Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
8/3/1935 Anderson, Donald G Freemont, NE Hollander, Adelia E Freemont, NE
10/26/1935 Blymire, William Baltimore Saylor, Edna Baltimore
11/10/1935 Bond, Sylvester Baltimore Coffman, Evelyn F Baltimore
12/27/1935 Briggs, Thomas L Baltimore Besti, Helen A Baltimore
1/2/1935 Brocato, Angelo Baltimore Jones, Margaret Baltimore
12/28/1935 Brown, Rodger F Baltimore Gillispie, Evelyn J Baltimore
4/20/1935 Campbell, Harry Baltimore Kendall, Ruth E Baltimore
6/20/1935 Christopher, Benjamin H Parkville, MD Rebstock, Lillian Baltimore
7/9/1935 Clark, Ralph E Baltimore Drescher, Mary F Baltimore
8/24/1935 Cornell, Dennis M Charlottesville, VA Morrison, Helen L Charlottesville, VA
11/16/1935 Davis, Lee Baltimore Wetzel, Lois Cumberland, MD
2/8/1935 Dibben, Henry L Baltimore Warner, Evelyn R Baltimore
6/15/1935 Easley, Robert C Baltimore Conner, Mildred Baltimore
3/31/1935 Echert, John G Baltimore Mehateus, Elizabeth F Baltimore
8/17/1935 Fischer, John F A Jr Baltimore Rehberger, Catherine M Baltimore
3/30/1935 Flake, August J Jr Baltimore Schwartz, Mildred V Baltimore
6/15/1935 Gosnell, Howell P Washington DC Johnson, Evelyn M Washington DC
9/23/1935 Gran, Frederick K Baltimore Franz, Mary Baltimore
6/9/1935 Hammond, William A Baltimore Winhel, Katherine Baltimore
4/24/1935 Hasel, Charles A Baltimore Knowles, Mary E Baltimore
5/22/1935 Humanitzki, John New York, NY Elelland, Alberta M Baltimore
6/15/1935 Kane, Joshua A Pikesville, MD Feldpusch, Cahterine L Baltimore
7/16/1935 Kaufman, Dane Baltimore Freedman, Anita Baltimore
6/19/1935 Kirby, Charles F Baltimore Hiemmer, Alice F Baltimore
10/31/1935 Klugh, Oliver R Harrisburg, PA Kepner, Anna B Harrisburg, PA
12/21/1935 Leiphart, Wiliam H Wrightsville, PA Blouse, Forence K Wrghtsville, PA
8/1/1935 Lennert, Frederick Baltimore Ripley, Olga Baltimore
6/1/1935 Matthai, Edward Baltimore Robinson, Elizabeth Baltimore
6/19/1935 Mesh, Rudolph C Baltimore Tudor, Angela A Baltimore
11/28/1935 Meyer, Herbert Baltimore Glaser, Eva E Baltimore
11/16/1935 Miller, Clyde Baltimore Foltz, Elizabeth Baltimore
7/3/1935 Nixon, Robert R Billings, OK Pope, Mary R Baltimore
7/13/1935 Nothaft, Fritz Baltimore Rich, Hedwig Baltimore
12/18/1935 Poehlman, Nicholas Baltimore Folgelson, annie M Baltimore
1/12/1935 Poona, Joseph S Baltimore Getner, Alice C Baltimore
9/21/1935 Rappold, John A Baltimore Deocibis, Virginia Baltimore
6/30/1935 Roberts, George Baltimore Kwebb, Olga New York, NY
6/4/1935 Rohde, Charles L Baltimore Koenig, Dorothy A Baltimore
7/13/1935 Scheller, John Baltimore Bochel, Mary E Baltimore
8/20/1935 Schrieber, Albert L Baltimore Ege, Marie E Baltimore
9/2/1935 Schroder, William F Dundalk, MD Slater, Louise K Baltimore
6/25/1935 Schutz, Elmer L Baltimore Kennedy, Mildred M Baltimore
1/27/1935 Smith, Gordon Jr Baltimore Bloom, Elva Baltimore
5/9/1935 Stricklin, John R Baltimore Liester, Betty A Baltimore
7/26/1935 Teer, Ernest R Baltimore Schultz, Elsie Baltimore
4/20/1935 Terry, Douglass F Baltimore Schammel, Hannah M Baltimore
8/3/1935 Thomas, Frank Baltimore Burton, Henrietta Baltimore
6/15/1935 Wagner, Wilbur R Jr Baltimore Lee, Catherine L Baltimore
9/7/1935 Weber, Earl J Baltimore Poisel, Eva F Baltimore
3/19/1935 Wenchzkowski, Edward Baltimore Lang, Doris Baltimore
11/2/1935 Wenmore, Geroge E Jr Baltimore Schutz, Estelle E Baltimore
8/17/1935 Whitmore, Laverne C Baltimore McCardel, Louise Baltimore
7/20/1935 Wilson, Albert C Baltimore Venick, Geneva H Baltimore
8/18/1935 Wright, Carroll Baltimore Hartung, Helen F Baltimore
9/14/1935 Zanguille, Dominic  Baltimore Hoffman, Margaret Baltimore

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