Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
5/28/1932 Barlow, Harry New York, NY Michael, Sarah New York, NY
1/14/1932 Berger, Charles D Baltimore Teres, Mary A Baltimore
8/15/1932 Biedenback, Harry H Baltimore Robinson, Clara C Baltimore
2/14/1932 Bouthner, William A Baltimore Pfeiffer, Florence Baltimore
12/18/1932 Buechner. Adolph J Baltimore Nejedlik, Antoinette J Baltimore
8/16/1932 Businsky, John C Baltimore Clish, Evelyn R Baltimore
6/28/1932 Carback, Frederick H Baltimore Bowers, Virginia Baltimore
2/11/1932 Carr, John D Baltimore Vizzard, Anna M Wilmington, DE
8/20/1932 Champagnes, Thomas S Baltimore Hederman, Dorothy M Baltimore
8/25/1932 Dill, Guster A Baltimore Marek, Anna  Baltimore
9/3/1932 Frank, Lewis C Baltimore lankford, Iris E Baltimore
8/13/1932 Furtaw, Charles C Baltimore Master, Delina T Baltimore
1/2/1932 Geiselman, Norman S Baltimore Toland, Bertha Baltimore
12/31/1932 Graybill, Jesse N Roanoke, VA Chase, Rosalie E Baltimore
12/31/1932 Grohs, Louis H Jr Washington DC Jones, Gessie Washington DC
5/17/1932 Hernert, Edgar J Baltimore Danna, Mary M Baltimore
11/22/1932 Hohman, Geroge E Baltimore Reth, Virginia S Baltimore
7/6/1932 Jones, Frederick E Baltimore Wakefield, Marion E Baltimore
4/25/1932 Jones, Lynal Baltimore Wilson, Elizabeth M Baltimore
6/9/1932 Krause, William F Baltimore Snyder, Sylvia Baltimore
10/25/1932 Leidner, Arthur M Baltimore watsix, Anna L Baltimore
11/29/1932 Monath, Andrew G Baltimore Surguy, Elsie Baltimore
6/20/1932 Pflaging, Carl E Baltimore Lazanska, Helda Baltimore
6/21/1932 Rodriguez, Lawrence A Baltimore Bruggemanm, Germain New Orleans, LA
12/1/1932 Roman, Raymond G Baltimore Roth, Marie T Baltimore
5/17/1932 Sanders, Elmer W Baltimore Gunther, Ruth E Baltimore
12/31/1932 Schuinkey, Charles A Baltimore McNew, Louise A Baltimore
1/25/1932 Seidler, Adam Baltimore Rinkle, Alva Baltimore
2/18/1932 Slide, Herbert A Baltimore Crass, Dorothy Baltimore
3/11/1932 Torr, Philip Chester, PA Mecali, Josephine Chester, PA
5/13/1932 Trabbold, Geroge B Baltimore LaMotte, Julia A Baltimore
7/12/1932 Traka, James F Jr Baltimore Shaffer, Clara P Baltimore
9/2/1932 Updegroff, Edward C Hollywood, MD Gray, Marie E Pasadena, MD
12/30/1932 Weaver, John J Baltimore Pawlik, Lillian Baltimore
12/17/1932 Webster, Fritzhugh L Baltimore Brix, Hazel Baltimore
9/17/1932 Withers, Nathaniel R New York, NY Sabatiells, Lucille M New York, NY
3/24/1932 Youngbauer, William Baltimore Warrington, Elizabeth Baltimore

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