Martin Luther Lutheran Church Marriages


Submitted by: Rose McLaughlin

Date Grooms Name Where Married Brides Name Grooms Residence
1/26/1927 Anderson, J M Baltimore Gruenner, Catherine D
4/26/1927 Bateman, Clarence Baltimore Beachers, Vera E Baltimore
6/30/1927 Beddon, James J Baltimore Garrett, Bertha Baltimore
8/2/1927 Braizer, Kelly L Equality, IL Carpenter, Jesse Washington DC
5/24/1927 Brandt, Henry F Baltimore Kern, Anna M Baltimore
3/27/1927 Brousa, John W Baltimore Samuels, Rose W Baltimore
6/18/1927 Brown, Carroll P Baltimore Klanberg, Helen C Baltimore
1/22/1927 Chance, E F Baltimore Gordon, Eleanora G
9/4/1927 Cole, Gordon C Gran Pico, VA Schultz, Bertha Baltimore
5/26/1927 Daffin, Henry L Baltimore Rulran, Amelia Baltimore
9/7/1927 Day, William R Baltimore Lumer, Florence Baltimore
6/11/1927 Deaver, Calvin A Baltimore Steingerwald, Sophia Baltimore
7/16/1927 Emerine, Jno H Baltimore Cramblek, Sophia D Baltimore
7/11/1927 Fitzgerald, Ned H Baltimore Luicons, Josephine Baltimore
2/28/1927 Fowler, F B Baltimore Fulenwender, Mariam Camp Mead
2/25/1927 Glashoff, Henry Baltimore Morris, Pearl E
8/12/1927 Hall, Edward M Baltimore Eury, Esther Baltimore
10/26/1927 Hechner, Louis C Baltimore Herman, Hilda Baltimore
2/5/1927 Henor G L Baltimore Walters, Edna
12/17/1927 Heriner, Louis J Baltimore Moberly, Bertha Baltimore
9/10/1927 Huhn, Andrew Baltimore Inderredern, Ruth Baltimore
9/24/1927 Karlson, Karl W Green Haven, MD Eline, Annie K Baltimore
6/4/1927 Keibler, Charles C Baltimore Earles, Florence E Baltimore
7/15/1927 Kuhnke, Otto W Baltimore Krenkler, Minnie Baltimore
4/19/1927 Lauterbah, Alfred Baltimore Euler, Lillian E Baltimore
4/9/1927 Lawson, Helbert Baltimore Fisher, Mary E Baltimore
4/24/1927 Murry, Kendall L Baltimore Bridges, Anita Baltimore
2/23/1927 Nollech, William Baltimore Wittig, Catherine P
5/5/1927 Oliphant, Matthew Baltimore Tompson, Gertrude Baltimore
12/25/1927 Reatman, Geroge O Baltimore Treulish, Blanche L Baltimore
3/15/1927 Robbins, Milton A Baltimore Hall, Margaret Baltimore
11/24/1927 Schroeder, Geroge M Baltimore Rowe, Catherine A Baltimore
6/28/1927 Shipley, John A Baltimore Popp, Ethel M Baltimore
10/4/1927 Ulrich, Harro O Baltimore Veazey, Bertha H Annapolis
9/3/1927 Vogel, Raymond H Baltimore Schultz, Henrietta Baltimore
10/1/1927 Vogler, William L Baltimore Stichel, Elizabeth Baltimore
8/11/1927 Wehland, Frederick Baltimore Garruth, Matilda Baltimore
8/8/1927 Wiser, William Baltimore Strupp, Margaret Baltimore
8/13/1927 Zink, Edward H Baltimore Weber, Hazel Baltimore

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