The following are some marriages that were printed in the Baltimore Sun
January 12, 1858.  Some were residents of Baltimore and some were from
Baltimore County.  These were submitted by Peggy Kolm.


January 12, 1858

7 January: HENRY JACOB SMITH and Miss ANN ELIZA MERSON, of Baltimore
City, by Rev. Mr. Morton
7 January: GEORGE WATKINS and Miss RACHEL WILLIAMS,of Baltimore City, by
Rev. Isaac Collins
5 January: JOSIAS JENKINS and Miss L. AUGUSTA WILSON, of Baltimore
County by Rev. J. A. Walter, at the Cathedral
7 January: CHARLES BANGS of Baltimore and BECKIE McCANN of Georgetown,
D.C., by Rev. Dr. J. J. Murray at Georgetown
7 January: R. P. SMITH of Allegany [sic] county to CASSIE HEWLETT
(daughter of John Q. HEWLETT, Esq) at Atholwood, Baltimore County by
Rev. L. Van Bokkelen

The Baltimore Sun , May 7, 1858

 On the 5th instant, by Rev. E.T. Jones. Joseph Thomas to Miss Jane James,
both of Canton, Baltimore.

   On Wednesday, 5th instant, by Rev. Dr. Burnap, W. Brown Butler, of
Northampton, Mass., to Ann Maria, daughter of the late William C. Shaw.

   On the morning of the 4th instant, at St. Peter's R.C. Church, by Rev.
Edward McClogan, John R. Muth to Mary Berger, both of this city.

   On the 4th inst., by Rev.. Mr. McManus, James McManus to Miss Catherine
Hanly, all of this city.  [Roscommon papers please copy.]

   On the 4th ultimo, by Rev. Jesse Shreeve, Thomas V. Simpson to Miss Hester
A. Armstrong, both of this city.

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