Maryland Journal, June 22, 1867
Submitted by:  Vickie Carter Tallent

On the evening of the 13th inst., at the M.E. Parsonage, Towsontown, by Rev. R.C. Haslup, Dennis Carter and Laura J. Bayne, both of Baltimore County.

September 14, 1867
Submitted by:  Vickie Carter Tallent

On the26 of August, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. N. Jackson Elliott, John W. Wilson to Miss Harriet E. Rollins, both of this county

At Walnut Grove, August 28th, by Rev. P.B. Reese, Dr. J.H.Martin, late of Harford County, to Miss susie T. Jones, of Baltimore County

Baltimore Sun Sept. 20, 1867
Submitted by Mona Everett

BOGDAN-SUTTON--On the 19th(? first digit not clear) instant, by the Rev. Henry A.
Wise, at Christ Church, Rev. ARTHUR BOGDAN, of Belgrade, Turkey, to NANNIE A.,
daughter of Lewis Sutton, Esq. (No cards.)

COLTON-FUNKHOUSER--On the 17th instant, by the Rev. J.W. Holt, W.H. COLTON,
formerly of Baltimore City, to Miss SARAH H.(? middle initial not clear), daughter of
Andrew Funkhouser, of Mount Jackson, Shenandoah county, Va.

LANCASTER-GRUVER--On the 1st of August, by the Rev. Mr. Sherlock, MARTIN V.
LANCASTER to CARRIE C. GRUVER, both of this city.

The Baltimore  Nov. 22, 1867

SIMPSON - McMULLEN - In this city, on the 11th  of November, by the Rev.
A.P. Stryker, Alexander Simpson, of Philadelphia, to Miss Ellen McMullen, of
Baltimore.  [Philadelphia papers please copy.]

   SARGENT - LOVEDAY - On the 7th of November, at St. John's Church, by the
Rev. Dr. Willson, H.D.G.C. Sargent to Miss Ida Loveday, both of this city.

   SCHAUB - HIGGINS - On the 19th instant, by Rev. Father Tehan, John Schaub,
of Baltimore county, to Miss Catharine Higgins, of Baltimore city.  [Howard
county papers please copy.]

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