 2/8/1926. Wife of the late Jesse F. Walton. BUried in Greenmount Cemetery.

 WATSON - Emma T. Watson died 2/9/1926. Wife of Walter H. Watson. Buried in Loudon Park Cemetery.

 WEINBERG - Samuel Weinberg, age 53, died 2/8/1926 in Allston, Massachusettes. Husband of Minnie Weinberg, father of Arnold L. Weinberg.Buried Baltimore Hebrew Cemetery. 

WELLER - Frank W. Weller, age 39 died 2/7/1926/ Husband of Nellie Weller (nee Kemp) Bried in Mount Olivet Cemetery

CLATCHEY - Sarah A. Clatchey, age 87, died 2/7/1926. Wife of the late James M. Clatchey. Buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery

CONAWAY - Isaac Henry Conaway, age 69, died 2/7/1926. Husband of the late Caroline J. Conaway. Buried in Western Cemetery. 

CORRIGAN - Patrick Corrigan died 2/8/1926. Husband of the late Catherine Corrigan. Funeral at St. Pius Church. Cemetery not mentioned.

 CUNNINGHAM - Mary Virginia Cunningham, age 73, died 2/7/1926. Wife of the late Howard Cunningham. Requested that Frederick Co., MD papers copy. Buried in Baltimore Cemetery.

 DIEM - Marie L. Diem, age 9 months, died 2/9/1926. Daughter of Anthony J. and Louise E.F. Diem (nee Merle). Burial private.

 DORSEY - Jonathan Dorsey, age 62, died 2/8/1926. Husband of Nellie Warfield Dorsey and son of the late Jonathan M. and Julia Stocksdale Dorsey. BUrial in Springfield Cemetery. 

DOYLE - James T. Doyle died 2/9/1926. Son of the late Patrick and Elizabeth Doyle. Burial in Cathedral Cemetery.

 DREWRY - Alice MacGill Drewry, age 86, died in Richmond, VA on 2/9/1926. WIfe of the late Dr. Samuel Davies Drewry and daughter of the late Mary Ragan and Dr. Charles MacGill. Funeral in Richmond, VA.

Baltimore Sun, March 27, 1926
Submitted By:  Geri

aged 24years,beloved wife of JOHN M. ALEXANDER.Funeral from her late residence.Hazel ave. near Hazelwood  avenune Raspeburg.Due notice of funeral.                                                                          

Alvey-On March 25 1926 JOSEPH H. infant son of JOSEPH S.and GOLDIE ALVEY.
Funeral from his  parents residence.313 scott street,on SATURDAY at 10 A.M.                                          

BLUM-On March 26,1926 at 10 A.M.,BERNHARDT,beloved husband of SARAH BLUM [LOS ANGELES[CAL.]

and NEW ROCHELLE [N.Y.[ PAPERS PLEASE COPY]                                                 Funeral from his late residence 2901 Parkwood avenue,on Sunday morning March 28 at . 11 o'clock. Interment in OHEB SHOLOM cemetery. Please omit flowers.                                                                    

BOUSE-On March 25,1926, after a short illness,ROBERT H. beloved husband of the late MARY A. BOUSE [nee HASKIE]. Member of the third order of ST. FRANCIS.[WASHINGTON [D.C.] and NEW YORK papers please copy]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Funeral from the late residence,317 South Ann Street, on Tuesday March 30 at 8;15 A.M Solemn Requlem High Mass at St. Patrick's Church at 9 A.M Interment  in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.                                                      

BOWERS-On March 26,1926, JOHN beloved son of the late KILLIAN and JOHANNA HILLEN BOWERS.
Funeral from his home 10 Poultney street on Monday at 2 P.M.
Interment in Baltimore Cemetery.

CALHOUN-On March 25,1925 THOMAS A.,beloved husband of ROBERTA J.CALHOUN
Funeral from his late residence near Aberdeen, on Saturday March 27 at 1 P.M.
Interment in Baker's cemetery

CAMPBELL- On March 26,1926, LEONARD REEDER ,beloved son of LUCILLE E. and the late JOHN A. CAMPBELL
Funeral from Joseph B. Cook's parlors,1003 W. Baltimore strret, on Monday at 10 A.M.

CARBELL-On March 25,1926, M. ETHEL CARBELL[nee Wilson] in her 29th year, beloved wife of WILLIAM E. CARBELL. 
Funeral from the residence of her aunt.Mrs.J. H. Moore,2328 Harlem 
                    Rest is cut off

Baltimore Sun March 27,1926
Submitted by:  Richard Braytom

CUMMINGS-On March 23,1926,ALEXANDER L.,beloved husband of the late MARY BOGUE and son of of the  late JOHN and ELLEN E. CUMMINGS.Funeral from his late residence,15 West Mulberry St. on  Saturday March 27, at 9:30 A.M.Requiem Mass at the Cathedral at 10 A.M. [Please omit flowers]                                                   

DANNETTAL-On March 24,1926,CHARLES H.,beloved husband of Christann Giles Dannettel,in his 72d year.          Funeral services from  his late residence,2129 Lyndhurst street,on Saturday afternoonat 3:30 o'clock. Interment in Loudon   Park Cemetery.                                                                                                

DEMPSEY-On  March  25,  1926 at  St. Agnes Hospital.GERALD  EUGENE,aged   12 years. beloved  child of JOHN  C. and ANN  DEMPSEY [nee Giles]Funeral  from the residence of his parents,2029 Winchester st., On Monday at 8:30 A.M.. Angels Mass at St. Edwards Church at 9A.M.  Interment New Cathedral   Cemetery

Baltimore Sun April 4, 1926
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

FREEMAN, Minnie                             03/31/1926           On March 31, 1926, after a short Illness, MINNIE, aged 74 years,
w/o Charles P Freeman.  Interment Oak Lawn Cemetery

FUHRMAN, Georgia V                      04/02/1926           Suddenly on April 2, 1926, GEORGIA            wid/o Delphy J Fuhrman.
Interment Druid Ridge Cemetery

GOLDSTEIN, David                           04/02/1926           On April 2, 1926 at 5:30 PM,             
aged 66 years.  Interment in B’nai Israel Cemetery (omit flowers)

HACKNEY, Ruth E                            04/02/1926           On April 2, 1926, aged 15 years,                     
dau/o Grace M and the late Frederick Harkney (nee Porter) Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

HEINZ, Katherine A                           04/02/1926           On April 2, 1926, KATHERINE A                   (nee Toepfer) w/o Edward Heinz.
Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

 HENRY, George W                             04/08/1926           On April 8, 1926, at his residence…
 Funeral …from above residence.  Interment Camp Chapel Cemetery, Fullerton MD

HOFSTETTER, Carolyn D                04/03/1926           On April 3, 1926, CAROLYN D,     aged 1 year and 6 months, d/o
Charles E and Caroline Hofstetter (nee Spuck).  Funeral from the residence of her parents, 16 West White avenue,
Hamilton, on Monday, April 5, at 11:30 AM.  Interment Baltimore Cemetery

JONES, George W                                03/31/1926           On March 31, 1926, at 4:45 PM GEORGE W JONES, at the age of 38 years, h/o Annie E Jones (nee Maurer).  Funeral from his late residence…thence to St Michael’s Chruch,
where a Requiem Mass will be said at 9 o’clock.  Interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery

KALER, Elizabeth                              04/01/1926           On April 1, 1926, …ELIZABETH,   w/o the late John Kaler.  Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

KAUFMAN, William                          04/01/1926           On April 1, 1926, WILLIAM, h/o the  late Mary E Kaufman. 
 Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

REUSING, Agatha Ida                       04/02/1926           On April 2, 1926, AGATHA IDA  w/o the late John Reusing. 
Interment Holy Redeemer Cemetery

 RINECKER, Capt Alex                     04/02/1926           On April 2, 1926, CAPT ALEX RINECKER, h/o Carrie D (nee Meier)
Interment Baltimore Cemetery

 RONEY, Margaret                               04/03/1926           On April 3, 1926 MARGARET, d/o the late Peter and Margaret Roney.
Funeral from the residence of her niece..,Overlea, of which due notice will be given

 ROUSE, Edwin W                                04/03/1926           On April 3, 1926, EDWIN W, h/o                    
the late Ann Rebecca Rouse. Interment Mount Olivet Cemetery

SCHAFER, Jacob                                04/02/1926           On April 2, 1926, at his residence…
h/o Catherine Schafer.  Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

SCHAUMAN, Matilda E                   04/01/1926           On April 1, 1926, MATILDA E                        
w/o the late William H Schauman. Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

SEITZ, Wilhelmina                             04/01/1926           On April 1, 1926, WILHELMINA   w/o the late John Seitz. 
Interment Western Cemetery

SHEPPARD, Tolley Biays                 04/01/1926           On April 3, 1926, TOLLEY BIAYS,
infant s/o D Heisler and Carrie Howard Sheppard.  Funeral services and Interment private

SHIELDS, John J                                 04/03/1926           On April 3, 1926, JOHN J, aged  83 years, h/o the late Sarah Elizabeth Shields (nee Meredith).  Interment Loudon Park Cemetery

SOMMERS, Catherine                       04/02/1926           On April 2, 1926, CATHERINE  w/o Oles Sommers. 
Requiem High  Mass at St Martin’s Church…interment Loudon Park Cemetery.

Baltimore Sun 4 Aug 1926
Submitted by:  Bonnie

Anderson, - On 1st Aug 1926, after a lingering illness, John J., beloved husband of Margaret A. Anderson (nee Burns). Funeral from his late residence, 400 South Ann St. on Wednesday, 4th August, at 8:15 A. M. Requiem Mass at St. Patrick s Church at 9 A. M. Interment in Cathedral Cemetery. [Please omit flowers.]

Bailey, - On 2nd Aug 1926, Helen S. Bailey. Funeral from her daughter s residence, Mrs. Warren H. Bowen, 610 South Payson St. Thursday at 2 o clock. Interment in Melville Cemetery, Elkridge

Beck, - On 2nd Aug 1926, Eberhard H., beloved husband of Virginia Banks Beck. Funeral services will be held at his late residence, 620 University Parkway, on Wednesday, 4th Aug, at 10:30 A. M. Interment private.

Bernhardt, - On 1st Aug 1926, A. Paula, beloved daughter of Henrietta C. Bernhardt. Funeral from her late residence, 17 North 9th St., Brooklyn, on Wednesday at 2 P.M. Interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Black, - On 3rd Aug 1926, George W., beloved husband of (looks like Cl?ney) Black (nee England). Funeral from his late residence, 16 Rosemont av., Raspeburg, of which due notice will be given.

Boker, - On 3rd Aug 1926, Morris (rest is cut off)

Novak, - On 3rd Aug 1926, Charles, aged (looks like 10 or 40) years, beloved husband of Mary Novak. Funeral from his late residence, Deep Creek avenue, Essex, on Friday morning at 8 o clock. Requiem High Mass at St. Wenceslaus Church at 9 o clock. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

Peltz, - On 2nd Aug 1926, Ella B., beloved daughter of Mary E. and the late William C. Peltz. Funeral will take place from her late residence, 2700 Hugo Ave., on Friday at 2 P.M. Interment in St. Matthew s Cemetery.

Propf, - On 3rd Aug 1926, Augusta, beloved wife of the late Wm. Propf. Funeral from her late residence, 10 West Hamburg St. Thursday at 3 P.P. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery

Slifka, - On 2nd Aug 1926, John, aged 41 years, beloved husband of Anna Slifka. Funeral from his late residence, (looks like 923) North Bradford St., on Thursday morning at 8:30. Requiem High Mass at St. Wenceslaus Church at 9 o clock. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

Staubs, - On 3rd Aug 1926, Mary (looks like B.) Staubs (nee Kreiner). Funeral at her late residence, 503 Lewin Ave., on Friday at 8:30 A.M. Requiem High Mass at St. Ambrose s Church at 9 o clock. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

Stigler, - On 3rd Aug 1926, Joseph E., aged 41 years, beloved husband of Teresa Stigler (nee Mooney) and son of the late Rudolph and Catherine Stigler, Rest in peace. Funeral from his residence in Ellicott City, Friday morning at 8:30, thence to St. Paul s Catholic Church, where a Requiem Mass will be said for the repose of his soul at 9 o clock. Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery.

Thearle-Heinicken, - On 1st Aug 1926, Olga M., aged 23 years, beloved wife of Stephen J. Therle. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from her parent s residence, Mr. and Mrs. August Kanne, 1020 Bentalou St., on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o clock. Interment (private) in Loudon Park Cemetery.

Ziehl, - Ob 2nd Aug 1926 Thekla T., beloved wife of Edward C. Ziehl. Funeral from her late residence, 943 East Chase St., on Thursday at 8:30 A.M.: thence to St. James Church where a Requiem High Mass for the repose of her soul will be offered at 9 A.M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery

Baltimore Sun August 19, 1926
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

PLUMMER.  On August 17, 1926, ANNA M PLUMMER (nee Armstrong)…w/o J. Midney Plummer…Western Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

SCHNUIT.  On August 17, 1926, ALBERTA, aged 78 years, beloved w/o the late Harm Schnuit…Hamilton…Mount Carmel Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

SCOTT.  On August 18, 1926…EMMA D SCOTT, beloved dau/o Annie E and the late William H Slaugher [Dover DE and Easton (Talbot county MD) papers please copy]…Baltimore Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

SHREEVE.  On August 18, 1926…Sandyville MD, JABEZ, aged 77 years…Sandymount Church…interment adjoining cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

SIPPEL.  On August 17, 1926, CONRAD, aged 81 years, beloved h/o Mary Ann Sippel (nee Friskey)…Jerusalem Lutheran Church, Gardenville MD…interment in adjoining cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

SMEAK.  On August 17, 1926, WILLIAM, beloved h/o Mary Eick Smeak [Salisbury MD papers please copy]…Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

STEWART.  On August 18, 1926, H HASSON, beloved s/o Priscilla R and the late William Stewart…interment (private) in Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

 STROBEL.  On August 16, 1926,…FREDERICK H, SR., beloved h/o Barbara C Strobel…Lorraine Cemetery (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

 STUNTEBECK.  On August 18, 1926, ELLA, beloved w/o the late Bernard Stuntebeck…due notice will be given (Balto Sun 08/19/1926)

Baltimore Sun October 17, 1926
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

GRUETTER.  On October 17, 1926, PHILAPINA, beloved w/o the late Henry Gruetter…due notice will be given (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

 HAMILL.  On October 19, 1926, SALLIE, dau/o the late John and Sarah Hamill…Mount Olivet Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

 HARTLE.  On October 18, 1926, GEORGE F, youngest and beloved s/o Elizabeth and the late Thomas Hartle (nee Stingle) [NY papers please copy]…due notice will be given.  (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

HEINZE.  On October 19, 1926, WILLIAM F, beloved h/o Anna Heinze (nee Stoll)…interment Baltimore Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

Baltimore Sun October 20, 1926
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

HOHNBERGER.  On October 18, 1926, VERA HOHNBERGER (nee McCollough), beloved w/o Donald R Hohnberger…St Pius’ Church…New Cathedral Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

HUNT.  On October 19, 1926, THOMAS R HUNT, aged 48 years, beloved h/o Bertha V Hunt (nee Grimm)…Phoenix MD…Poplar Church…  (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

KAHL.  On October 19, 1926, MARY ANNA KAHL (nee Cook/Koch), aged 42 years, beloved w/o John C Kahl…St Joseph’s Church (Fullerton)…interment in St Joseph’s Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

KAISS.  On October 18, 1926, CLEONIA (nee Galloway), aged 38 years, beloved w/o Fred G Kaiss…Baltimore Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

LAROQUE.  On October 18, 1926, FLORENCE LAROQUE (nee Green), beloved w/o Dr. Regis B Laroque…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

LUTHARDT.  On October 19, 1926,…THOMAS J., aged 23 years, beloved s/o John George and the late Catherine Luthardt (nee Harron)…St Patrick’s Church…Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

SAULSBURY.  On October 19, 1926, CHARLES WEBB, beloved h/o Edith Todd Saulsbury and s/o Clara L and the late James A Saulsbury…Greenmount Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

SCHUBERT.  On October 18, 1926, FREDERICK SCHUBERT, aged 78 years, beloved h/o Amelia C Schubert…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

SIEBERT.  On October 19, 1926, CONSTANT, age 73 years, beloved h/o the late Louise Siebert [Boston MA papers please copy]…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

SONNENBURG.  On October 18, 1926, CHARLOTTE (nee Wachiar) beloved w/o the late Theodore Sonnenburg…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

 STANSBURY.  At Reisterstown on October 18, 1926, JOHN B STANSBURY, aged 66 years…Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

SUTTON.  On October 19, 1926, ADELAIDE C, beloved w/o J. Howard Sutton…Druid Ridge Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

SWEEENEY.  On October 18, 1926, EDWARD J, aged 2 years and 9 months, infant s/o Raymond J and Edna Sweeney (nee Hooper)…Loudon Park Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

TREAKLE.  On October 18, 1926, HENRY W., beloved h/o Emma S Treakle…funeral services at White Stone VA…(Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

WARD.  On October 19, 1926, STEPHEN P, aged 66 years, beloved h/o Annie Ward…due notice (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

WEBSTER.  On October 18, 1926, JAMES R, aged 64 years, beloved h/o Ella E Webster (nee Connor)…Parkwood Cemetery (Balto Sun 10/20/1926)

Baltimore News November 6, 1926
Submitted by:  Rose McLaughlin

ENGEL, Sam                                        11/05/1926           On November 5, 1926, SAM h/o                      
Ray Engel.  Funeral from his  residence…Frankmer avenue, of which due notice will be given

GALLOWAY, Clara                            11/02/1926           On November 2, 1926, CLARA,                      
cousin of Susie F Dorsey and Bessie A Hill.  Funeral will take place Sunday, November7, at
Mt Calvary Methodist Church, Ridge road, at 2 PM.  Remains can be seen at Mrs. James H Dennis’ funeral parlor,
1303 Pressman street. Interment in church cemetery

GODWIN, Elizabeth M                      11/03/1926           Suddenly, on November 3, 1926                       
at her late residence…Raspeburg, ELIZABETH M aged 58 years w/o George P Godwin.  Body will lie
in state in Gatch M.E. Church on Saturday, November 6, from 2 to 2:30 PM, when services will be held.
Interment Western Cemetery

HARTMAN, Regina                           11/04/1926           Suddenly, on November 4, 1926                     
aged 45 years, w/o John Hartman. Funeral from her late residence… Dundalk, on Monday, November 8
at 2 PM.  Interment St Paul’s Cemetery

 HOFSTETTER, J Frederick               11/05/1926           On November 5, 1926, after a short                
 Illness, J. FREDERICK, aged 53 years h/o Ida L Hofstetter.  The funeral from  his late residence,
 14 North Eleventh street of which due notice will be given

HOLLAND, Louis H                           10/29/1926           On October 29, 1926, at Boston                       
Mass.  He is survived by one brother William D Holland

 HOLMES, John B                               11/05/1926           On November 5, 1926, JOHN B h/o                
Annie Holmes.  He is also survived by one sister and one niece.  Funeral  from his late residence…thence to Shiloh
 Baptist Church, corner Fremont avenue  and Lanvale street, at 2PM…Interment Mount Auburn Cemetery

HOOD, Ella V                                       11/05/1926           On November 5, 1926, at Mr Airy,                  
Carroll county MD, ELLA V, wid/o the late W. Albert Hood.  Funeral  services at Prospect M.E. Church,
Sunday, November 7, at 2:30 PM.   Interment adjoining cemetery

December 1926
Submitted by:  Letty Wambaugh

MILLER - On December 7, 1926, at his home, Ellicott City, Howard county,
Md., LOUIS FRANKLIN, aged 14 years, beloved son of Louis Franklin and
Bertie Miller.
Funeral services at Emory M.E. Church on Friday at 2:30 P.M.  Interment St.
John's Cemetery.
MILLER - Suddenly, on December 7, 1926, LEWIS FRANKLIN, JR., beloved son of
L. Frank and Bertie Pomeroy.
Funeral from his late residence, Fells avenue, Ellicott City.  Friday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.  Relatives and friends are invited.  Interment
in St. John's Cemetery, Ellicott City.


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