The Baltimore Sun June 17, 1859
Submitted by:  Anne Marie Willi

HITCHCOCK/NELSON - On the 18th instant, by Rev.  Dr. Richey, WM. H. HITCHCOCK to Miss MARY A. NELSON, all of Baltimore.  [Albany and Troy (N.Y.) papers please copy.]

LAPPE/HAX - On the 16th ultimo, by Rev. Mr. Scheib, MARTIN LAPPE, Esq., of Pittsburg,  Pa.,  to MARY ELILABETH HAX, eldest daughter of John B. Hax, of Baltimore.  [Pittsburg Dispatch please copy.]   (Note: the bride's name does appear as Elilabeth, not Elizabeth, in the paper)

TULLY/JACOBS - On Thursday evening, 16th instant, by Rev. Mr. Goheen,  ROBERT TULLY to Mrs. MARGARET JANE JACOBS, all of this city.
MASON/GARRETT - On the 14th inst., by Rev. Mr. Hedges, GEORGE E. MASON, to  LIZZIE, third daughter of the late Robert W. Garrett, all of this city.

HARRINGTON/GEOGHGAN - On the 9th instant, by Rev. Dr. Roberts, SAMUEL HARRINGTON. Of Tobacco Stick, Dorchester county, to Miss SUSAN GEOGHGAN.


The Baltimore Sun, Dec 6, 1859

On Sunday, 4th instant, by Rev. Mr. Mills, F. C. FRAZIER to Miss MARY M.
STIGERWALD, of this city.

On the 1st instant, by the Rev. S. B. Dunlap, CHARLES W. SHEARWOOD to Miss
CATHERINE  J. HART, all of this city.  ( Cambridge papers please copy.)

On the 30th November, by Rev. Dr. Heiner, BEAL D. RIDDLE to Miss BELLE HUME,
both of this city.

On Sunday, 27th November, at Union Square Parsonage, by Rev. Mr. Chapman,
JAMES F. HOUSTON to Miss MARY E. ANDERSON, all of this city.

On the 15th of November, by Rev. Dr. Owens, JOHN C.GILL to Miss REBECCA
JONES, both of this city.  (Washington papers copy.)

On the 1st ultimo, by Rev. Mr. McMurray, JAMES LOGAN, of Philadelphia, to
Miss ELIZA EMORY, of Baltimore city.

At Parsonstown Church, King's county, Ireland, on November 10th, 1859,
BENJAMIN NICOLSON, only son of Thomas Spurrier White, Esquire, of
Castel-Connel, Cjounty of Lemerick, to LETITIA HANNAH, second daughter of
Major T. Stratford Damer, of Baltimore, MD.  (Cambridge ( Eastern Shore) and
Tallahassee papers please copy.)

In San Francisco, on October 7th, 1859, by Justice Culver, JAMES HASLETT, of
Baltimore, to Miss MARY McDERMOT, of San Francisco.

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