Baltimore Sun May 11, 1849
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STABLER/BUCK - On the 10th instant, by Rev. Mr. Morris, Henry STABLER, of Baltimore County, to Miss Caroline M. BUCK of this city.

WHEELER/LECOMPT - On the 9th instant, by Rev. Mr. McCartney, James WHEELER to Mary C.
LECOMPT, all of this city (Dorchester papers please copy)

CHASE/NORRIS - On the 8th instant, by Rev. A. A. Reese, William CHASE of this city, to Elizabeth NORRIS, of Bonnsboro? (paper blurry) Washington Co, MD

RAMSAY/FIFE - At Shrewsbury, on the 9th inst. by Rev. Wm. H. Znos, Archibald RAMSAY of Baltimore County, to Mrs. Belinda FIFE of York Co, PA

Baltimore Sun Nov 1, 1849

WILEY/ - On the 30th ultimo, by Rev Wm B Edwards,


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