Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
4/24/1933 Adams, Grover L Plainsville NY Miralla Rosalyn J Mainaonerk, NY
7/23/1933 Adkins, John R Baltimore Gump, Elizabeth M Baltimore
10/3/1933 Baker, Chester H Baltimore Martin, Margaret Baltimore
9/11/1933 Barley, Melvin E Baltimore Bechska, Vega E Haverhill, MA
2/23/1933 Bohnerberg, Henry R Baltimore Fretag, Elizabeth F Baltimore
11/29/1933 Bremer, Louis L Baltimore Harman, Lillian E Baltimore
12/24/1933 Brown, Charles Baltimore Krebs, Myrtle D K Baltimore
9/16/1933 Bruakoski, Joseph P Baltimore Giochowski, Helen Baltimore
11/4/1933 Bueche, William C Baltimore Flabbi, Mary G Baltimore
9/5/1933 Byrne, James W T Baltimore Rembis, Helen A Baltimore
7/15/1933 Chance, Howard E Baltimore Adelman, Dorethea S Baltimore
11/22/1933 Collins, Francis W Baltimore Wolfe, Helen J Baltimore
7/23/1933 Couchman, Lawrence K Baltimore Lindsay, Evelyn Baltimore
2/28/1933 Dannerman, Joseph Baltimore Stewart, Mamie L Baltimore
10/21/1933 Doyle, Stewart Baltimore Sahn, Margaret  Baltimore
11/9/1933 Fisher, Daniel III Baltimore Higdon, Ethel E Baltimore
7/20/1933 Helsley, Lester L Baltimore Stephens, Louise V Baltimore
10/3/1933 Kiefer, Nicholas Philadelphia, PA Pesch, Mary H Philadelphia, PA
5/13/1933 Kilgour, William A Baltimore Mince, Helen Baltimore
9/9/1933 Krause, John W Baltimore Shorb, Ruth N Baltimore
5/23/1933 Lonkhart, Kenneth L Baltimore Bennington, Edna Baltimore
12/23/1933 Lucas, Wilbur S Baltimore Buechler, Irene M Baltimore
11/25/1933 Mechel, Bernard J Baltimore Scharf, Leona M Baltimore
8/19/1933 Meyers, Lloyd A Far Hills, NJ Young, Thelma A Dunbellis, NJ
12/8/1933 Oliff, Charles W Baltimore Stoffer, Margaret B Baltimore
8/31/1933 Pfeffer, Ferdinand Baltimore McClelland, Margaret Baltimore
5/6/1933 Rehberger, Milton Baltimore Fleischman, Louise M Baltimore
3/27/1933 Rehberger, William Jr Baltimore Lauterbach, Elenora A Baltimore
8/5/1933 Righter, Charles H Baltimore Rayman, Louise B Baltimore
8/30/1933 Simpson, James A Baltimore Rayborg, Lillian M Baltimore
12/9/1933 Sparks, Geroge T Stevensville, MD Augsburger, Marie A Baltimore
6/7/1933 Stevens, Frank Baltimore Noves, May Baltimore
7/5/1933 Thomas, Anthony Baltimore Appolonia, Mollie Baltimore
6/4/1933 Uhler, John C Baltimore Dubs, Emma J Baltimore Co
11/4/1933 Voigt, Victor G Baltimore Listman, Bertha F Baltimore
11/26/1933 Waters, Francis J Buffalo, NY Clark, Emma V Sparrows Point
5/8/1933 Weisand, Paul C Baltimore Eurkey, Ethel J Baltimore
9/8/1933 Wooden, Samuel G Baltimore Redolf, Mary L Baltimore

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