Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
9/5/1931 Bligh, LeRoy Baltimore Skin, Ellanora P Baltimore
6/20/1931 Burrows, William J St Michaels, MD Kelley, Lola L Baltimore
8/15/1931 Calhourn, Robert L Baltimore Phillips, Ethel M Baltimore
4/30/1931 Cole, Frank Baltimore Miles, Helen V Baltimore
12/24/1931 Day, John R Annapolis, MD Stienly, Eleanor P Baltimore
9/12/1931 Eachles, Charles W Baltimore Dashiell, Clara V Baltimore
7/24/1931 Grattan, John M Baltimore Fifer, May E Baltimore
4/26/1931 Harris, Ralph W Baltimore Young, Minerva M Baltimore
10/14/1931 Herriein, Michael G Baltimore Hutchinson, Emma Baltimore
3/19/1931 Holzknecht, Robert Stemmers Run Taylor, Fredericka Baltimore
4/11/1931 Jordan, Melvin S Baltimore Struck, Elizabeth Baltimore
6/1/1931 Julian, Eric R Wilmington, DE McCafferty, Anna Wilmington DE
4/4/1931 Kane, Walden G Baltimore Lages, Grace A Baltimore
1/17/1931 Klosicki, Michael Baltimore Holland, Violet Baltimore
8/1/1931 Lauer, Fred Marion, OH Wood, Mildred Baltimore
7/2/1931 Lawson, Robert C Baltimore Leahey, Florence Baltimore
11/21/1931 Mack, John E Baltimore Fuchsluger, Mary E Baltimore
7/11/1931 Marcantoris, James J Baltimore Wisnieski, Mary L Baltimore
5/11/1931 McCannon, Arthur E Jr Baltimore Schelhouse, Doris C Baltimore
1/8/1931 Mortenson, Fritz Baltimore Att, Amelia E Baltimore
3/7/1931 Nixon, Joseph V Baltimore Lort, Mary Helen Baltimore
1/20/1931 Pochinau, John W Jr Baltimore Jones, Marie C Baltimore
8/14/1931 Pridgeon, Howard P Baltimore Stampson, Elizabeth Baltimore
6/17/1931 Quaty, Wilbur C Baltimore Wenchel, Anna M Baltimore
12/13/1931 Reely, Albert F Baltimore Dill, Evelyn E Rosedale, MD
5/19/1931 Roche, Charles G Washington DC Haslip, Mary R Washington DC
4/23/1931 Sain, George D Baltimore Thomasson, Pauline P Baltimore
11/18/1931 Samuels, Samuel Baltimore Hochu, Elizabeth Baltimore
6/4/1931 Schaner, Robert G Baltimore Orbin, Audrey H Baltimore
6/20/1931 Stienley, Francis P Baltimore O'Neill, Madeline M Baltimore
9/26/1931 Thompson, Joseph P Baltimore Herman, Doretta A Baltimore

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