Baltimore City Queries for November 1997

COOPER/RITTER/FITZGERALD I am trying to find information on my gggrandfather Oliver Luther COOPER, b. 26 Mar 1807 in Baltimore, and my ggrandfather Henry August RITTER, b. 19 Mar 1843 in Baltimore. Oliver Luther COOPER married Sarah Ann Fitzgerald 3 Nov 1831, perhaps in Baltimore, but both died in MI. I don't know when they went there. Oliver may have had siblings born in Baltimore: Peter COOPER, b. 28 Jun 1797 Elmer COOPER, b. 24 Feb 1800 Cynthia COOPER, b. 29 Jul 1801 Sarah COOPER, b. 5 Jun 1803 Hepsabeth COOPER, b. 21 Mar 1805 Samuel COOPER, b. 7 Mar 1809 Elbridge COOPER, b. 16 Dec 1810 Sarah Ann FITZGERALD (Oliver COOPER's wife) was possibly born in NY (b. 15 Jun 1811), but she had some siblings who were evidently born in MD: Allen FITZGERALD, b. 6 Jun 1795 Clarissa FITZGERALD, b. 28 Oct 1796 Eloyd FITZGERALD, b. 13 May 1798 Reuben FITZGERALD, b. 23 Feb 1800 Nancy FITZGERALD, b. 16 Jun 1802 Evan FITZGERALD, b. 4 Apr 1804 Caleb FITZGERALD, b. 2 Jun 1806 Anna FITZGERALD, b. 15 Nov 1808 The parents of my ggrandfather Henry August RITTER (b. 19 Mar 1843) were Henry August RITTER, b. 18 Feb 1803, and Amelia GILL, b. 13 Apr 1814, both born in Germany. I don't know for sure when they came to America - some time between 1836 and 1843 - but I assume that they landed at Baltimore. Henry A. RITTER, Jr. had several siblings that may have been born in Baltimore, also: James Gill RITTER, b. abt 1838 Mary Jane RITTER, b. abt 1839 John RITTER, b. abt 1840 Any information you could get for me would be greatly appreciated! Sara Hartung

PRATT STREET QUAKER BURYING GROUND Looking for information pertaining to the "Pratt Street Quaker Burying Ground" said to have been at Central Avenue and Baltimore Street, Baltimore. Our great grandfather's first wife is said to have been buried there in 1834. Unable to locate on maps at the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Mary Timmons

BIER/SCHLEY/CUNNINGHAM/MILLER/ELLIOTT/BRISCOE/SCHOOLFIELD I am seeking information on the Philip BIER family. I do not know any dates on Philip except that he married Eva Catharina SCHLEY on October 8, 1764 in Frederick, MD. Philip and Eva are my g-g-g-g-grandparents. Philip BIER and Company were builders in Baltimore in 1799 located at 134 Baltimore Street. He was a carpenter and contractor. There are fourteen children listed for Philip and Eva. Of these I only have birth dates for two: Peter BIER born December 12, 1771 and Philip BIER born July 27, 1777. There was another Philip BIER. There were two Catherines, one died young and the other married Philip SINN. Jacob married Ann BRISCOE and was President for many years of the Marine Bank of Baltimore. There were two Maria Sophias; a Susan Barbara; two Charlottes, one of whom married a SCHOOLFIELD; Anne; John George, who married Jane A. CUNNINGHAM; and Frederick(Fritz). One of the younger Philips married May MILLER in 1798, and one of the Philips married Patience ELLIOTT in 1806 in Bullock Falls, PA. I can't seem to find out, maybe it was the same Philip. My Philip died in Wheeling, VA (now WV) on April 19, 1852. Anyway, the Philip who married Patience was my g-g-g-grandfather. Any information on this family will be greatly appreciated. Martha Snyder Valentine

WOOD/FIELD/PARSONS I am researching these Baltimore families and am willing to share information. Please contact me. Joan Peters

GRIMES Researching a Grimes family in 1820. They had a son James H. Grimes born in 1820. That is about all that I have to go on.

LILLY Looking for parents of John S. Lilly, b. 1834, m. June 16,1856 in Baltimore. Died March 17,1898. Harriet E. Slavoff

COYNE/GROSSCU/GROSCUP/MURPHY I'm looking for ancestors/descendants of Michael COYNE who married Mary Ann MURPHY in Baltimore on August 26, 1874. They had seven children that I know of and probably more. I know that they lived on Rose Street in Baltimore for some time and then moved to Wagner's Point. My grandfather William Joseph COYNE was one of their children. He married Elizabeth GROSCUP or GROSSCUP. I am also looking for any information on this family. Willing to share any information I have. Eileen Doyle

OLIVER I am looking for info on my grandfather Charles R. Oliver or any family members. He is listed in the 1920 census with his wife Violet Hutchinson or Hutchison and her parents, also daughter Nancy H. Does anyone know of them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. MS Roam

HARTZELL/BULLEN Searching for the parents and siblings of my great grandfather Edwin or Edward H Hartzell - born somewhere in Pennsylvania in July 1837. As an adult he lived on Baker Street in Baltimore, Md. He was married two times. First to Mary F Bullen and second to Alice O Courts. Plemee

YONGUE/MCWHORTER Rev. Samuel W. (or mcW.) Yongue came to Fairfield Dist. S.C. from Baltimore, Md. in the late 1700s. Is there any information available on him or any other Yongues around 1763? He was a Presbyterian minister. His parents or any relatives with that name would be very helpful. Yvonne Yongue

ITZOE Researching Charles A.ITZOE who married Mary approx. 1878. Natalie Wallace

GREIG/KING My grandmother, Janet Greig (JACK) KING, married John KING in Baltimore on 5/14/1860, then they settled in Raleigh, NC. However, surviving members of the family were in Baltimore from about 1900 to 1950+. Janet died in Baltimore in 1910 and is supposed to be buried in Loudon Park Cemetery (per obit). A helpful fellow searcher was told she is not there. On the other hand, 5 of the children - my aunts and uncles - are buried there: Christina, d. 1938; Janet, d. 1953; John P., d. 1931; Margaret, d. 1948; and William, d. 1927 (Bethel Section, Lot #221). One of the addresses in Baltimore for the family was on Rittenhouse St., NW. I would be most appreciative of any help. Robert King

JONES I am looking for information concerning Samuel Jones Jr., and his brother Duncan. Samuel Jones was born circa 1804, and moved to New Orleans with his brother at some unknown date, dying in that city in 1874. I would like some information concerning their parents, etc. I would also like to know what Samuel Jones' middle name was - was it Talbot? I suspect that he is my great-great grandfather, but I am not sure - incredibly, there were TWO men named Samuel Jones, both from Maryland (the other was from Prince George's County), and both dying within a year of each other! I am able to confirm that my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Virginia Jones of Richmond, VA, was married or otherwise related to Samuel Talbot Jones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ian S. Jones

EMMERICK Searching for any information on Carrie Hall Emmerick. Husband's name unknown. Had children Will, Madge, and Carrie. Carrie Hall Emmerick's brothers William Samuel (b. c.1830) and Robert Lee Hall (b. c. 1842) lived and died in Somerset Co, MD. Family legend says there was another sister. Rob.

CRAWFORD Searching for Richard L. Crawford, who lived at 2901 Inglewood Ave. Baltimore 14, Maryland, ca. 1957. He was born at Springfield, Massachusetts, ca. 1900. Any leads deeply appreciated. Paul Uek

GRIERSON Before traveling to Calvert County, Maryland, this GRIERSON family lived in the Baltimore area for a number of years. Interested in GRIERSON & Allied families of Calvert, & surrounding counties of Maryland. The Griersons settled in Calvert County, Maryland ca 1827 & have been allied with many families. I have done compilations on most of them, but much information is needed from many families. I will share information with serious researchers. David A. Grierson

Looking for readable copy of 1870 Baltimore City census, 1st ward for Joseph Kuhn & family at 40 N. Durham St. Checked copy at Annapolis and 1st ward was unreadable. Hope someone can help. Jan

MINISTER/ADKINSON Researching Robert Minister. His father's name was Robert Henry Minister Jr. and his mother was Alice Adkinson of Baltimore. His mother died when he was young and according to family history was taken back to Baltimore to be raised by his Aunt Blanche, an Adkinson I assume. This is basically all that I have at this point. He probably lived in Baltimore between 1880 - ?. If I had access to census records I would check between 1870-1910. His side of the family lost track of him because his mother died and the father remarried and moved to California. Scott Minister

ALBAUGH/WHITE/TIMANUS/STAPLEFORD/HUNT Johannes ALBACH (b. 1809) arrived in Baltimore July 1842 from Nieder-Ohmen, Germany - surname was changed to ALBAUGH at some time thereafter. His family included his wife, Anna Catharina (b. 1809), children: John (b. 1829), Henry (b. 1835), Catharine (b. 1837), Elizabeth (b. 1840), and Alex (b. 1842 onboard the ship "Rebecca"); Louisa (b. abt 1845); Mary (b. abt 1852); George (b. abt 1854) and another John (b. abt 1858). The oldest son, John, is listed in Dieter Cunz' book, "The Maryland Gemans" as a well-known carriage and wagon manufacturer in the latter part of the 1800's (White & Albaugh/John Albaugh & Son) on Pennsylvania Avenue. His family included his wife, Amelia (WHITE) b. 1834 in England; David Wesley b. 1866 (married Annie STAPLEFORD); Alice A. (married Arthur HUNT) b. 1868; Evelyn (married Frank E. TIMANUS) b. 1856; Clara Virginia b. 1861 (a Baltimore German/English schoolteacher for over 40 years); and Lillian b. 1858 (ended up in Springfield State Hospital - this institution, even after all these years, will not release information - any ideas?). Would welcome any inquiries concerning the above or those with the ALBAUGHsurname - I have much more information concerning descendants of the above. S.Helbig

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