Thomas A. Della & Mollie J. Dowling

On the 15th day of October in the year one thousand Eight hundred and Eighty-eight a Marriage License was issued from the office of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, authorizing any Minister of the Gospel, or any other person qualified by law to perform the Rites of Marriage between a certain Thomas A. Della of Baltimore, State of Maryland, age 32, Single and no relation to Mollie J. Dowling of Baltimore State of Maryland, age 22, single. And afterwards, to wit: on the 12th day of November in the year one thousand Eight hundred and Eighty-Eight the following certificate was filed in the Clerk’s office of said Court, to wit:  I Hereby Certify, That on this 16th Day of October One Thousand Eight hundred and Eighty-Eight at Baltimore MD, Thomas A. Della and Mollie J. Dowling were by me united in Marriage, in accordance with the License issued by the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for Baltimore City in the State of Maryland.  Liston H. Pearce, Minister of the Gospel, Official Character.”  This was copied from a paper labeled No. 26757 The State of Maryland, City of Baltimore.


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